How Wide Is A Subaru Outback? [Dimensions Explored]

Are you in the market for a new car? Even though price, looks, safety, and performance may be the top consideration for many people, we must also consider the car’s dimensions. If you are eyeing the Subaru Outback for your next vehicle, we can help you understand its width and other dimensions.

In the USA, the 2022 model year (MY) Subaru Outback has an overall width of 1,854 mm (73 inches). It also has an overall height of 1,679 mm (66.1 inches) and an overall length of 4,859 mm (191.3 inches).

However, if the side mirrors are unfolded, the Outback has a width of 2,067 mm (81.4 inches). Additionally, if roof racks are included, the Outback is 1,686.6 mm (approx. 66.4 inches) high.

Are you interested to know more about the Subaru Outback? Keep reading, and we'll give you more helpful information about this versatile vehicle.

A gold colored Subaru Outback parked on the side of the road, How Wide Is A Subaru Outback? [Dimensions Explored]

What Are The Dimensions Of The 2022 Subaru Outback?

For this article, we will be using a set of standardized exterior dimensions. These figures will help you compare the 2022 Subaru Outback with other cars, and will also help you measure the garage or parking space you need for it.

How Long Is the Subaru Outback?

A Subaru Outback trekking on a dirty road

Overall Length is the measurement of a vehicle's total length from its farthest point in front to its farthest point at the back. The Outback's overall length is 4,859 mm or 191.3 inches.

Wheelbase Length is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels. Longer wheelbases typically mean more cabin space and better ride quality. The Outback's wheelbase length is 2,745 mm or 108.1 inches. This is 3.4 inches longer than that of Honda's range-topping 2022 CR-V trim.

How Wide Is the Subaru Outback?

Overall Width is the maximum width of the vehicle, measured at its widest point. This measurement usually excludes the side mirrors and flexible mud flaps. The Subaru Outback's overall width is 1,854 mm or 73 inches. With unfolded side mirrors, this width goes up to 2,067 mm or 81.4 inches.

The Outback is roughly half an inch wider than the 2021 Toyota Camry.

Front Track Width is the distance between the center lines of the two front tires, measured from the tires' point of contact on the ground. The Outback's front track width is 61.8 inches.

Rear Track Width is the distance between the center lines of the two rear tires, measured from the ground. The Outback's rear track width is 62.8 inches.

How High Is The Subaru Outback?

A Subaru Outback parked on a meadow

Overall Height is the distance from the flat level ground up to the highest point of the vehicle, usually excluding components like the roof rails or the antenna. This height is measured when the vehicle has no passengers and/or cargo and its wheels are properly inflated.

The Outback's overall height is 1679 mm or 66.1 inches without the roof rails. If the rails are included, the Outback's height goes up slightly to 1,686.6 mm or 66.4 inches.

Ground Clearance is the distance from the flat level ground up to the lowest point of the vehicle other than the tires. In other words, it is the height of the tallest obstacle that a vehicle can drive on without any snags. 

The Outback's ground clearance ranges from 221 mm (8.7 inches) for standard variants to an amazing 241.3 mm (9.5 inches) for the Outback Wilderness trim.

Approach Angle is the maximum angle of a ramp or slope that a vehicle can climb without scraping the ground. The Outback's approach angle ranges from a respectable 18.6 degrees for the standard variants up to a remarkable 20 degrees for the Outback Wilderness variant. 

Departure Angle is the maximum slope angle that a vehicle can descend without making contact with the ground. The Outback's departure angle ranges from 21.7 degrees for the standard variants up to 23.6 degrees for the Outback Wilderness trim.

Fording Depth, which is sometimes called wading depth, is the maximum water depth that a vehicle can drive through safely without risking damage to any component. 

Although Subaru did not release any official figures on the Outback's fording depth, the Wilderness variant fared well in an off-road test going through approximately 18 inches of water.

Why Is It Important To Know The Dimensions Of Your Vehicle?

A busy and tightly filled parking area


Because our streets and parking areas get more congested every year, knowing your own car's size is important. If the vehicle has the right external dimensions, we may be able to fit it perfectly in our garage or parallel-park in that narrow space across the street.

If we consider interior dimensions well, we may be able to fit our growing families in a 5-seater car for a few more years before buying a larger vehicle.

Alternatively, we may be able to fit that extra golf bag or fishing pole in the back even when we're traveling with the whole family.

Finally, if we are smart in choosing cars based on ground clearance, entry angle, and fording depth, we may be able to brave rougher terrains. Perhaps we can finally bring our kids to that new camping location they have been raving about. 

