Is The GMC Yukon 4WD?

There are mainly two types of drivetrains: four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD). Your car wheel operation will fall on either of these two or even both for high-end luxury cars. If you have a GMC Yukon and you are wondering whether it is a 4WD or not, we have taken the time to research for the answer. 

The GMC Yukon is available in 4WD or 2WD. It is also a full-size SUV that has three seating rows. When it comes to GMC vehicles, the Sierra, Canyon, and Yukon are all 4WD. The GMC Acadia and Terrain are AWD SUVs. 

Regardless of that, the GMC Yukon is still one of the best SUV cars to buy these days. The model keeps getting better. To know more about the different types of wheel drives, keep reading as we would explain more below. 

GMC is a division of GM and offers the Yukon in SLE, SLT, AT4 and Denali models, Is The GMC Yukon 4WD?

GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon is a classic, high-end, and luxury SUV. There are always new models of the car every year, an improved version. The 2022 model now focuses on the power, and strength of the SUV. 

The Yukon is child friendly and bigger than most of the SUVs from brands compared to it. Another new feature is that it now has a 420 horsepower V8 engine and a 12-inch digital gauge cluster. All of these features are essential for the smooth running of the car.    GMC is a division of GM and offers the Yukon in SLE, SLT, AT4 and Denali models, Is The GMC Yukon 4WD?

Regarding the cost-effectiveness of the GMC Yukon SUV, it is one of the most spacious SUVs you will find out there. It is not just for carrying passengers, but the cargo section is large too.   

If you want to compare the Yukon to any other large SUV, it should be Chevy Tahoe or Ford expedition. There is a distinction in the wheel structure of each SUV in terms of wheel drive. This wheel structure is one of the reasons people prefer some SUV brands to others. 

GMC focuses on upscale trucks and utility vehicles and is a division of GM

Is The GMC Yukon 4WD?

Nowadays, most cars use the 4WD. Unlike before, when only a few used the four-wheel drive system. If the wheel drive system is one of your criteria for purchasing a car, then know that GMC Yukon is a 4WD. It comes in a 2WD configuration option. 

Here is a breakdown of what the four-wheel-drive in GMC Yukon comprises: Simply put, it has four trims to make up the four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive usually doesn't have this. The trim levels will determine where the main category of your GMC Yukon will fall. 

  • The SLT, SLE, and Denali trim levels are available with four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.
  • In the AT4 trim level, the Yukon is only available with the four-wheel-drive system.

With this, the wheel system or drive mode of the GMC Yukon should be clear to you. However, you should still have an idea behind the concept of other driving modes because this would also help in choosing the type of vehicle you want to purchase. 

AWD vs 4WD [Comparison and Differences]

two white cars on a dessert safari

Wheels generally, no matter how they work, provide a balanced power amongst all the four wheels in a system. Focusing on this two-wheel system, there are a few things you should know.    

AWD, known as all-wheel drive, is the kind of system in a vehicle where all the parts of the wheels are controlled at once by single traction. This means that both the front wheel and the rear wheel work together at the same time. Although, some vehicles allow you to choose which of the sides of the wheel would be used the most. 

The 4WD, known as four-wheel drive, are primarily found in SUVs and trucks with the wheel system powering all four wheels simultaneously. Vehicles that have this kind of wheel system are those that were primarily created to do a lot of other things such as carrying heavy cargo and loads. 

Comparing both AWD and 4WD, both work together to maximize traction, especially for the torque controlling them. That is just the basic principle behind the two. The fact that both can be divided into Full time and part-time AWD and 4WD respectively are also worth noting as a similarity.  

However, merely looking at 4WD, they are usually larger than AWD. If you can differentiate between small vehicles and large SUVs or trucks, you will get an idea of how big the 4WD can be.  Also, the 4WDs can adapt and maintain their ability to move in rougher road terrains. 

Does The Yukon Come in All-Wheel Drive?

Yukon does not come in all-wheel drive, it either comes in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. GMC Yukon is an SUV. One of the properties of all-wheel-drive vehicles is that they do not have high ground clearance and have small tires. Hence, their bottom can be more close to the ground. 

SUVs require big tires, and they must be very high above the ground, making them remarkably sturdy. Many people buy SUVs for off-road drives. 

That means that if you want your SUV to last the time range you planned, then it needs to have a robust wheel system. This is the reason you would instead find a four-wheel system in SUVs or trucks instead of AWD.

Is The Yukon Front-Wheel Drive or Rare-Wheel Drive?

There are two types of four-wheel drive, part-time and full-time four-wheel drive. The full time is the kind of 4-wheel drive where the same traction controls all the wheels simultaneously. The part-time can work with either each of the wheels at the front or each of the wheels at the back. 

For Yukon, instead of working with each of the wheels at the front, it works with the wheels at the back. Hence, it uses a rear-wheel-drive instead of a front-wheel drive. 

Rear-wheel drive is becoming the standard of 4WD, unlike before when rear-wheel drives were the traditional front-wheel drives.

What Does The Denali Trim Add to The Yukon?

The GMC Sierra 1500 is available in a variety of models and exterior packages

The Yukon Denali comes with extra features like the 16-way power front seat which has a Boise enhanced audio system. There are also additional speakers on the headrest of the front seat. There is also a panoramic sunroof, an upgraded LPO wheel, and a luxury chrome finish accent.

Is 4-Wheel Drive Worth The Extra Money?

This is a relevant question when considering upgrading to the 4WD. The answer is dependent on what you plan on doing with your vehicle.4WD vehicles are not suitable for all situations. You would need a 4WD on a rugged road or when you need a lot of traction to move a load. 

This does not mean they don't have their disadvantages either. For example, you will have to spend more on fuel and the cost of using a four-wheel drive compared to the AWD. 

Is Yukon SLE or SLT Better?

The primary drive style of SLE and SLT have been explained above. Both SLT and SLE almost have the same primary properties. SLT is the improved version and has a keyless start, power-folding, and a memory package. It also comes with an advanced infotainment system. 

What Kind of Gas Mileage Does a GMC Yukon Get?

GMC Yukon XL driving fast on a road

Gas mileage refers to the type of gas that is most efficient and cost-effective for a specific vehicle considering how all of the vehicles work. GMC Yukon uses a 3.0-liter diesel pump which is used for powering the drivetrain. Hence, that is the Gas mileage.

Which is Better: Ford Expedition or GMC Yukon?

The GMC Yukon offers a more powerful engine and comes with a better payment option making it more affordable. The 2020 Ford Expedition on the other hand also offers the same advanced features as the Yukon. Choosing the best option depends on individual preference and perhaps, cost.


GMC is a division of GM and offers the Yukon in SLE, SLT, AT4 and Denali models

4WD is a perfect fit for the GMC Yukon despite its few disadvantages. If you can manage it well, it tends to reduce the wear of the engine and also improve your driving traction. 

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