Hyundai Palisade Limited vs Calligraphy – What’s The Difference?

The 2021 Hyundai Palisade is an excellent third-row seat SUV option for larger families that now offers two luxury trim packages: the Hyundai Palisade Limited and the new, top-shelf Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy package. Both are excellent choices, but what's the difference between the two trim packages? We have taken the time to research the main differences between the packages to help make buying decisions as easy as possible.

The Calligraphy trim includes more interior and exterior features than the Limited trim package. These added features include:

  1. The Calligraphy package is offered exclusively in all-wheel-drive.
  2. It has special lighting on the exterior of the vehicle for easy entry.
  3. Quilted leather has been added to the interior door panels for a more luxurious feel.
  4. It features a new Calligraphy front grille.
  5. 20-inch premium Calligraphy-exclusive alloy wheels.

The Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy really upgrades the aesthetics of the Palisade, adding luxury and a premium feel, but is it worth it? Read on as we break down all of the Palisades trim packages and their pros and cons.

two photos of hyundai palisade the limited and the calligraphy versus, Hyundai-Palisade-Limited-Vs-Calligraphy---What's-The-Difference

What Is The Price Range Of The Hyundai Palisade?

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Before we dive too deep into the 2021 Hyundai Palisade trim packages. Let's talk about the price range of Hyundai's full-size SUV. The price to get one of these SUVs in your garage can range from $32,675 to the highest trim package coming in at $47,750. Why such a large range in cost? Keep reading to learn more about the Hyundai Palisade trim packages and their features. 

Compare the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy & Limited Trim Packages

A New Trim With A New Look

2021 is the first year Hyundai will be featuring its high-end Calligraphy package to the public. Prior, Hyundai only offered the Calligraphy package for sale in their home country of South Korea. Its increased popularity made it an easy decision to bring it to the United States market. With premium cosmetic upgrades, the Calligraphy package does stand out compared to the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Limited package.

The 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy offers a new premium grill, quilted leather door panels, and 20-inch Calligraphy-exclusive alloy wheels. This family vehicle will be sure to turn some heads! However, one feature that really sets it apart from the Limited trim package isn't just it's a new look.

The Calligraphy Only Comes in All-Wheel-Drive

The Calligraphy package comes exclusively with Hyundai's HTRAC all-wheel-drive system (AWD), whereas the Limited comes standard in front-wheel-drive (FWD). This AWD system comes in three modes: Comfort, Sport, and Smart. These modes change power distribution, responsiveness, and handling, depending on the circumstances. 

Front-wheel-drive may not be a deal-breaker for everyone but for consumers living in regions with harsh winters and who still want the extra luxurious look, the Calligraphy just might close the deal.

The Front-Wheel-Drive Limited Gets Better Gas Mileage

However, suppose harsh winter weather isn't a worry in your region. In that case, the standard front-wheel drive in the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Limited will be surprisingly beneficial due to its increased gas mileage.

Consumers can expect a combined 22 MPG and 19 city/26 highway estimated MPG, whereas the all-wheel-drive Calligraphy gets a lower estimated combined MPG of 21 due to the highway fuel mileage dropping by two miles-per-gallon; 24 highway estimated MPG.

Is the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy a more expensive package?

You now know the main differences between the high-end Calligraphy and the Limited trim packages, but it's essential to know which one will fit the budget. The standard front-wheel-drive Palisade Limited package starts at an MSRP of $45,275, and the all-wheel-drive Calligraphy package starts at an MSRP of $46,200. That makes for an easy decision; the Limited Package is the better choice, right?

Not necessarily.

metallic maroon hyundai palisade calligraphy on the hyundai show room

Sure, if all-wheel-drive isn't a priority, and the Limited Package interior and exterior equipment is satisfactory to your taste, then it may be the right SUV for you. However, if all-wheel-drive is a must, you might even be more excited to find out that not only does the Palisade Calligraphy have more premium interior and exterior features, but it surprisingly comes in at a better price point.

No, we aren't kidding!

As we stated, the all-wheel-drive Calligraphy has a starting MSRP of $46,200 and the front-wheel-drive Palisade Limited starting MSRP is $45,275. Here's the kicker, in order to get the Palisade Limited in an all-wheel-drive, the consumer will have to upgrade the Limited Package, which is a $1,700 added cost.

When comparing apples to apples, the added cost to the Palisade Limited makes the Calligraphy trim $775 cheaper while still maintaining the crown as the more luxurious Package of the two.

How Many Trim Levels Does The Palisade Have?

Hyundai Palisade: Limited Vs Calligraphy - What's The Difference?, Hyundai Palisade: Limited Vs Calligraphy - What's The Difference?

