Garmin DriveSmart Complete Guide – Is It the Best GPS for Truckers?

Are you a truck driver looking for a reliable GPS navigation system to help you navigate the roads with ease?

If so, you're in the right place! Navigating the highways as a trucker can be a challenging and stressful experience, but with the right GPS device, you can make the journey smoother and more efficient.

Garmin is a popular GPS brand that offers various navigation devices, but are their DriveSmart models suitable for truckers? In this article, we'll explore the features of Garmin DriveSmart and determine if it's the right choice for truck drivers.

We'll give you all the accurate information you need to confidently decide if it's time to invest in a Garmin DriveSmart for your trucking adventures. So buckle up and get ready to discover if this handy device is truly a reliable sidekick on those long hauls!

We'll delve into the world of GPS navigation systems and unravel the mysteries of Garmin DriveSmart's compatibility with the demanding requirements of a trucker's life.

And don't worry, we're here to help you every step of the way. So sit back, relax, and let's explore the world of trucker-friendly GPS devices together!

Garmin Montana 700 Rugged GPS Touchscreen Navigator, The Ultimate Guide to Garmin DriveSmart Is It the Best GPS for Truckers

The Ultimate Guide to Garmin DriveSmart Is It the Best GPS for Truckers1

The Ultimate Guide to Garmin DriveSmart Is It the Best GPS for Truckers2

Is Garmin DriveSmart Good for Truckers?

Garmin DriveSmart series, while loaded with plenty of powerful features, is primarily designed for passenger cars.

Unfortunately, these GPS navigators don't offer specific routing for trucks. Thus, they may not be the best option for truckers.

Garmin gps navigation device in a car. Garmin is one of the largest manufacturers of GPS devices

Does Garmin Support Truck Routes?

Although Garmin DriveSmart doesn't cater specifically to truck drivers, Garmin does provide devices designed for trucks.

These devices are part of the Garmin dezl series and come equipped with special truck-related routing, alerting drivers to potential restrictions and other important factors on the road.

Which Garmin GPS is Best for Truckers?

Truckers are better off considering the Garmin dezl series, with models like dezl 580LMT, dezl 780LMT, dezl OTR500, or dezl OTR610.

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These devices are specifically designed with trucks in mind, providing customized routes, information about bridge heights and weight limits, and more.

How Do I Put My Garmin in Truck Mode?

To benefit from truck-specific navigation features, you'll need a device from the Garmin dezl series.

Such models will offer "Truck Mode," accessible through settings, to customize routes and get appropriate alerts.

If you own a Garmin DriveSmart device, understand that these devices don't include truck mode or any similar functionality.

What is the Difference Between a Truck GPS and a Car GPS?

You might be wondering how a truck GPS differs from your regular car GPS.

The major difference between these two GPS types is in how they determine the best route. A car GPS gives you the default map, while a truck GPS goes the extra mile (pun intended) by discerning additional information to make more informed routing decisions.

What makes the truck GPS special?

  • It saves our trucker friends from a world of trouble! A truck GPS system takes into account various factors that car GPS systems don't. For instance, a truck's height, weight, and length are all considered when selecting the most suitable roads.
  • Say goodbye to low tunnels or weight-restricted roads! With a truck-specific GPS, truckers can avoid potential obstacles that could lead to delays or even accidents.
  • Doubling up as a full-fledged multitasker, a truck GPS doesn't just stop at navigation. It can also help truckers monitor their speed, braking efficiency, and overall performance to ensure a smooth journey throughout.

There you have it! The key elements that set a truck GPS apart from its car counterpart.

As you can see, a truck GPS is pretty much your helpful co-pilot, guiding you through the complexities of trucking life. Safe travels!

What is the Difference Between Garmin Drive and DriveSmart?

New chart plotter Garmin GPSmap 585 plus on the stand at exhibition

Garmin Drive and DriveSmart are two popular GPS devices designed to aid drivers with accurate navigation and traffic information.

While both devices share some common features, there are key differences that cater to different preferences.

One primary distinction lies in the internal storage capacity: Garmin DriveSmart boasts 16GB of storage space, while Garmin Drive offers 8GB. To accommodate users needing more storage, both devices include a microSD card slot.

The DriveSmart series has larger display options with high-definition 6-, 7-, or 8-inch screens. The 8-inch model also allows landscape or portrait mode mounting for better road visibility.

