Hyundai Palisade Wipers Not Working – What To Do?

The Hyundai Palisade is an incredible SUV with plenty of features and capabilities. With that being said, no vehicle is free from potential problems. What do you do if your car breaks down? What about if your windshield wipers stop working? Knowing how to troubleshoot and potentially fix an issue with your car is so important because you do not want to be stranded or unsafe; that's why we've researched what to do if your Palisade wipers are not working.

If the wipers quit working on your Hyundai Palisade, the first thing you should do is pull over for safety. Here are a couple of things you can inspect:

  • The wipers for broken parts or pieces
  • How the wipers move
  • Loose nuts or bolts
  • The wiper motor

If you still have some questions about troubleshooting this issue, don't worry. In this guide, we'll talk about the topic in greater detail. We'll discuss what would cause windshield wipers to stop working, what fuse controls the windshield wipers, how you can tell if your windshield wiper motor is bad, and how to fix a misaligned windshield wiper. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Car wiper blades clean snow from car windows. Flakes of snow covered the car with a thick layer, Hyundai Palisade Wipers Not Working - What To Do?

What Would Cause Windshield Wipers To Stop Working?

Most of the time, either some outside force ends up breaking the wipers or time and use just ages them. As we'll discuss below, the motor going out could be the cause of broken wipers. In any case, regularly inspecting and maintaining your wipers is a good thing to make a habit of. 

Troubleshooting Windshield Wipers Not Working on Palisade

Checking the windscreen wiper

Broken Parts Or Pieces

There are a couple of reasons why your windshield wipers may not be working or are not working properly. You can start by inspecting the wipers themselves. Do you notice any broken pieces or rips in the rubber? What about the plastic or metal parts? If any of these parts are damaged, it may keep your wipers from working at all.

If there are any broken or ripped pieces, you just need to locate a replacement and replace the part.

How The Wipers Move

Next, take a look at how the wipers move. Can you move them manually from the resting, flat position up to their peak position? Is there any point in which the wipers get caught? This could also cause them to not function properly. The cause of this could be an obstruction such as ice, snow, or sticks. It could also be caused by the wiper motor going out.

Loose Nuts Or Bolts

Check the nuts or bolts on the wipers to make sure everything is tightened and secure. They could be what is causing issues. All it would take to fix this would be a way to tighten these loose nuts and bolts.

How Do You Fix A Misaligned Windshield Wiper?

First, try using your hands to adjust the wipers back into their correct spot. If this does not work, you can try to grab some tools and take the wipers off of their bolts to realign them correctly. If doing these things does not fix the problem, it is probably time to go see a professional and have them diagnose and fix the issue. After all, the goal is to make them work correctly and not end up making the problem worse.

The Wiper Motor

If none of these seem to be the problem, you could have a faulty or broken windshield wiper motor. This could be what causes it not to work. Unless you are a trained mechanic of some sort, this may require you to schedule a time to take it in to see a professional. We never recommend trying to fix a vehicle on your own, as it could lead to more problems and a larger price tag.

How Can You Tell If Your Windshield Wiper Motor Is Bad?

There are a few reasons your motor may go out and a few ways you may be able to tell. First, see if your blades are moving slower than usual. If they do not seem to be performing as well, then this could be an indication.

Another way to tell would be if they do not stop in their normal spot. If they stop facing up or sideways, you could have a bad motor. Lastly, and this may be the most obvious, if they do not move at all, then it could be your motor has gone completely bad. This, of course, would need to be inspected by a professional to know for certain.

What To Do If Wipers Stop Working While Driving?

Car wiper blades clean snow from car windows. Flakes of snow covered the car with a thick layer

First, immediately find a safe opportunity to get off the road and park somewhere. Choose an open space where you can walk around your vehicle and have a large area to inspect your wipers. If you noticed your wipers are broken, chances are it is raining or snowing, so you will want to find a covered place to park if possible. The important thing is to prioritize getting off the road because your vision will be impaired, which endangers yourself and others.

Next, inspect the things outlined in the previous section to see if you can locate the reason they are broken. If the issue is as simple as needing to replace the blades, you can do it yourself. If you suspect it could be the motor, or you cannot identify the issue, you will need to find a way to get your vehicle in the hands of a professional.

What Fuse Controls The Windshield Wipers?

This is a great question that can only be answered by referring to the owner’s manual of your specific vehicle. Different colored/numbered fuses will control different parts of a vehicle depending on your specific model. 

For example, in the Palisade you should be able to open the owner's manual and see a diagram which labels each of the fuses. From there, you can locate “Wiper” to find the wiper fuse.

How To Turn On Rain Sensing Wipers Hyundai?

When operating normal windshield wipers, they are typically located behind the steering wheel. This is no different for Hyundai’s rain-sensing wipers. You will notice an “AUTO” sign on the black knob used to control the wipers. When this setting is selected, your rain-sensing wipers will be engaged. 

What Are Hyundai’s Rain Sensing Wipers?

Hyundai offers advanced technology in certain trim levels of their Palisade vehicles. This option allows the wipers to sense rain on the windshield and adjust the speed as needed. When it rains harder, your wipers will wipe faster. You do not need to worry about how fast the wipers need to be as they do everything for you. This helps you keep your eyes and focus on the road.

In closing

Overall, the Hyundai Palisade has some of the most technologically advanced wipers offered in an affordable SUV. With that being said, sometimes wipers end up malfunctioning no matter how good they are. Everything requires maintenance. We hope this article has been helpful in determining what to do initially, best practices for diagnosing the problem, and how to ultimately get the windshield wipers fixed so you can get back on the road.

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