How Wide Is A Nissan Navara?

The Nissan Navara is a mid-sized pick-up truck offered in some markets outside the U.S., particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Even though the Navara competes in the same truck size category as the more familiar Nissan Frontier, their designs and dimensions have diverged significantly. So how wide is the Nissan Navara? We've done the research for your reading pleasure.

Nissan Navara trims have different widths based on the body type. The overall width measurements are as follows:

  • Single Cab and King Cab trims - 70 inches (1,790 mm)
  • Double Cab trims - 72.8 inches (1,850 mm)
  • Navara Pro-4X trim - 73.8 inches (1,875 mm)

Are you curious about the Navara and how it stacks up against its erstwhile twin, the Nissan Frontier? If yes, then you've come to the right place. Read on and we'll help you understand more about this mid-sized truck from one of the world's best-known Japanese car manufacturers.

View of Nissan navara car on display, How Wide Is A Nissan Navara?

How Wide Is A Navara?

Nissan Navara on a dirt road driving through a puddle. The Nissan Navara is a Pickup model from Nissan. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. is a multinational car manufacturer headquartered in Japan and global car company

Overall Width

Overall width is the measurement of a vehicle's widest point. This width often excludes side mirrors and flexible mud flaps. Depending on the country or region, Nissan offers the Navara in different body types.  

Single cab trims offer a two-door, single-row passenger cabin and offer a larger truck bed capacity without extending the truck's overall length. The Navara's single cab trims have an overall width of 70 inches (1,790 mm).

King cab trucks, also known as extended cab trucks, have a small second-row cabin space. This second row can have a bench-type seat for kids and small passengers, but drivers can also use it for their cargo. The Navara king cab has the same overall width as the single cab.

Double cab trucks offer more passenger capacity in exchange for the truck's bed space. The Navara double cab trim has four doors and a larger leg-room for its second-row bench seat. This trim has an overall width of 1,850 mm (72.8 inches).

The Navara Pro-4X trim is a more trail-ready double cab option for adventurous truck buyers. This trim is a little wider at 73.8 inches (1,875 mm) due to the additional body claddings that protect the body better from scratches or damage during off-road trips.

Unlike the Frontier, however, the Navara does not have a long-bed double-cab trim.

Cab-and-chassis Options

The Navara also has cab-and-chassis options, which buyers usually customize for their respective commercial uses (hauling, refrigeration, advertisement, etc.). Both the single cab and king cab trims have the cab-and-chassis options, but the overall widths remain the same.

If the mirrors are unfolded, almost all Nissan Navara trims have similar widths, ranging from 2,075 to 2,085 mm (81.7 to 82.1 inches).

Track Width

Front track width is the measurement between the centers of a car's front tires. This measurement uses the two front tires' ground contact patches as the starting and ending points. The Navara's front track width is 61.8 inches or 1,570 mm.

Similarly, the rear track width is the measurement between the center lines of the two rear tires, measured from the rear tires' contact patch. Unlike many cars and SUVs, the Navara's rear track width is the same as its front track width.   

What Are The Dimensions  Of The 2022 Nissan Navara?

Because we have already discussed the Navara's different width measurements, we will now focus on its other dimensions. These measurements will help you compare the 2022 Nissan Navara against its competitors and will also help you estimate the garage or parking space you need.

How Long Is The Nissan Navara?

 The newest generation of Navara was debut in 2015 on the market. The Navara is powered by 2,3-litre diesel engine and 190 HP

Overall length pertains to the distance between the vehicle's farthest points in front and at the back. The Navara trims' overall lengths are listed below.

  • Single Cab - 206.1 inches (5,235 mm)
  • King Cab  - 207.1 inches (5,260 mm)
  • Double Cab - 209.1 inches (5,311 mm)
  • Double Cab Pro-4x - 209.1 inches (5,311 mm)

Wheelbase length is measured between the front and rear wheels' center points. Longer wheelbases typically mean more cabin or truck bed space and better ride quality.  The Navara's wheelbase length is 3,150 mm (124 inches) for all trims.

How High Is The Nissan Navara?

Nissan NP300 Navara stopped on the hill near Ortahisar Castle in Cappadocia. The newest generation of Navara was debut in 2015 on the market. The Navara is powered by 2,3-litre diesel engine and 190 HP. Ortahisar natural rock castle and town on the background.

Overall height is the height measured from the flat level ground until the vehicle's highest point.  This height usually excludes the roof rails and/or the antenna. Furthermore, this height is measured when the vehicle has no passengers and/or cargo, and its wheels are properly inflated.

The Navara trims' overall heights are as follows:

  • Single Cab - 68.9 inches (1,750 mm)
  • King Cab  - 71 inches (1,805 mm)
  • Double Cab - 72 inches (1,830 mm)
  • Double Cab Pro-4x - 73 inches (1,855 mm)

Ground clearance is the height measured from the flat level ground until the lowest point of the vehicle, except for the tires.  Alternatively, it is the height of the tallest obstacle that a vehicle can drive on without any snags. 

The Navara's ground clearance ranges from 8.35 inches (212 mm) for standard variants to 8.82 inches (224 mm).

