How To Use Wagoneer Passenger Screen

The passenger screen for the Wagoneer is a great new feature, giving the front seat passenger access to a broad array of entertainment. If you are wondering how to use this screen effectively, we can help. We researched this technology in depth so that you can be sure you are doing it right.

To use the passenger screen in the Wagoneer, you will need to activate it. This can be done by pressing the power button on the screen or by turning it on under the "controls" tab in the UConnect system.

Now that we know how to use the passenger screen on the Wagoneer, we'll take a closer look at what this screen does. You might also be wondering what rear seat monitoring does in a Wagoneer or if the Wagoneer has ambient lighting features. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Jeep Wagoneer display at a Stellantis dealership, How To Use Wagoneer Passenger Screen

What You Can Use The Passenger Screen For In The Wagoneer

 Jeep Wagoneer display at the transmission plant. Jeep offers the Wagoneer in Series I, II or III models.

After you have turned on the passenger screen, you'll be able to use it to enjoy a variety of features. One of the more practical uses of the passenger screen is the ability to access the navigation screen. This will enable you to help guide the driver to your destination.

The passenger screen will also let you have ready access to the radio. There is an HDMI port to allow for casting, as well.

Whatever is being streamed in the rear seat TVs can be streamed to the front passenger screen. You can also pair your headphones to this screen, so you will not distract the driver with what you are viewing.

What Does Rear Seat Monitoring Do In The Grand Wagoneer?

One piece of technology the Grand Wagoneer offers is rear seat monitoring. In the headliner of the vehicle, you will find a rear seat camera. With the touch of a button, you will be able to project the images captured by this camera onto the Uconnect touchscreen in the front of the vehicle.

This will allow you and your passenger to monitor the occupants of the rear seats. Are the kids sleeping? Is one misbehaving? Now you and your passenger will be able to routinely check on them without having to turn your heads around, helping you both keep sets of eyes on the road more.

It also has a zoom feature, so you can get a close-up shot of what's happening. Rear seat monitoring is a standard feature for the Jeep Wagoneer and other Jeep vehicles. 

Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have Third-Row Seating?

For those who routinely carry a lot of passengers, having a minivan or SUV with a third row of seats is a must.

The ability to fit up to three more passengers on board is a great way to carpool with a large group or get a large group of friends or family members around town. When it comes to seating, you might be surprised that the Wagoneer has been built with a third row.

The third row of seating allows the Wagoneer to carry up to eight occupants on board. The spacious and comfortable interior of this large SUV is not cramped with the third row; the Wagoneer measures 214.7 inches long and 83.6 inches wide, making for plenty of room on board. 

The third row will take up a bit of what would otherwise be reserved for the cargo room. But you'll find that the 27.4 cubic feet of space behind the rear seat is enough for most of your cargo needs.

For larger items, the second- and third-row seats can be folded down. This expands the available cargo space to a whopping 116.7 cubic feet.

 Jeep Wagoneer display at the transmission plant.

How Much Passenger Space Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have?

The Jeep Wagoneer has a total of 179 cubic feet of passenger volume. This is distributed among three rows of seats that can accommodate a total of eight occupants.

Below, we'll break down how much room each occupant has, showing you that this vehicle is spacious and comfortable no matter where you are seated.

The Front Row Of Seating

  • Front legroom is 40.9 inches
  • Front hip room is 63.4 inches
  • Front headroom is 41.3 inches
  • Front shoulder room is 66.1 inches

The Second Row Of Seating

  • Second-row legroom is 42.7 inches
  • Second-row hip room is 63.0 inches
  • Second-row headroom is 40.0 inches
  • Second-row shoulder room is 65.2 inches

The Third Row Of Seating

  • Third-row legroom is 36.6 inches
  • Third-row hip room is 51.6 inches
  • Third-row headroom is 39.0 inches
  • Third-row shoulder room is 64.4 inches

Does The Wagoneer Have An Ambient Lighting Feature?

There are a variety of interior lights in the Wagoneer, giving you and your passengers everything from courtesy lights that make the footwells glow when entering and exiting to soft lights to read by. Though some Jeep vehicles will have the bonus of ambient lighting, the Wagoneer does not.

The ambient lighting consists of additional bulbs. These bulbs, along with the footwell lights, are connected to a dimmer. This dimmer can be operated by the driver, allowing for more or less light to illuminate the interior of the Jeep.

While not the most talked about feature onboard the Jeep vehicles that have it, ambient lighting is a great way to set the mood on night drives.

Jeep Wagoneer

Does The Wagoneer Have Massaging Seats?

The seats in the Wagoneer are some of the most comfortable in its class. They are 12-way adjustable seats for the driver and passenger. These seats are equipped with lumbar support, helping make long drives more tolerable on the back.

As a bonus, the front seats also have a memory feature, so you can always immediately go back to your desired setting after someone else has driven it.

Unfortunately, the Wagoneer does not have the massaging seat feature. To get massaging seats, you would have to get the Grand Wagoneer. The seats in this vehicle are a bit more luxurious and pack more than just massagers.

The Grand Wagoneer's front seats are 24-way adjustable and also boost memory and lumbar support. But no matter which Wagoneer you are driving, both are equipped with a third row of seating. This allows for up to eight occupants to be on board.

Is The Wagoneer A Luxury Vehicle?

Though the Wagoneer is loaded with many of the features you would find on board a luxury vehicle, it does not qualify to be in this class. The Wagoneer belongs in the class of large SUVs. Others in this class include the Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Suburban, and Nissan Armada.

U.S. News and World Report rate the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer #1 in this class of SUVs. This is the first year of production for the Wagoneer, and it's already making a splash with critics and consumers alike.

Those who want a luxury Jeep might consider the Grand Wagoneer. This vehicle is also in its first year of production in 2022, rated #2 in its class of large luxury SUVs by the media outlet.

eep Wagoneer display at a Stellantis dealership

Final Thoughts

The passenger screen in the Wagoneer will allow the person riding in this seat to have access to the radio, navigation, and other tech features, while also giving them access to watch whatever is streaming on the screens in the rear seats.

This technology is easy to activate and can be controlled by the driver through the Uconnect system onboard. The Wagoneer is a great passenger vehicle loaded with up-to-date technology that makes the ride safer and more enjoyable. Drive safe!

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