How Much Does A Hybrid Camper Weigh?

If you are considering buying a hybrid camper (also called a "hybrid travel trailer"), one of the most important things to know is how much the camper weighs.  Your camper's weight not only affects the gas mileage you'll get when towing it but also determines whether you need a full-size pickup or if your camper can be towed by an SUV or even a minivan.   We've researched the weights of various popular hybrid campers, and we have the data for you!

Hybrid campers come in a wide range of sizes and weights.  A typical hybrid camper weighs between 3,000 and 6,000 pounds.  A few small hybrids weigh between 2,500 and 2,999 pounds, and some longer, heavier hybrid campers can weigh up to 8,600 pounds.

In the remainder of this article, we'll show you four hybrid campers that cover the range from small and light to long and heavy, and we'll delve into the pros and cons of each one.  We'll also explain what a hybrid camper is and how it differs from other types of RVs.  Keep reading to learn more!

A hybrid camper trailer in campground during autumn, How Much Does A Hybrid Camper Weigh?

What Are The Weights Of Some Popular Hybrid Campers?

 Jayco Jay Feather X17Z

The Jayco Jay Feather X17Z is among the most popular of the small hybrid campers. It lives up to Jayco's reputation for quality in both manufacturing and components.  And at 3,285 pounds, the X17Z can be towed by a variety of vehicles, including pickup trucks, SUVs, and some minivans.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions:  Length 18'7"; Height 10' 1"
  • Weights:  Weight 3285 lb; Hitch Weight 375 lb; Payload Capacity 665 lb
  • Fresh/Gray/Black Water Capacity:  22.5 gal / 30.5 gal / 22.5 gal
  • Sleeps: 6-7
  • MSRP:  $22,988


  • The small size and weight make this hybrid easy and inexpensive to tow.
  • Like all Jaycos, the X17Z is manufactured with top-quality components, including the frame, suspension, doors, and cabinetry.
  • The MSRP of $22,988 is among the lowest for hybrid campers.


  • The payload is limited to 665 pounds.
  • This camper has limited fresh/gray/black water capacity.

The Jayco Jay Feather X17Z is a high-quality option at a low price.  Although it can sleep 6-7 people, the small size, limited payload capacity, and undersized water tanks make it better suited for one or two people.

For more information on the Jayco Jay Feather, click here.

Coleman Light LX 1605FB

Coleman campers are known for providing lots of conveniences for a low price.  The Coleman Light 1605FB is a relatively small, low-weight camper towed by pickup trucks or SUVs.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions:  Length 20' 8"; Height 10' 5"
  • Weights:  Weight 3864 lb; Hitch Weight 690 lb; Payload Capacity 976 lb
  • Fresh/Gray/Black Water Capacity:  46 gal / 39 gal / 39 gal
  • Sleeps: 3-4
  • MSRP: $19,058


  • The water tanks are larger than those of most campers of this size.
  • This camper includes amenities/conveniences, including a "real" queen-size bed and pass-thru storage.
  • Coleman trailers have a reputation for holding up to wear better than others in their price range.


  • The materials and manufacturing of Coleman trailers are not as high-quality as premium brands like Jayco or Aerolite.
  • Because there are so many extra conveniences included, there is a greater possibility that some of them will fail or break.

Overall, the quality of the Coleman Light LX 1605FB may not be as high as that of the Jayco or Aerolite hybrids also reviewed here; however, it remains a popular option for buyers with limited budgets.

For more information on the Coleman Light LX, click here.

Forest River Rockwood Roo 233S

The Rockwood Roo 233S is a medium-to-large hybrid camper that features three slideouts and can sleep up to 10 people.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions:  Length 24' 10"; Height 10' 6"
  • Weights:  Weight 5063 lb; Hitch Weight 650 lb; Payload Capacity 1587 lb
  • Fresh/Gray/Black Water Capacity: 58 gal / 30 gal / 30 gal
  • Sleeps: 10
  • MSRP: $34,546


  • With three queen-size beds, a banquette, and a fold-out sofa, this camper can comfortably sleep 10 people.
  • The interior is roomy and spacious.
  • All Rockwood Roo floorplans include "luxury" amenities like huge TVs, heated theater seating, outdoor kitchens, and more.