Wading depth, which is sometimes called fording depth, is the maximum water depth that a vehicle can drive through safely. The Navara's wading depth is an impressive 23.6 inches (600 mm) for all trim levels.

Nissan Navara Angles

Nissan Navara NP300 2015 car crossing steep in test drive

Approach angle is the maximum slope or ramp angle that a vehicle can ascend on without scraping the ground. The Navara's approach angle ranges from 32 to 32.7 degrees, depending on the trim level.

Departure angle is the maximum slope or ramp angle that a vehicle can descend on without scraping the ground.  The Navara's departure angle ranges from 2o to 26 degrees, depending on the trim.

Ramp breakover angle represents the "pointiest" peak, hill, or ramp that your car can drive over without scraping the ground. Most 2022 Navara trims have a breakover angle of 23 degrees.  

What Is The Difference Between Navara And Frontier?

Many Nissan owners and enthusiasts believe that the Frontier and the Navara are just rebadged versions of the same vehicle. For decades, this was exactly the case as both makes shared the same Nissan model codes with every generation. 

Different Model Codes

The D21, D22, and D40 model codes referred to both the Frontier and the Navara. Depending on the country or region, this mid-sized pick-up truck carried the Navara, the Frontier, or the NP300 nameplates from 1985 to 2020.

Nissan markets this vehicle with the Navara or NP300 badge in Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Central and South America. On the other hand, the carmaker calls it the Frontier primarily in North America but also in parts of Central and South America.

We can say that the Navara and the Frontier parted ways definitively in 2021 when Nissan gave both nameplates a different Nissan model code. The current Navara has the D23 model code, while the current Frontier uses the D41 model code.

However, there are still some exceptions. For example, due to logistical and/or marketing reasons, Nissan still uses the Frontier name to sell their current D23 pickup in Argentina.

Different Engines

As of this article's writing, the American and Canadian versions of the Frontier are purely gasoline-powered. The Frontier's 3.8-liter V6 generates a class-leading 310 hp and an impressive 281 lb-ft of torque. 

Furthermore, all of the 2022 North American Nissan Frontiers have automatic transmission.

On the other hand, except for a few entry-level models like in South Africa, the Nissan Navara is primarily a diesel truck. The Navara has two diesel engine options.

  • 2.3-liter twin-turbo 4-cylinder diesel with 188 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque
  • 2.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel with a maximum output of 190 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque

To send power to the wheels, the Nissan Navara uses both manual and automatic transmission options.

We have yet to see if Nissan will decide to introduce a diesel Frontier or a V6 gasoline Navara in the future.

Different Dimensions

When we compare the Navara's double cabs against the Frontier's crew cabs, we can see that the Navara is slightly smaller than the 2022 Frontier. Moreover, only the Frontier has a long-wheelbase trim.

Below are the overall lengths, widths, and heights of the Frontier's different trims:

  • King Cab
    • Length - 210.2 inches (5,338.1 mm)
    • Width - 73 inches (1,853.5 mm)
    • Height - 71.7 inches (1,821.6 mm)
  • Crew Cab Pro-4X
    • Length - 210.2 inches (5,338.1 mm)
    • Width - 74.7 inches (1,896.5 mm)
    • Height - 72.9 inches (1,852.6 mm)
  • Crew Cab Long Bed
    • Length - 224.1 inches (5,692.1 mm)
    • Width - 73 inches (1,853.5 mm)
    • Height - 71.9 inches (1,825.7 mm)

Different Designs

Nissan intentionally redesigned the current Frontier and Navara to be readily distinguishable from one another.  Below is the 2022 Nissan Frontier.

The 2022 Navara, on the other hand, is shown below.

Just by looking at the front of these two vehicles, we can see that their designs have truly drifted apart from each other. The boxy Frontier looks like a smaller version of Nissan's full-size pick-up truck, the Titan. 

The Navara does not have any common body panels with the current Frontier. Moreover, the two mid-sized trucks have entirely different interior designs.

Why Did Nissan Stop Making Navara in Europe?

In previous years, Nissan supplied the European automotive markets with the Barcelona-built Navara. The 2005 Navara was one of the key models that helped convert the region's pick-up trucks from workhorses into versatile lifestyle vehicles. 

Nissan became one of the market leaders in the pick-up segment for well over a decade, competing against Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Ford. In 2014, Renault and Mercedes Benz both partnered with Nissan to build the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes X-Class pick-up trucks based on the Navara's platform.  

However, due to the recent years' decline in demand in the region, Nissan decided to close their factory in Spain last December 2021.  

Wrapping Up

Nissan NP300 Navara driving by the river. This utility 4x4 vehicle was produced from 2015. The Navara is one of the most popular pickups in Europe.

The Nissan Navara's overall width ranges from 70 inches (1,790 mm) up to 73.8 inches (1,875 mm), depending on the trim level. After decades of being the Nissan Frontier's alter-ego, the Navara is now a completely different model aimed at non-North American markets.

Thank you very much for reading. We hope that we were able to help you understand more about the Navara's dimensions as well as its distinction from the Nissan Frontier.

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