Garmin Drive, on the other hand, comes with a standard display size.

Regarding truckers' needs, the Garmin DriveSmart 65 might not quite cut it. As mentioned in a Best Buy Q&A, the DriveSmart 65 is primarily designed for passenger vehicles.

Garmin's dezl series, however, offers customized truck routing based on size, weight, and hazardous materials, making it a more suitable choice for truck drivers.

Is Garmin Good for GPS Navigation?

GPS Garmin receiver on background map

Garmin is a renowned brand in the world of GPS navigation, known for its reliable and feature-packed devices. With offerings like the Garmin DriveSmart series, users can enjoy enhanced connectivity and a range of advanced features for a seamless driving experience.

One of the hallmarks of Garmin's GPS devices is their detailed maps, covering both North America and other regions worldwide.

These maps come with regular updates, ensuring users always have the most accurate information at their fingertips.

In addition to comprehensive maps, Garmin GPS devices are equipped with real-time traffic information. PhotoLive traffic cameras are available as well as weather and fuel price updates, all accessible when paired with a compatible smartphone.

To improve safety and convenience on the road, Garmin also offers features that monitor road conditions, such as alerts for sharp curves, bridges with weight limits, and speed camera locations.

Furthermore, users benefit from personalized routing tailored to their vehicle's size and weight, making Garmin a reliable navigation companion for private and fleet vehicles alike.

The Garmin GPS devices come with superior screen display quality, offering high-resolution touchscreen displays, such as in the Garmin DriveSmart 65. These screens boast a 1024x600-pixel resolution on a 6.95-inch screen.

Hands-free calling and Garmin voice assist are standard features found in Garmin GPS devices. By utilizing Bluetooth technology, drivers can maintain their focus on the road while staying connected.

Garmin GPS devices also excel at offering convenience through their extensive database of points of interest, making it a breeze to locate nearby restaurants, gas stations, and parking facilities.

For truckers, Garmin dezl devices offer custom truck routing tailored to the size and weight of their rigs, providing them with an optimized navigation experience.

What are Other Options Besides Garmin?

Garmin GPS sitting on dash of car showing road to Pikes Peak

There are several GPS options available for truckers apart from Garmin. Some popular alternatives include TomTom, Rand McNally, and Magellan.

These brands offer specialized trucking GPS devices featuring weather updates, traffic alerts, and custom truck routing.

What is the Number 1 GPS for Truckers?

Although it's challenging to pinpoint the absolute number 1 GPS for truckers, the Garmin dezl OTR700 stands out among the competition with its 7-inch easy-to-read touchscreen display.

It also includes custom truck routing and load-to-dock guidance features.

Does Google Maps Have a Truck Mode?

Google Maps, widely used on iPhone, iPad, and other devices, does not have a dedicated truck mode.

However, truckers can still use Google Maps for general navigation and connectivity purposes, but they need to be cautious about restrictions and routes tailored for cars rather than larger vehicles.

In summary, Garmin Drivesmart is a great choice for truckers, but it's essential to explore other options with features like traffic alerts, weather updates, and custom routing for trucks.

Brands such as TomTom, Rand McNally, and Magellan offer alternatives worth considering, and popular apps like Google Maps can be useful despite lacking a dedicated truck mode.

Remember to keep each device's features in mind while searching for the perfect GPS solution to ensure the best experience on the road.

Integration and Additional Features

Garmin Montana 700 Rugged GPS Touchscreen Navigator

The Garmin DriveSmart series introduces a range of features designed to assist truckers. These devices seamlessly connect with various services to make life on the road more convenient.

Garmin DriveSmart navigators are enhanced with Garmin Drive App compatibility. This app not only provides real-time traffic information but also gives access to photoLive traffic cameras, weather updates, and fuel prices.

When it comes to entertainment, truckers can take advantage of audiobook integration. Long drives become more enjoyable as drivers listen to their favorite stories unfold. Garmin's GPS devices are designed with truckers in mind.

They prioritize efficient routes and accurate navigation, making sure drivers reach their destinations on time. With Garmin's in-stock availability, truckers can easily get their hands on these reliable devices from a trusted brand.

The DriveSmart series guarantees quality and excellent performance in the trucking industry.

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