What Is The Subaru Outback?

A Subaru Outback moving down the road

The 2022 Subaru Outback is the 6th generation of the nameplate, and it has gone a long way from its roots back in 1994.

Whereas the 1st generation Outback was a low-slung station wagon, the latest iterations have evolved into the epitome of the crossover segment.

Many automotive journalists and enthusiasts are still at a loss as to the current-generation Outback's real classification.

Some regard it as America's most popular station wagon, while some classify it as a compact SUV. Some traditional enthusiasts call this popular 5-seater a "tall wagon."

The current-generation Outback comes in 8 trims and two different engine options.

The 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated Subaru Boxer engine propels four trims with a respectable 182 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. These variants have 29 miles per gallon (mpg) combined fuel economy rating.

On the other hand, a newly-designed 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer engine powers the other four variants with 260 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. This new mill also powers the Ascent, which is Subaru's largest vehicle produced to date. 

Most Outback variants with this turbo engine can squeeze out 26 mpg. However, the Outback Wilderness' higher ground clearance, all-terrain tires, and heavier weight contributed to a lower rating of 24 mpg.

The Outback mates the power to Subaru's Lineartronic CVT with 8-speed manual mode and Adaptive control with either engine under the hood. Moreover, Subaru's famed Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System comes standard in all Outback trims.

Why Do People Love Outbacks?

As a "wagon", Subaru Outbacks represented 17 out of every 20 station wagons sold in the US in 2019.

As an "SUV", the Outback claimed the 7th spot in the 2021 J.D. Power Consumer Rating. Whatever class or segment the Outback plays in, it is a top choice for car buyers.

So why is the Outback so popular?

Green Subaru Outback parked on the side of the road near a body of water

As a family-friendly station wagon, the Outback is immensely comfortable and has more cargo space (75.7 cubic ft.) than the 2022 Chevrolet Equinox. Some trims also offer the STARLINK Multimedia Navigation system with a massive 11.6-inch screen. 

The current Outback has Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. It also has a higher ground clearance than the 2021 Toyota Highlander SUV and the same maximum towing capacity (3,500 lbs.) as the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Some people say that the Outback is the "perfect blend" of an SUV and a station wagon. According to J.D. Power, customers like the Outback's fuel economy and driving range. Moreover, customers feel that Outback's features can protect them from accidents and dangerous driving conditions.

How Much Is The Subaru Outback?

We researched the starting sticker prices of all eight variants of the 2022 Subaru Outback. As of April 2022, the prices are as follows.

  1. Outback - $27,145
  2. Premium - $29,345 
  3. Limited - $33,795
  4. Touring - $37,695
  5. Onyx Edition XT - $35,345 
  6. Wilderness - $37,195
  7. Limited XT - $38,195
  8. Touring XT - $40,145

The 2023 Subaru Outback

Earlier this month, Subaru of America (SOA) announced the debut of the 2023 model year (MY) Subaru Outback at the 2022 New York International Auto Show.

The MY 2023 Outback sports a refreshed, bolder exterior look and some upgraded safety and comfort features. It still features the same engine and transmission as the previous MY.

The new bolder look comes from a larger grille, redesigned LED headlamps and fog lamps, and a new front bumper. Off to the sides, the 2023 Outback gets expanded wheel claddings that SOA says will provide additional protection.

For safety, the 2023 Outback comes with the latest version of Subaru's Eyesight Driver Assist Technology. This latest version improves the vehicle's safety using a wider camera view, updated control software, and an additional brake booster.

For comfort and convenience, the 2023 Outback gets wireless Apple Car Play and wireless Android Auto. The Touring trims also get a new camera-based LCD smart rearview mirror.

As of April 2022, SOA has not yet released the official dimensions and price range of the 2023 Outback on its website. However, some online automotive sites have published these measurements and estimated sticker prices.

For this article's reliability, we will not publish any dimensions and prices until SOA does so officially. 

However, since the 2023 Outback is only a refresh, we can assume that its official dimensions will be very similar to those of the 2022 Outback. We can also assume that there may be some price changes due to the cosmetic and functional upgrades.

Wrapping Up

A gold colored Subaru Outback parked on the side of the road

The 2022 Subaru Outback is 73 inches wide, 66.1 inches tall, and 191.3 inches long. This SUV /station wagon crossover offers SUV power and versatility while providing sedan-like ride comfort. 

Now you know more about the Outback's dimensions as well as many of the features that make this vehicle stand out from the pack.

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