Is It Safe To Drive With VDC Off? [Here’s What You Need To Know!]

Although a VDC OFF indicator on your dashboard seems puzzling, they have a purpose in the world of automobiles. Do you want to know if this will make driving safer? We did some extensive research about this topic to help you and this is what we discovered.

VDC Off serves as an indicator. The system reacts or the indicator glows right away if it notices that the car has a tendency to swerve. Precisely measured braking courses are then applied to each wheel to bring the car back to its lane. This is how VDC gets the driver out of a dangerous situation.

We'll get into more detail about VDC in this article. We’ll share with you some causes of defective VDC system lighting and how to fix it. So continue reading for more information.

Is It Safe To Drive With VDC Off?

To be clear, just because you see or read VDC Off doesn't necessarily indicate the VDC system is already turned off. It merely indicates how it appears on the dashboard. As you check in your car, it is written in VDC with capital OFF underneath, that is why it is called VDC off switch.

Understanding VDC is crucial. It aids in increasing traction. The VDC system works in conjunction with the vehicle's anti-lock brakes system to individually apply brakes to each wheel in order to stop that particular wheel from slipping. 

You might notice some vibration in the brake pedal when VDC is engaged. This just shows that everything is operating as it should and does not imply that there is a problem with the system.

This may be advantageous in gloomy and slippery conditions. By assisting the driver in recovering from understeering in turns, the VDC system facilitates safer driving despite adverse conditions.

The VDC system keeps track of steering inputs and the vehicle's direction of movement in conjunction with the ECU. The system engages to make the necessary adjustments when it notices a discrepancy between the driver's and the vehicle's inputs. 

In addition to controlling the braking system, it lowers engine power and inhibits excessive steering. All for the honorable purpose of making sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Should VDC Be On Or Off?

The system is not in operation when the VDC OFF indicator light illuminates on the dashboard. When a VDC system isn't activated, driving in inclement weather is more difficult. 

If the VDC system is turned off, you could lose control while driving in the rain or on snowy roads. Car wheels frequently slide when the road is slick from water or ice. It is challenging for a human to quickly apply the brake and reduce speed in order to avoid such accidents. 

By intervening in these situations and swiftly taking the necessary procedures, the VDC system genuinely saves lives. The mechanism aids in this by giving the wheels the power they require to remain grounded. 

You should always leave this VDC system on (which means the VDC OFF indicator does not light), except in circumstances where the car is immobilized by snow or mud. You can move the car to a safe location in those situations by turning the system off. 

Sometimes, starting the vehicle activates VDC. But if this system is not turned on by this, you will need to manually turn the system on by pushing the VDC button. Occasionally, the VDC button resembles a car swerving along a curved roadway.

car vehicle vcd off mode on the dashboard lights

What Would Cause The VDC Off Light To Come On?

You can turn the VDC light on and off depending on your needs and requirements. 

However, if you discover that it hasn't turned off after doing so, you can run into trouble while driving. This can indicate a major problem with your VDC systems and car's traction control. 

A list of the typical causes for VDC off light is provided in detail below:


The car's computer is constantly in communication with different sensors. The computer is in charge of converting the data from the sensors into action. The ECU must cut power to the wheels as soon as they start to slide in order to fix the situation. The ECU, however, is not infallible and can malfunction. The VDC light could turn on if the ECU is unable to read the sensors' messages.

Dysfunctional Braking System

disc brake vehicle repair process new

The traction control system of the car is connected to the VDC system. It may occasionally turn on along with your vehicle's slip light when there is a problem with the vehicle's braking system 

The VDC system and the brake system complement one another. Therefore, the VDC system may not function properly when the brake system has a problem. In addition, it can cause the wheels to start sliding, activating the slip light and so the VDC.

Faulty Camshaft

The camshaft is in-charge of each cylinder's intake and exhaust valves. As a result, the combustion gases can enter and exit the vehicle's cylinder, ultimately producing power. The camshaft comprises sensors that enable its operation. These sensors can occasionally malfunction, turning on the VDC off and slip warning lights.

It's critical that you fix this issue as soon as you can, regardless of the cause. Even though you can still operate your car with the VDC off warning, eventually a dangerous situation may arise. 

Faulty Steering Angle Sensors

Any wheel with traction control will have steering angle sensors as well. These sensors' function is to gauge the wheel's angle while you drive. But because of where they are, the sensors could malfunction.

The VDC light will turn on if the sensors malfunction or become polluted with debris. You will observe that this can still occur while you are driving on flat terrain without the need for further traction control.

Low Brake Fluid

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It is a frequent issue that can turn on the VDC indicator. Even if there are no leaks, the brake fluid in the reservoir will gradually get smaller as your brakes wear. The level will rise again after changing the brake pads and applying the brake caliper. As you inspect the brake fluid and the level is low, you must add it then. 

Malfunctioning Wheel Sensor

Each wheel is affixed with snsors that keep track of motion and speed. These sensors provide whatever data they have to the ECU for processing. The speed, for instance, is provided to the ECU to indicate a problem if a wheel starts to slip and starts to turn quicker than the others.

The VDC system engages to decrease power to that wheel and improve traction. The relevant data, however, might not be provided if your wheel sensor is malfunctioning. The VDC light will turn on to let you know if the sensor is damaged or clogged with debris.

Poor Road Conditions

texture cracked old asphalt need repair

The VDC system is designed to increase stability when moving over slick terrain. However, under extremely adverse circumstances, the system may fail. The VDC light could briefly illuminate when you are driving on ice or snow until traction is regained. However, the light ought to go out as soon as the automobile resumes normal operation.

Problematic Steering Rack

The steering rack is in charge of guiding the wheels in response to input from the steering wheel. It is a component of the steering system and is positioned on the car's body. In order to turn the wheels, the steering rack needs hydraulic fluid. The vehicle's steering may not work properly if the rack fails or malfunctions, which would turn on the VDC light

How To Fix VDC Off Light?

You must first identify the issue before you can fix the VDC light. If the VDC light is only on due to the road you are on, it should switch off once you resume normal driving. There is no adjustment or fix necessary in this situation.

However, you must replace the sensor if the VDC light is on as a result of a faulty one. You can occasionally save money by cleaning the sensors. To make sure everything is operating as it should, a mechanic can examine the wiring of the sensors.

Unfortunately, you are facing a more expensive repair if your car needs a new steering rack or ECU. It is tough and takes a long time to replace a steering rack. Therefore, professional assistance would be quite helpful with resetting the ECU.

The quickest fix for a VDC light is to check the amount of the braking fluid and top it off if necessary. Then use a diagnostic scanner to read the error codes.

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To see how to top off the brake fluid on your car, a video on YouTube is shown below.

How Much Does A VDC System Cost To Repair?

car vehicle vcd off mode on the dashboard panel, Is It Safe To Drive With VDC Off? [Here's What You Need To Know!]

Repairing a VDC can cost up to $1,600. But it's also possible that the switch is broken, which can be fixed for only about $80. See if you can get the VDC system switched out in order to avoid being taken advantage of. 

Use a multimeter to inspect the interior of the button. If you experience a small electric charge, your VDC system is operating properly. As you conduct this test, make sure to turn off your engine.

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car vehicle vcd off mode on the dashboard panel

The VDC system is a crucial safety component of your vehicle. Have the VDC serviced as soon as you can if the VDC OFF warning signal is malfunctioning such as when you try to turn it off but it stays on. Wishing you luck with the diagnosis and a wonderful day!

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