Is It Safe To Drive With Service Stabilitrak? [Here’s What You Need To Know!]

You may get anxious if you notice that the service Stabilitrak light has come on while you're driving. This light usually implies a warning, so it's understandable if you're confused about what to do and whether you should continue driving. We have researched this issue and have answers to resolve your confusion.

You can safely continue driving if the service Stabilitrak light comes on. Stabilitrak helps you control your car if you lose control. It serves as a safety feature, so you should be safe to continue driving.

However, this doesn't mean you should ignore the light. You should stop and get your vehicle checked because the warning light could mean that your car has a problem.

Are you still unsure if it's safe to drive? Keep reading because we have gathered all the necessary information regarding Stabilitrak and safety. Additionally, we've included how you should deal with this issue while driving and what causes the light to come on. 

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Is It Safe To Drive With Service Stabilitrak?

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Stabilitrak helps you drive straight, especially when it detects that your car is moving in a zigzag motion. The stability of your vehicle is its primary focus, but it also ensures that your car is driving how you want it.

For instance, if you steer your vehicle to the left, but your tires steer to the right, it will automatically engage your brakes to stop an accident from happening.

For these reasons, it is safe for you to drive when the service Stabilitrak light comes on. Because it activates quickly, it will help keep you avoid car accidents.

However, this control also reduces your vehicle's power, so if it is stuck in mud or snow, it will be better for you to try turning it off.

The service Stabilitrak light can come on for several reasons. Aside from how you're driving, it may also indicate that your car is malfunctioning.

The light will remain on until you resolve the issues causing it. Although it is safe to continue driving, you should stop and try to find out what is causing the problem.

What To Do If Service Stabilitrak Turns On While Driving

Speedometer of a car close-up, with the arrow frozen at a speed of 120 km/h. Details and interior of a black luxury car.

Commonly, the StabiliTrak warning appears because of a malfunction. Though it's safe to continue driving, you can try fixing it if you can find a spot to pull over. Then do the following:

  1. Turn off your vehicle.
  2. Leave your car for at least 15 - 20 seconds.
  3. Start your car again, and the warning should be gone.

If the Stabilitrak warning is still on after this, a part of your car may be faulty. In cases like this, you should have a professional check your vehicle.

What Causes Service Stabilitrak To Turn On?

The Stabilitrak system includes your car's brake and traction system and steering wheel. If you're new to driving or if the road is slippery, this control will turn on.

However, the Stabilitrak will come on for only a moment in this situation until you regain control. If it's on for a long time or comes on often, you will need to seek an expert because these defects may be occurring:

1. Faulty Input Sensor

Usually, a service Stabilitrak message or warning appears because of a defect in your sensors. These sensors may be for wheel speed, steering angle, or rotational speed. If your input sensor malfunctions, your vehicle will lack stability while moving.

2. Power Steering Sensor Malfunctions

The power steering motor gives your vehicle the power it needs to run. Because service Stabilitrak detects the power your vehicle uses and how much it needs, if this part malfunctions, the control will turn on.

3. Damaged Output Sensor

Output sensors send data about how much torque each wheel of a car needs. This function includes what Stabilitrak detects.

In addition, if it malfunctions, it can't provide information about how much engine power your vehicle needs. That is why any damage in an output sensor will make the Stabilitrak warning come on.

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4. Faulty Power Train

Your car's power train works hand in hand with the output sensor. While the output sensor determines the power your wheels need, the power train provides the power itself. That is why your service Stabilitrak system may take control if this malfunctions.

5. Issues With Stability Control Module

A stability control module monitors your car's systems to keep it stable while driving. If this part is faulty, it will cause the Stabilitrak system to manage your vehicle's stability while on the road instead.

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6. Defective ABS Module

A car's anti-lock braking system (ABS) monitors if the wheels are skidding and then goes to the brake disks, so the vehicle can stop. If it doesn't, it will enable the Stabilitrak system to do this instead.

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7. Damaged Controller

The controller takes all the data from your vehicle's sensors and produces how you can best control your car. When this part is faulty, it won't be able to help you maintain car control, so the Stabilitrak system takes charge.

8. GM-LAN Communication Line Defects

This connection line works with your car's controller by sending the information from your sensors. If the Stabilitrak system cannot monitor your car's stability because of this issue, it will take this as a reason to take control.

How Do You Disable Service Stabilitrak?

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Although service Stabilitrak will keep you safe while you're driving, there are also instances where you'll want to disable it.

This is especially true if you're on a muddy or snowy road and need your car's power, which Stabilitrak may prevent. For each car brand, there's a different way to disable this control. Here are some of them:


A secret code will let you disable the Stabilitrak system for Chevrolets from 2009 by performing these steps:

  1. On the cluster, press the trip odometer reset button.
  2. Click and hold down a button labeled "Info" for at least two to three seconds.
  3. Enter 1468 as a code.
  4. A message saying "stability is off" will then appear.
  5. The Stabilitrak system will then be disabled, so you can turn your engine off or drive around as you please.


You can turn off the Stabilitrak system of all Toyotas from 2007 up to the latest models by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold down your car's trip odometer reset button. Keep holding it until an "engine check" message appears.
  2. Click and hold down the set/reset button until a "stability control off" message appears.
  3. You can then drive around or turn off your car without the Stabilitrak system bugging you.

You can also try doing this procedure:

  1. Click and hold down the VSC button for about five seconds.
  2. Doing this will disable the VSC and the TRC, so a "VSC OFF" and "TRAC OFF" message will appear. After this, your Stabilitrak system is disabled.

FIAT, RAM, and Dodge Jeep Y Chrysler

For these cars, perform this procedure:

  1. Click and hold down the ESC button for at least six seconds.
  2. You will then hear a whistle and see the ESC button turn off. This means that you have turned off your Stabilitrak system successfully. 

Ford and Volkswagen

For both the current generation of Ford and Volkswagen, you cannot disable the Stabilitrak system. Stabilitrak is already a standard in these vehicles, so it doesn't allow you to turn off the control.

How Much Does Stabilitrak System Repair Cost?

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Over time, your Stabilitrak system may get damaged. If this happens, the typical repair cost is around $80 to $200. The price will depend on the brand and model of your car. Considering that the Stabilitrak system is complicated, this is an affordable price.

In Closing

Don't panic if your vehicle flashes a service Stabilitrak warning while on the road because it's safe for you to drive. The system helps you control your car if unforeseen circumstances happen, so it increases your safety. 

However, you should still try to pull over and restart your engine to see if the service Stabilitrak warning disappears. If the message is still on, other car malfunctions may be happening, so you should get your vehicle checked by a professional.

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