2021 is a big year for Hyundai as they roll out the new Palisade Calligraphy package, giving Hyundai Palisade a total of four trim packages to choose from:

  1. SE
  2. SEL
  3. Limited
  4. Calligraphy

The Calligraphy and Limited trim packages do come with a luxury price tag, so we researched to bring you information on the Hyundai Palisade's more budget-friendly trim packages.

2021 Hyundai Palisade SE

The 2021 Hyundai Palisade SE is the base model and has a starting MSRP of $32,675. As of this year, the SE package has added features that are now a part of its standard equipment. These include:

  • AppleCar Play
  • LED headlights
  • Android auto
  • HD radio
  • Multiple new connections ports

These added features make the Hyundai Palisade SE an excellent choice at a reasonable price. In addition to these features, this Package comes standard with safety features, such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection and Rear Occupant Alert.

2021 Hyundai Palisade SEL

Going up in trim level and slightly in price, the 2021 Hyundai Palisade SEL has a starting MSRP of $35,325. The SEL package has everything the SE does but with more standard equipment. The SEL adds the following standard equipment:

  • Heated front leather seats
  • Sunroof
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink Universal Transceiver
  • Bench or captain seating options at no additional cost

In addition to these features, the SEL also has more safety technology. These include Rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assist and blind-spot collision warning. The SEL package is a nice sweet spot of features and pricing, making it an excellent value.

What Is The Hyundai Palisade Premium Package?

Like what the Limited Package has to offer but aren't so fond of the price tag? Well, we have good news. Only available in the SEL, adding the Premium package offers several more safety and tech features making it a similar option to the Limited.

For an extra $3,100, the premium package includes: 

  • Leather seating surfaces
  • Premium dashboard/door armrests
  • 8-way power passenger seat
  • Driver's seat integrated memory system (IMS)
  • Heated 2nd-row seats
  • Power folding/unfolding/reclining 3rd-row seating
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Navigation with 10.25" touchscreen
  • Highway drive assist
  • SiriusXM, Blue Link Connected Car
  • Driver Talk (in-car intercom)

The premium package really beefs up the SEL at a reasonable price. Whether you choose to add the premium package to the front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive SEL, you are glad to find out you will be saving a whopping $7,630 versus both the front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive Palisade Limited packages!

2021 Hyundai Palisade SEL Pricing with Premium Package added:

  • Front-Wheel-Drive MSRP ($37,645)
  • All-Wheel-Drive MSRP ($39,345)

2021 Hyundai Palisade Limited Pricing:

  • Front-wheel-drive MSRP ($45,275)
  • All-Wheel-Drive MSRP (46,975)

What Colors Are Available For The Palisade?

stunning gloss metallic maroon hyundai palisade limited captured on road


Now for the fun part of buying a brand new car: choosing the colors! Sporting the same exterior color schemes as 2020, the Hyundai Palisade will be offered in the followings colors:

  • Steel Graphite
  • Rainforest
  • Becketts Black
  • Lagoon Silver
  • Moonlight Cloud
  • Sierra Burgundy
  • Hyper White

Here is a list of the 2021 Hyundai Palisade interior color schemes by package.

  • Black Cloth (SE and SEL)  
  • Gray Cloth (SE and SEL)  
  • Beige Nappa Leather (Limited)  
  • Black Nappa Leather (Limited and Calligraphy)  
  • Dark Brown Nappa Leather (Calligraphy) 

What Is The Difference Between the 2020 and 2021 Palisade?

So, what sets the 2021 Hyundai Palisade from the models the year before? First off, adding the Calligraphy trim package gives consumers more options to choose from and makes Hyundai a strong contender when it comes to luxury SUVs. 

Another highlight is the added standard features to both the 2021 Hyundai Palisade SE and SEL packages. Including new safety and tech features adds a great deal of value to these base models.

The 2020 Palisade lineup may not offer as many standard features per trim package but does come out at a lower overall sale price. However, this price difference between the SE, SEL, and Limited, year to year, may not be significant enough to not choose the new year model.

New Thinking, New Possibilities

2020 Hyundai Palisade suv at a dealership in Halifax's North End, Is The Hyundai Palisade Good In Snow

The new Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy trim package adds a new flare to Hyundai's popular SUV. Even if you don't go with the top-shelf package, the Palisade is a top-of-line vehicle in its class. For more information on how it stacks up against its competitors, check out the ratings on the 2021 Hyundai Palisade. 

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Hyundai Palisade: Limited Vs Calligraphy - What's The Difference?, Hyundai Palisade: Limited Vs Calligraphy - What's The Difference?

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