Jeep Cherokee Water Leak When It Rains – What To Do?

When you go for a drive with your Jeep Cherokee on a rainy day, the last thing you want is water getting into your vehicle. If you notice water leaks in your Cherokee when it rains, then it's time to find out what's wrong. Car experts share their thoughts on this topic, and here's what we learned from them. 

You could check the drain hose to see if there is any debris blocking the flow of water. In addition, you could also see if there are leaks in the windshield seals or heater core. Inside the engine, you could also check the AC drain, cowl area, and grommet. If these parts have rust, it could lead to water leaks. Stop the leak by removing debris or sealing open areas.

Keep on reading this post if you want to remain dry as you drive on a rainy day. We'll also give you advice on how to keep the engine in good condition at all times.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk driving on a mountain desert road, Jeep Cherokee Water Leak When It Rains - What To Do?

Possible Reasons For Leaks In The Jeep Cherokee And Solutions

View of a 2015 Jeep Cherokee

One of the issues that Cherokee owners have is the vehicle leaking when they drive out in the rain. Sometimes, the leak would be concentrated on the driver's side. In some cases, the leak would end on the passenger side.

Let us discuss the various causes of water leaks in your Cherokee. We'll also recommend solutions to stop the leaks.

Debris Lodged In The Drain Hose

When there is debris in the hose, the water cannot flow freely. The water will find other ways to go out, thus creating the leak. Remove the debris by using a screwdriver to push it away.

Rusted Cowl 

The cowl refers to the panel that joins the car hood and windshield. Once this area starts to get rusty, rainwater can seep through. Try pouring water into this area to see if this is the source of the problem. To fix the rust, remove it and weld a rust-free part. 

Faulty Door Seal Or Windshield Area

When the door or windshield is not properly sealed, water can get inside the car. Find out if this is the case so you can apply the necessary repairs. Use a sealant to cover the area.

Wait for a few minutes for the sealant to dry. Then you can pour water on the affected area to see if it is properly sealed. 

As mentioned earlier, the windshield and cowl are connected. When you check on the cowl area, you are essentially checking the windshield as well.

Clogged AC Drain

This part of your car tends to get clogged. The tray catches condensation from the air-conditioning unit. You can follow the path leading to the heater hoses to get to the AC drain. To fix the clogged drain, use an air compressor to break apart the debris. You can use a wire to pull the material out of the drain. 

Bad Grommet

You can find the grommet on the left side of the dashboard, near the brake pedal. You can also find this through the glove box.

To see if this is the source, lift the hood and check the area near the heater cove. If the grommet is not properly placed, it can allow water to pass through. Check the placement of the grommet to see if this is the cause of leak.

How To Fix The Car Carpet That Was Soaked In Water

By now, you might have fixed the problem with the leak in your car. With that out of the way, you can work on the problem with the soaked carpet. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to dry the car carpet and remove the unpleasant smell:

  • Park the car in a secure location so you can leave it there for a few hours. Open the doors and windows to let out moisture.
  • Use a microfiber towel to remove water from the car carpet.
  • Vacuum the car using a wet/dry shop vac to suck up the remaining water in the carpet. Make sure to remove the water around the control buttons and electronics.

Follow These Steps To Remove Moisture From The Car Carpet

  • Place an electric fan inside to bring in more air and dry out the carpet for two days. You can also use a dehumidifier instead of an electric fan.
  • Lift the carpet near the door, and let the air through the foam.
  • You can put a block of wood under the carpet to create an air pocket. Do this step together with the electric fan to help speed up the drying of the foam.
  • Hang Damp Rid bags inside the car to remove moisture. It's best to hang the bags by the rearview mirror, headrest, and car door handles. Other alternatives to Damp Rid bags include baking soda placed in boxes, cat litter inside old socks, or uncooked rice grains on top of the car carpet.