  • The quality of materials and manufacture in internal elements (e.g., cabinets, doors, drawers) is not as high as that of Jayco or Aerolite.
  • Because of the inclusion of luxury amenities, the price of the Rockwood Roo is relatively high.

The Rockwood Roo 233S is a highly popular choice for larger families who value convenience and amenities at a "luxury" level but prefer not to spend vast amounts of money on top-of-the-line RV models.

For more information on the Forest River Rockwood Roo, click here.

Dutchmen Aerolite 3383BH

The Dutchmen Aerolite 3383BH represents one of the largest, heaviest, and highest-quality hybrid campers available.  Due to its weight, it requires a full-size pickup to tow it.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions:  Length 37' 5"; Height 11' 7"
  • Weights:  Weight 8598 lb; Hitch Weight 1166 lb; Payload Capacity 2240 lb
  • Fresh/Gray/Black Water Capacity:  50 gal / 39 gal / 39 gal
  • Sleeps: 6
  • MSRP:  $48,240


  • Aerolite is a premier camper brand featuring top-quality materials and manufacturing.
  • This model is spacious and has a large payload capacity.
  • The Aerolite is packed with conveniences and amenities.
  • The 3383BH features two awnings, each 20' in length.


  • The 3383BH's large size and weight make it more challenging to tow and maneuver than smaller models.
  • Despite its size, this camper sleeps a maximum of only 6 people.
  • The price tag is much higher than those of other, smaller hybrids reviewed here.

The Dutchmen Aerolite 3383BH is a high-end hybrid camper, packed with amenities and featuring a roomy, spacious interior.  Its relatively high price puts it out of reach for many potential buyers, but it provides a comfortable home for short-term or long-term RV living for those who can afford it.

For more information on the Dutchmen Aerolite, click here.

What Is A Hybrid Camper?

The hybrid camper is similar to a standard hard-sided travel trailer, except that it has special panels at the front or back that fold out to reveal queen-size beds.  These fold-out beds are tented with thick, strong canvas to provide protection from the elements.  Hybrid campers may also have slide-outs, as some standard travel trailers do.  The pros and cons of hybrid campers include the following:


  • With their fold-out beds, hybrid campers can sleep more people than standard travel trailers of similar size.
  • The tenting over the fold-out beds allows airflow into the camper and gives the feel of sleeping closer to nature.
  • The fold-outs and slide-outs give hybrids a roomier feel than standard campers.
  • Hybrids are engineered to be lightweight so that they can be towed by various vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, and even some minivans.
  • Although they are a relatively new development in the RV world, hybrid campers already come in a wide range of sizes, styles, amenities, and prices.


  • The canvas that provides a "tent" over the fold-out beds can collect condensation at night and should be completely dry before being folded in for storage.
  • Because the sleeping areas are outside the body of the camper and tented by canvas, excessive noise at a campsite may make sleeping difficult.
  • Also, due to the canvas's vulnerability, hybrid campers should not be used in areas where dangerous wildlife, such as bears, might invade the camper.

How Do I Find The Weight Of My Camper?

Of course, you can determine the weight of your hybrid camper without any people, cargo, or water in it by simply looking up the UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight) in your purchase paperwork or online.  It is important to know this, as well as the maximum loaded weight, before you buy a camper, so you can be certain that it will not be too heavy for your vehicle to tow.

Once you have loaded your camper, you may want to weigh it to ensure that it is not overloaded and that your vehicle can safely tow it.  To do this, you can use a scale at a truck stop.  Some commercial trucking companies in your community may also have scales that you can use to weigh your camper and its cargo before you set out on a trip.  For details on weighing your camper, click here.

How Many People Do Hybrid Campers Sleep?

Providing room for more people to sleep is one of the major features of hybrid campers.  That said, hybrids have a range of sleeping capacities:  some of the smaller ones have space for only 3 or 4 people, while larger hybrids with more fold-outs and slide-outs may be able to accommodate up to 10 sleepers.

In Conclusion

A hybrid camper can be a great choice for a family that wants a little more room on its camping trips. Hybrids are engineered to be light and maneuverable, and many of them can be towed by SUVs or even minivans.  It's important to carefully balance your camper's weight, payload, and capacity of your towing vehicle.  This data can help you select the best camper for your needs, with the amenities you and your family are looking for.

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