Is A Nissan Altima Good In The Snow?

If you're living in or driving through a part of the country that experiences all four seasons, you'll want to be sure you're driving a vehicle capable of handling snowy road conditions. Driving in this type of weather requires practiced skills and needs a car built to handle it. Does the Nissan Altima pass the requirements for driving in the snow? We researched this popular mid-sized car from numerous popular sources so that you can have a definite answer.

The Nissan Altima is a great car for driving in snowy conditions. Lower trim levels are equipped with front-wheel drive, preferred over rear-wheel drive for winter driving. Higher trim level options are made with all-wheel drive for an even better driving experience in the snow.

Now that we know that the Altima can handle itself well in the snow, we'll take a closer look at some driving tips that will help you navigate inclement weather conditions. You might also be wondering how long a Nissan Altima will last or what year Altima is the best. What are the common problems with the Altima? What would cause an Altima not to start? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Nissan Altima Platinum shown at the New York International Auto Show 2018, at the Jacob Javits Center, Is A Nissan Altima Good In The Snow?

Tips for driving in snow and ice

If you can, avoid driving in the snow and ice altogether. That's the safest thing to do. Unfortunately, staying off the road when the weather is less than optimal isn't always an option. But if you have to traverse snowy or icy roadways, these tips will help make your journey safer.

Remove any snow and ice from your vehicle

Take your time in removing all the snow and ice from your windows --all of them. Be sure your side mirrors are clear of any obstructions as well. Brush the snow off your hood and vehicle roof so it doesn't fly off and distract you or another driver. 

Pay attention to your tires. Be sure there isn't an accumulation of snow or ice sludge built up between your tire and the car's frame. Such a buildup can create issues with steering and braking your vehicle. 

Drive slowly

Driving at an unsafe speed is the biggest cause of wrecks in the snow or ice. So drive very slowly if you have to. Don't do any sudden braking. Pump your brakes instead of mashing them in.

Prepare for stops ahead of time by slowing the vehicle down in safe increments. Should you begin to skid, steer into the skid until your vehicle is back under your control.

Use AWD or 4WD

Black Nissan Altima car moving on the street.

While not every vehicle is equipped with these options, they should be employed in snowy conditions in those that are. Consult your owner's manual with how best to use these options. 

Minimize distractions

No matter the driving conditions, you should always be focused on the road. This is especially true when the road is slick with snow or ice. Don't mess with your radio, and leave your cell phone out of your hand. If you're driving passengers and their conversations are a distraction, politely request that they help you by being as quiet as possible.

Be prepared

Before wintery weather hits, be certain to have newer windshield wiper blades and a full reservoir of windshield wiper fluid. Have an emergency kit with a flashlight, road flare, first aid kit, and blankets in your trunk.

If you know you'll need to drive in the snow, do so on a full tank of gas. Make sure your tires are either winter tires or all-weather, and properly inflated with  a safe amount of treadwear. Finally, be sure there is a fully inflated spare tire in or on the vehicle.

How many years does a Nissan Altima last?

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Consumers report that a Nissan Altima will last an average of 200,000 miles. Being able to drive one of these cars for 10  years or more isn't out of the question, with the number of miles you can expect to put on the engine.

Some consumers have reported that their Altimas have well exceeded 300,000 miles. With the right care and a little bit of luck, yours might make it that long, too.

Of course, getting your Nissan Altima to these mileage milestones requires some due diligence on your part. Keeping up with routine maintenance is the biggest factor in getting the most road miles out of any vehicle.

Nissan has a regimented maintenance schedule that you should adhere to. It includes more than just oil changes and swapping out filters. Take your Altima to your local dealer or a trusted local mechanic for assistance in getting these items taken care of on a routine basis. 

What are some benefits of 2020 Altima’s intelligent AWD?

This newer bit of technology takes some of the human factors out of operating an all-wheel drive Nissan. This system creates more predictive handling, making the drive a bit easier and safer. 

This system will adjust automatically to road conditions, be they dry, wet, icy, or snowy. Doing so will not only mean a more optimal drive, but it maximizes fuel economy. This is all done without the aid of the driver.

Nissan Altima car on display at New York International Auto Show at Jacob Javits Center

What can cause a Nissan Altima not to start?

You should immediately explore common causes for why any passenger vehicle won't start.

  • Does the Altima have fuel?
  • Is the battery dead?
  • Does the battery have buildup on its terminals?

If these items are examined and checked off the list as not the culprit, then other issues should be examined.

The problem could be the fuel pump. The engine needs the fuel from your fuel tank to be forced down the fuel line and into the engine. If this pump fails, then your Altima will not start.

A faulty alternator might also be the issue. The alternator charges the battery. If the alternator is bad, then the battery charge will drain, resulting in a car that won't start. 

Finally, it could be an issue with your starter. Getting this or any of the above two issues resolved will take the help of a mechanic, whether an independent one or one employed by your local dealership. 

What are the most common problems with Nissan Altima?

While a dependable model vehicle, the Altima, like any car, has been known to have some problems over the years. The model years of the Altima most impacted were 2013 and 2014. Here, they had some pretty serious CVT problems and the transmissions were prone to failing at less than 50,000 miles. This resulted in a class-action suit against Nissan going forward.

The 2013 model Altima was the worst on record, with the most consumer complaints. Along with faulty CVT, consumers reported that the car would shake at high speeds, have jerky movements between gears, and idle at high RPMs. 

Engine stalling has been another complaint against not only the 2013 Altima models but other years as well. While the stalling complaint wasn't as serious as some of the others noted by Altima owners, it was enough to garner a lot of attention from Nissan Altima owner forums. 

What year Altima is best?

An all-around dependable passenger car, the Altima has had its share of great years. If you're looking to get an older model, the years from 2007 to 2012 are rated highest by consumers. They have had few mechanical issues, and the ones experinced have been inexpensive to remedy.

In more recent years, the newer model Altimas have reported few major defects. So if you're considering buying a gently used Altima, you can't go wrong with any from the latest generation of this model car. 

In Closing

Nissan Altima Platinum shown at the New York International Auto Show 2018, at the Jacob Javits Center, Is A Nissan Altima Good In The Snow?

The Altima continues to be a highly favored car among consumers who want a mid-sized vehicle. The intelligent AWD system makes for a safer ride, especially in ice and snow. This, among other features, is a solid reason why the Altima continues to outperform many in its class.

Take care of this car with routine maintenance and regular inspections, and you can expect it to last your family a decade or more on the road. Drive safe!

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