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Follow These Steps To Remove Mildew Odor

  • Use a vinegar and water solution to remove the mildew on the carpet. Let the vinegar solution sit for 20 minutes. Scrub it with a strong brush and dry up using either a towel or the shop vac. Keep on doing this step until the musty smell is reduced. 
  • Another alternative to the vinegar solution is dishwashing soap or tea tree oil. Combine any of these with water before spraying on the car carpet. If you want to use the tea tree oil solution, test it on a small part of the carpet to make sure that it will not create a stain.
  • If there are more mildew spots on the car carpet, you can sprinkle borax on it. Let the borax stay on the carpet for 10  minutes, then remove it using a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • Wait for the carpet to dry completely before putting the seats back. Make sure that the floor area is thoroughly clean so that you will not introduce mildew to the car interior.

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A Brief Review Of The Jeep Cherokee

A 2019 Jeep Cherokee vehicle at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), one of the most influential car shows in the world each year.

The Jeep Cherokee belongs to the SUV line. It is capable of doing off-road trips, especially the Trailhawk model. It runs on a four-cylinder engine

The Cherokee brand brings a certain prestige to it, making it a preferred choice for some car owners. The Jeep first came out in the 1970s, the early models set the trend for the 4 x 4 market. The present model caters to both on and off-road enthusiasts.

The Cherokee brand is synonymous with driving on off-road trips with its turbo and V6 engines. Getting this vehicle is a good decision if you like going on regular off-road adventures.

Check out this article to find out which vehicle besides the Jeep Cherokee can go off-road.

Take note that you might not be able to put all your cargo in the Cherokee because there is not enough space. You might also find the interior unimpressive if you are used to other brands.

It is also costly compared to other SUVs. Other Cherokee owners report issues with their engines and occasional leaking.

How To Keep Your Cherokee In Good Condition

American Car Beauty Show Jeep Cherokee SRT 8 at the dragrace

Your Jeep Cherokee is an investment. We are sure that you want to keep using it for a long time. When you take your Jeep for a spin, you are subjecting the engine to wear and tear. The key to making the engine last longer is by giving it regular maintenance.

Car dealers recommend having the Cherokee serviced every 6,000 to 20,000 miles. You will know when it's time to have your vehicle serviced when it has reached 6,000 miles. The change oil indicator lighting up in the dashboard is also a sign that it needs servicing.

During this session, your vehicle will undergo an oil and filter change. This is also the perfect opportunity to get the battery, tires, brake pad, and hoses to be checked. The mechanic will also check for signs of damage in your vehicle.

Your Cherokee needs more regular maintenance when it has reached 20,000 miles or once it turns two years old.

During this time, the mechanic will find more areas to inspect such as the brake linings and parking brake. Get the mechanic to check the CV joints and front-end suspension components as well. This is also the perfect time to replace the cabin air filter. 

Check out this article to learn more about maintaining your Jeep Cherokee.

What Is The Resale Value Of A Cherokee?

According to car traders, the Jeep Cherokee will depreciate at about 56% in five years. The estimated cost after five years will be about $15,000. The resale values apply to Jeep Cherokee in good condition.

Used Cherokees tend to be cheaper compared to other vehicles. If you are wondering why the price is so low, the answer is that there are more used models on sale than there are people who want to buy them.

In addition, used Cherokees have seen more action because their previous owners usually take them for off-road trips. If you check the Cherokee unit in the used car lot, you should expect it to look more worn out than the other vehicles.

Key Takeaways

Jeep Grand Cherokee, close-up of the dashboard, player, steering wheel, accelerator handle, buttons

The Jeep Cherokee is a brand known for its prestige. The brand targets owners who are into off-road adventures but can also serve on-road enthusiasts.

As an owner, you might encounter leak problems especially when it rains. The water source could come from improperly sealed windows, clogged debris in the hose, or rusted-out parts. Once you identified the source, you should fix it to stop the water from getting inside your vehicle.

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