Is The Hummer EV Fully Electric?

You might recall General Motors discontinuing the Hummer after 2010, partly due to declining sales of this gas-guzzling behemoth. But the automaker recently announced its comeback as a "green" vehicle. But is this new Hummer EV really all-electric?

We researched the Hummer EV from multiple professional sources, so you'll know what this vehicle has to offer.

The new Hummer EV is a fully electric vehicle. Though the battery is different, it is operated on the same principle as the Tesla or the Rivian.

Now that we know that the Hummer EV is fully electric, we'll take a look at the battery that powers this vehicle. You might also be curious how much it costs to charge this vehicle or if it can be charged at home.

For the answers to these questions and more, read on and see what we've found in our research.

The battery that powers this giant SUV

New GMC Hummer EV - electric pickup with a capacity of more than 1,000 .3D illustration

As you can probably imagine, the Hummer EV's battery packs a powerful force. It will take a lot of juice to propel this beast on the roadways. The pickup truck version is the first offering on the new EV line but will be followed soon with a new Hummer EV SUV.
If you opt for the top-tier power train for the Hummer, you'll get 1,000 horsepower that gets its juice from three different electric motors. These motors work to accelerate the Hummer from zero to 60 miles per hour in only 3.3 seconds, making it a swift force to be reckoned with.
To make the 9,000-pound Hummer move, the motors are powered by a 210-kilowatt battery. This is by far the largest one on the market today, and it's necessary to have one that big to move the heaviest vehicle in GM's growing inventory.

How much does it cost to charge a Hummer EV?

You're probably already aware that it's not free to charge any all-electric vehicle. Though the overall cost of charging one will be far less than what it would cost to fill up a pickup truck's tank of gas, it's still an expense you need to be aware of.

The various rates charged by owners of charging stations around the country make it difficult to come up with an exact amount, however.

The Drive reports that charging the Hummer EV fully at one of Electrify America's charging stations can cost as much as $100. Considering the size of the battery and how much it would cost to fill up a vehicle of this size's gas tank, this is still quite a bargain.

Many all-electric vehicle owners opt to keep their charging at home whenever possible. Doing so is much more cost-effective, and it can be done overnight when you don't need a vehicle. Let's look if home charging is an option with this vehicle.

Electric car plugged in outside house on street with a sunset

Can you charge the Hummer EV at home?

Charging at home is a great convenience, ad it l save you money. Fortunately, the Hummer EV can be plugged into a wall charger in your home, significantly cutting down the charging cost. 

The amount it will cost to charge the Hummer EV at home will vary greatly depending on the electricity rates in your area. It's estimated that it should cost an average of $30 for a full charge, however.

This is less than a third of what it will cost to charge your Hummer EV at a charging station and far less than what it could cost to fill one up with a gas tank.

Wall mounted car charging unit to supply power to electric vehicles

Can the Hummer EV use a Tesla charger?

With so many Tesla charging stations out there, you might be wondering would be okay to plug your Hummer EV into one if you find yourself in a pinch.

However, you'll find that these charging stations are not compatible with the Hummer EV, but just because they aren't a match doesn't mean that you are totally out of luck.

You can use an adapter for your Hummer EV, enabling you to plug it into a Tesla charger. This is a great piece of mind, as you might find yourself on the road needing a charge but without an approved Hummer station in sight.

There are a couple of items worth noting when getting an adapter, but don't out skimp on the price by getting the cheapest adapter available. There are a lot of knockoffs out there that will not last and that can do damage to your vehicle. Only use adapters that are of great quality and have the best reviews.

Additionally, keep in mind that the use of an unauthorized adapter could void your warranty should an issue arise.

Many cars charging at a Tesla Supercharger station.

How long does it take to charge a Hummer EV?

 GMC HUMMER EV pickup, all-electric truck at Overland Expo Mountain West., Is The Hummer EV Fully Electric?

Planning your commute or a long trip means knowing when you'll need to charge your Hummer EV and how long it will take. As an all-electric vehicle owner will tell you, it takes longer to fill your battery than it does a tank of gas. But how long it takes will depend on where you are charging it.

By far, charging stations are the fastest way to get your battery cells full again. At the most efficient charging stations, expect an estimated 100 miles to be added to the battery's life every ten minutes. A nearly dead battery would take more than half an hour to recharge.

But there is a big difference in the time it will take to charge a Hummer EV at a charging station versus the time you'll spend at home.

When you plug a nearly dead Hummer EV into your wall charger in your garage, expect it to take up to four days to have the battery full again.

GMC Hummer EV Sport Utility Truck display.

How far can a Hummer EV go on a full charge?

The Ultrium battery that powers the Hummer EV's three motors takes quite the charge. Earlier in this post, we outlined about ng it takes to fully recharge a nearly dead battery for one of these trucks. Thankfully, they do get quite a mileage range for their size.

Car and Driver report that the Hummer EV can go an estimated 329 miles on a full charge. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and not exact.

You will want to keep a spare charger and adapter in your Hummer EV just in case you cannot locate a charging station. And if you are planning a long trip, make yourself aware of the location of all available charging stations on your route.

The last thing you want is for your EV battery to drain while you're on the road and leave you stranded. It's not like you can hoof it to the nearest gas pump to rescue yourself.

Pay close attention to your battery life in relation to your route to avoid this from happening to you.

EV Car or Electric vehicle at charging station with the power cable supply plugged in on blurred nature with green enegy power effect.

Do all-electric cars lose their charges when parked?

Traditional vehicles will have their batteries slowly drain when they are parked. Even though the engine is off, there are still some components that slowly draw away electricity from the battery.

If you're not careful, you can have a dead battery the next time you try to start your engine.

The good news with an all-electric vehicle is that they have batteries that can withstand longer periods of inactivity. Just be aware that you should never leave one on the charger after it is 100% charged. It's also important to know that your battery will begin to drain a bit when the weather gets hot.

Park your car for a bit, and don't worry about the charge escaping after a few weeks. You'll be good to fire it up when you're ready to drive it.

Final thoughts

The Hummer EV is the largest and heaviest all-electric vehicle in production. Considering its size, it's a swift beast, getting up to speed in almost no time at all.

Plan out your charging carefully with this vehicle, as it can take a bit longer than other all-electric vehicles to fully recharge the battery. Drive safe!

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