Five Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets For Marvel Fans

Five-Iron-Man-Motorcycle-Helmets-For-Marvel-FansAre you a Marvel loving motorcyclist? Then you stumbled across the right place. Even if you happen to be somewhat interested, you may find this to be interesting. We have composed a list of five great choices of motorcycle helmets that resemble Iron Man’s helmet.

Who is Iron Man, you may ask (if you’re not too familiar with Marvel)? Let’s start from the very beginning for those completely unfamiliar with him. Iron Man is a superhero character from Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee back in 1963. Underneath the suit is a billionaire genius named Tony Stark. He’s made numerous iron armor suits built for defense and combat in war and protecting the planet. He also made a suit for his friend James Rhodes called the War Machine.

For the younger audience, you’ve likely seen or heard of the Iron Man movies. Familiar with Robert Downey Jr.? He’s the actor who played Tony Stark and every Marvel movie he appeared in, and the film ended up becoming a hit in the box office. Since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008, Iron Man has had three solo movies. The character has appeared in a few other MCU films, specifically the Avengers.

With the massive success of the MCU, many people love Iron Man. There’s no doubt that people want to wear the look, including motorcyclists. You can see how cool the actual Iron Man helmet looks here. You’ll probably get an idea of why this would make for a cool biker helmet.

With that being said, we have built a list of four Iron Man-style helmets that you should take a look at.

Marvel IS-17 Unisex Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet by HJC Helmets

Marvel IS-17 Unisex Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet by HJC Helmets on amazon.

Weighing in at nearly five pounds and made of a polycarbonate shell, this helmet by HJC is lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. Safety is 100% assured; it’s U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) certified, impact-absorbing, and can optionally hold an anti-fog system.

On the front is a one-touch tinted sun shield that can easily be removed to clean. To maintain comfortable airflow, it’s built with an advanced channeling ventilation system; hot air and humidity shoot out the top of the helmet. The soft interior is layered with antibacterial fabric. Each pad from within is interchangeable, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting you properly.

This particular helmet only comes in the color of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. You can view the helmet on Amazon here.

Nenki NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Helmet

Nenki NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Helmet on amazon

This DOT certified helmet is made out of a fiberglass shell with comfy impact absorption, delivering maximum protection. For your vision protection, it has a dual visor (red, like the Iron Man suit) and an inner visor that helps block the sunlight.

The ventilation inside pushes hot air out so you can keep breathing fresh, cool air easily. Its inner liner is removable and washable so you can swiftly clean it whenever you feel the need.

You can select this helmet in two designs: one in the Iron Man design and the other is designed to look like The Amazing Spiderman mask. Intended for adults and youth, it comes in medium and large sizes. Check the size chart before making the purchase.

You can view the helmet on Amazon by clicking here.

QWE Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

QWE Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet on Amazon

This helmet will better suit fans of War Machine as it only comes in bright or matte gray. Nonetheless, you’ll still get a sleek, aerodynamic design. You also get peace of mind with its DOT and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) certifications.

With its ABS plastic and buffer layer, you get bonus protection that reduces head shock in the event of a collision. The buckle is simple to use, keeps the helmet snug on your head, and has a quick release.

You can view the helmet on Amazon by clicking here.

Masei Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet by Masei is a little bit different from its previously mentioned competition. Unlike the others, the full front face slides down instead of just the visor. This visor is transparent and not a specific color like the others.

Its soft interior provides a snug fit that will comfortably last your long rides. Its material exceeds US DOT certification expectations.

You also aren’t limited to just the typical Iron Man color scheme. You can select War Machine’s or Iron Patriot’s color schemes as well. There’s also the choice of a matte black or an American flag design. While the price for this is somewhat high, the site usually has specials you can take advantage of.

You can view this helmet here on Downey Store. This product is also available on Ali Express, but you’ll have to search around the website to find the other color designs.

HJC Iron Man Homecoming Helmet

Another product of HJC is this sleek Iron Man helmet based on the Iron Man suit from Spiderman: Homecoming. It includes a blend of secure materials: carbon fabric, shock-resistant shell, and lightweight material. It has vents on the top that can flow fresh air in and exhaust air simultaneously. Additionally, there’s an open-close rear vent you can also utilize.

For assurance, it has a multi-point lock system. In emergencies, it comes with an emergency quick-release feature. Drivers at night will be able to see you with their reflective patches. An optional feature you can get is a Bluetooth system.

Sizes extend from small to XXL. You can view the item here.


We believe that with these helmets, you’ll be cycling the road in Marvel style. You won’t have to worry about head protection (but make sure the rest of you is protected too). You have added protection in the difficulties of night-time driving. Even when other drivers pose a threat to you, picking any of these helmets will provide you a layer of safety for sure.

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