How To Watch Netflix In Chrysler Pacifica

The streaming technologies we enjoy in our homes are now available inside the comfort of some vehicles, allowing your passengers to pass the time watching their favorite programs. If you have a Chrysler Pacifica and are wondering how you can watch Netflix on the road, we can help you. We researched this technology in detail so that you'll know what steps you need to take.

You can watch Netflix in your Chrysler Pacifica by taking the following steps:

  1. Plug an Amazon Fire Stick into the port
  2. Change the screen to HDMI 
  3. Connect to the internet
  4. Use the device remote control to open your Netflix app

Now that we know how to watch Netflix in a Chrysler Pacifica, we'll examine each step in more detail. You might also be curious if the Chrysler Pacifica has Wi-Fi or what apps work on CarPlay. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've uncovered in our research.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Streaming Netflix Inside Your Chrysler Pacifica

Getting your passengers set up to stream Netflix and other apps is as simple as following a few steps. Review the following, and you'll be streaming their favorite programs in no time.

1. Plug An Amazon Fire Stick Into The Port

Amazon Fire TV streaming stick in SmartTV

Locate the HDMI port on the seatback. This will be to the bottom left of the screen. Plug your streaming device into the port. 

Getting an adapter that will allow the Fire Stick to extend up or down instead of out is advised. This will prevent someone's knees or arms from hitting the device and damaging it or the port.

If you've used a Fire Stick or Roku before, you are aware that they need to be powered to work. You can do this by plugging your device's power cord into the USB charger on the back of the seat. 

2. Change The Screen To HDMI 

You're now ready to pick the source on your screen. As these streaming devices are run through HDMI, you'll need to select either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. 

Each seat has its own HDMI, enabling you to stream from two devices simultaneously. If this is the case, one seatback TV would be streaming content from HDMI 1, while the other would be utilizing HDMI 2.

3. Connect To The Internet

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You will need an internet connection to continue. There are two ways that you can do this. The first is to share a mobile hotspot from your cellular device. This can be rather expensive, however.

A cellular hotspot feature built into the Pacifica is the recommended method. This is a connection made through the UConnect service, which requires a subscription. We'll discuss the details of UConnect ahead in this post. For now, know that it is the best way to access the internet in your Pacifica.

4. Use The Device Remote Control To Open Your Netflix App

Amazon fire stick remote

Whatever apps you have on your Fire Stick or Roku will populate on the home screen. If you have not downloaded the Netflix app, you will be able to search for it and download it now.

We do advise, however, that you search and download any apps to your device before you try to stream one in your vehicle. This will save you time and data.

Select Netflix, sign in to your account, and you're good to begin streaming!

For a video tutorial on streaming Netflix on your seatback TVs, you can watch this video:

Does The Chrysler Pacifica Have Wi-Fi?

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid at the 2017 Canadian International AutoShow
TORONTO-FEBRUARY 25: at the 2017 Canadian International AutoShow, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is the FIRST-EVER HYBRID MINIVAN in America.

The Chrysler Pacifica is loaded with the latest tech features that make your journeys safer and more enjoyable. One such creature comfort is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. You'll find that you will be able to do so in one of two ways when aboard this vehicle.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, you can always choose to connect to the internet via a hotspot from your handheld cellular devices. But this can be a costly way to do so, especially if you are using the internet connection to stream video.

The Pacifica comes with the UConnect service already installed. This technology will create a 3G or 4G hotspot when prompted. Connecting your phones and other devices to UConnect will not use any of the data from your cellular provider.

What Is UConnect?

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UConnect is much more than just a hotspot for your cellular devices. This technology consolidates all cellular connectivity, vehicle navigation, and entertainment onto the infotainment touchscreen of your Chrysler Pacifica.

This eliminates the need for you to dangerously fumble with your handheld device, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

The UConnect system will let you control your radio with the tip of your finger. You'll be able to stream AM/FM, satellite radio, as well as streaming services installed on your phone. The controls are not only on the infotainment screen but also on the steering wheel and along the console.

UConnect is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A separate UConnect app can be downloaded to your smart device.

This will let you remote start your vehicle, cast directions to the navigation system, and control/operate various features and functions of your vehicle while you are outside of it.

How Long Is The UConnect Free Trial?

The UConnect technology can be used for free for some time. For 12 months, you'll be able to enjoy all of the features, including the Wi-Fi hotspot. 

After the trial period, UConnect will cost $20 per month. The company claims that this is for unlimited data, but users of the service have noted that after 22 GB have been used in a month that they experienced limited bandwidth.

For those who need connectivity while they drive, the UConnect services have proven to be worth the low monthly fee.

What Apps Work On CarPlay?

Details of App and icons on the the Apple CarPlay main screen in modern car dashboard during driving Mapos, music and Podcasts

Plug in your Apple phone to a vehicle and you'll be able to access many of your phone's features on the infotainment screen. The Chrysler Pacifica is but one of many modern vehicles that have this technology on board, allowing you to access certain apps without touching your phone.

While not every app on your Apple phone is available through Apple CarPlay, you'll find that there are a good number of them that are. And while many of them are Apple-generated apps, you'll also discover that there is a great deal that is not.

While the following is not an all-inclusive list of the apps you can use on Apple CarPlay, it does highlight some of the most popular ones:

  • Apple Maps
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Audible 
  • Waze
  • What's App
  • Phone/voicemail
  • Talk-to-text

The apps that CarPlay uses are meant to be driver friendly. This means that anything that would take your focus off of the road, like a movie streaming service, is not able to be cast onto your infotainment screen using this technology.

Final Thoughts

The Chrysler Pacifica has onboard technology that will allow your rear seat passengers to stream movies and television shows from a variety of apps, including Netflix.

Getting Netflix ready to stream in your minivan will take a few steps, but they are quick and easy to follow. Before you know it, your passengers will be watching their favorite programs while you navigate. Drive safe!

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