Does The Hyundai Palisade Have Leather Seats?

Chances are you're looking to move into a bigger vehicle and eyeing the Hyundai Palisade. Since you're at it, why not see if it comes with leather seats. Instead of you looking for hours on the Hyundai site, we've done all the research for you on which trim levels have leather seats.

Except for the SE level, the SEL, Limited, and Calligraphy all come with leather seating options. The SE and SEL have cloth seating as a standard feature, while the Limited and Calligraphy come standard with leather. A premium package update will be needed to get leather seats in the SEL model.

One of the largest SUVs on the 2021 market, the Hyundai Palisade brings a lot to the table. With four different trims, there are many options for each, such as color and accessories. Keep reading to find out about each trim level and what sets each apart. We've also added helpful tips for cleaning leather seats.

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Palisade Trim Levels

Trim levels start at the ground and build their way up, and each has more luxurious specs as you go up. The Palisade has options for Nappa Leather seat coverings. This is real leather, known as being full-grain and extremely soft. Even after being dyed for certain aesthetic values, the original characteristics of the hide will still be present. In comparison to faux leather, Nappa is more water-resistant overall.

If you aren't a fan of leather and prefer cloth, Hyundai offers cloth seating as well. There is a soft and more comfortable aspect to cloth upholstery than leather. The SE and SEL come standard with this option. However, faux leather can be added to the SEL. The Limited and Calligraphy are made with Premium Nappa leather only. 


With an MSRP close to $33k, the SE is the base model of the Palisade lineup. Palisade's basic features include cloth seating, 2nd-row bench seating, 2nd-row manual HVAC controls, and body color door handles. The SE is the only body that does not come with any upgrade packages. 

There are seven exterior colors, including Sierra Burgundy, Becketts Black, Rainforest, Moonlight Cloud, Hyper White, Steel Graphite, and Lagoon Silver. All these colors come with the option for either black or grey cloth sitting. It is the only model to come with 8 passenger seating and has an option for AWD. Another difference is that it comes with 18-in alloy wheels while the others have 20-inch.

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Your next step up, the SEL model is in a ballpark of $35k MSRP. This is the level where packages become available. If the SE just doesn't have enough for you, you can add on the convenience package for an extra $2400 or the premium package for $3100. Very similar to the SE, consider the SEL the customizable version. 

It does come in the same seven colors as the SE but has the option for faux leather with certain exterior colors and packages. The convenience package feeds into the premium package, so if you pick the premium, you'll have all the options given in the convenience package. The only leather color available is a light beige and comes with five of the colors, Becketts Black, Moonlight Cloud, Hyper White, Steel Graphite, and Lagoon Silver. 

The packages give you the option for LED taillights and a hands-free liftgate for the trunk. There is also the upgrade to heated rear seats and bench seating instead of the standard captain chairs. A heated steering wheel is another great add-on, especially if you live in a chillier climate. 


Now take your first step into luxury. Jumping to nearly $46k MSRP, you'll have everything from the convenience and premium packages included and then some. Nappa leather comes standard with the Limited, in either beige or black, with corresponding exterior colors. Both leather colors are available in the Sierra Burgundy, Becketts Balck, Moonlight Cloud, Hyper White, and Steel Graphite exterior body style. The Rainforest and Silver Lagoon paint colors come with black Nappa leather only. 

In addition to what you receive with the packages, you'll also have a dual sunroof to bring in extra light and fresh air. Not only that, you'll have chrome door handles, side mirror signals, and 64 ambient light color options. Plus, the Limited comes with an extending leg cushion in the driver's seat for all you travelers out there.


It's time to talk premium with a capital P. Not too much more expensive than the Limited, coming in around $47k MSRP, the Calligraphy was made with luxury in mind. This trim level has been designed to stand out from the other levels, having exclusive body features to set it apart. The exterior colors are the same, but you'll have a premium front grille, skid plates, and side door garnish. 

Just as before, Nappa leather is a standard, but the beige and black options have corresponding exterior body colors. The colors with both options are the Sierra Burgundy, Becketts Black, Moonlight Cloud, Hyper White, and Graphite Steel. The Rainforest and Silver Lagoon are black Nappa leather exclusive. The main interior feature of class for the Calligraphy is its quilted leather interior door panels. 

This model comes with puddle lights, a microfiber headliner, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel if that isn't enough. It is one of the biggest full-sized SUVs on the market today, able to seat seven people comfortably. You'll be able to travel cross country or to a relative's house in comfort and style.

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What is the top of the line Hyundai Palisade?

The crowned jewel of the Hyundai Palisade trims is none other than the Calligraphy. It is the only one in the Hyundai lineup with quilted leather door panels and small distinctive design details throughout. To give it its status, as top of the line, it comes with wireless device charging, a premium cargo sill plate, and a surround-view monitor, which allows you to have a bird's eye view of your car. Safety is always a given; with a 5-star rating, you'll be receiving a heads up display and parking distance warnings. 

Are leather car seats more comfortable?

In general, there are three types of coverings for seatings, leather, faux leather, and cloth. Each come with their own pros and cons and maintenance may outweigh comfort. Leather seats are known for being soft and smooth, and having a clean scent to them. However, they can be slippery and are greatly affected by sitting out in warm or old weather conditions. Going to the beach in 90-degree weather only to seat on a hot leather seat is not ideal. 

Faux leather is also referred to as leatherette; it is made from a synthetic plastic blend to look like leather. While it is smooth, the softness factor decreases and may look cheap from its over-shininess. Cloth seating has a rather cush and pillow-like feel to them. These will be a comfortable option to give you support without the expense of leather. 

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Are leather seats easier to clean than cloth?

True leather seats are and aren't easier to clean. Since they are real leather, they are still porous and can absorb water more than faux leather. However, they don't absorb and hold on to odors, meaning they'll always have a nice scent to them. To continue, the leatherette will be more water-resistant and can often be cleaned with just a warm towel and a light cleaning solution. Improper care or no car at all may lead to cracking after heavy usage.

Cloth seats are the hardest to clean. It's like spilling a drink on a shirt without being able to put it in the wash. You'll need to first absorb the liquid and deep clean with a solution and water. Depending on what is spilled it could leave a stain or hold onto the odor. 


There are four trim levels for the Hyundai Palisade: SE, SEL, Limited, Calligraphy. You go from good to best, with the calligraphy being the top of the line and all about luxury. Each body comes with the same exterior colors, but the interior seating options vary throughout and may need additional upgrade packages for leather. Leather gives the look of luxury and can be easy to maintain with proper care, but of course, cloth seating will always give your car that homey feeling. 

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