My Jeep Remote Start Is Not Working – What Could Be Wrong?

If the remote start of your Jeep begins to malfunction, you may be wondering what could cause the issue and how to fix it. Luckily, we have done the research for you, and here is what we found.

The following are possible reasons why your Jeep remote start isn't working:

  • Dead remote battery
  • Jeep not in park
  • Valet mode
  • Lack of programming
  • Faulty hood pin switch
  • Active hazard lights

If your Jeep remote start begins isn't working, make sure to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to tackle a faulty remote start.

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Why Is My Jeep Remote Start Not Working?

Here are some problems that may cause your Jeep remote start not to work:

Dead Remote Battery

The remote control uses batteries that can degrade over time and finally die. Some Jeeps remote use lithium-ion batteries. A Lithium-ion battery can only hold a charge for so long before it dies.

Most problems with remote starter switches are caused by a dead remote battery. Power can be gradually lost from these batteries, which can eventually degrade them. Eventually, the life of the battery runs out. There is a good chance that the battery is dead if your remote starter switch isn't working.

Car Not In Park

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Some motorists develop the bad habit of constantly using their Jeep's emergency brake instead of parking the vehicle. This is another common cause of a non-functioning remote starter. As a safety measure, vehicles can only be started remotely if they are in park.

Valet Mode

Any reliable remote car starter should have valet mode for added convenience. The vehicle's remote starting capabilities are temporarily disabled while the vehicle is in valet mode, which is typically activated when the vehicle is being serviced to ensure the safety of the mechanic.

To activate the valet mode, you should first push two buttons on the remote at the same time. In order to determine if your remote starter is in valet mode, you should examine the parking lights. If you are in valet mode, don't freak out, keep reading to learn how to solve this issue.

Lack Of Programming

It is possible for the remote control to lose its programming. This indicates that the remote starter is unable to understand the commands that are sent from the remote.

It is not common, but it does occur occasionally. Often time, this is because the battery in the vehicle is dead or because it was unplugged during service.

Faulty Hood Pin Switch

Any remote starter needs to stop the car from starting when the hood is open. Without this, if the car is started remotely while a mechanic is working on it, they could get hurt badly.

As a result, a hood pin switch or a hood tilt switch is used. Either of these devices tells the car's starter that the hood is open. However, these devices can break and wear out over time. If this happens, you might have trouble getting your car to start since it may keep getting the wrong message that your hood is open even when it isn't.

Active Hazard Lights

When you turn on your hazard lights, it alerts other drivers and pedestrians around that you require assistance or that there is a problem with your vehicle. 

It is possible that your vehicle's remote starter won't work if the hazard lights are on. This is something that is typical of modern vehicles and it is important to be aware of it.

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What To Do If My Jeep Remote Start Is Not Working?

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Do the following when your Jeep remote start is not working:

Replace The Remote Battery

Changing the batteries is the best place to begin if there is an issue with your remote control, as this is likely the cause. Batteries that have already died or are in the process of dying are the most typical cause of any unreliable remote function.

You should be able to find new batteries for most major automobile remotes at any auto parts store or even at large-format retail outlets. If changing the remote's battery does not fix the problem, check the additional methods below to address the problem.

Put Your Car In Park 

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If your remote's battery is faultless, it is possible your gear isn't in park. If your Jeep's transmission is not in park when the remote starter is powered up, the vehicle will not start. This is to ensure the driver's safety. 

As a result, open your jeep's door and put the transmission in park, then apply your hand brake. After that, give the remote starter another shot.

Read The Remote Instructions

It is crucial that you are familiar with your Jeep's user handbook. Check and make sure that you are remotely starting the Jeep with the correct button sequence.

Read the instructions carefully, as sometimes a small detail can make a big difference. You can also have someone else test the remote to ensure that you are doing everything right.

Turn Your Car On And Off 

Push the button to start the engine

Turning a device power on and off is a tested-and-trusted approach for restoring broken devices, and it may work the same magic on your Jeep's remote.

This method actually has to do with restoring a computer program to a default mode. Just turning the vehicle off and back on will reset the software to its most reliable and well-tested configuration.

Close The Hood

The engine cannot be started by the remote starter while the hood is open, protecting it from running while in maintenance.

Therefore, open and close the hood to double-check that it is not open. If you are sure the hood is closed, the remote may still be malfunctioning because of a problem with the hood pin. It is susceptible to corrosion and could require a replacement.

Turn Off The Hazard Lights

Check and examine your Jeep's hazard lights and turn them off if they are on. As soon as you realize that your hazard lights are not turned on, but the remote still isn't working, you now know that it is not the reason why the remote start isn't working.

Reprogram The Remote

If you have tried the processes above and the remote still does not work, then there is most likely an issue with the programming. Simply reprogramming your remote may resolve this issue.

Call A Specialist

A qualified professional is an excellent resource to have on hand whenever you need assistance diagnosing or fixing an issue with your Jeep's remote starter.

One of the greatest methods to ensure that the work is done right is to seek the advice of an experienced specialist. However, when you are not sure of what to do, after trying all the possible solutions, call a specialist.

Can Too Many Attempts Cause Jeep Remote Start To Not Work?

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Yes, the remote start may fail to function if it is used more than once in succession. After two consecutive use of the remote starter, you may need to put the key in the ignition. After this, try moving it to the on and off. You can attempt to use the remote afterward.

How Do I Reset the Remote Starter?

To reset your remote starter, press and hold the button on your remote car starter that says "Lock." As soon as you turn it on, turn the key back to the "off" position within five seconds (or press the start button again). Do the on/off cycle three times again.

Will Check Engine Light Disable Jeep Remote Start?

Yes, the check engine light can disable Jeep remote start. In the event that the "Check Engine Light" or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is on, your Jeep's remote start may not function.

To Wrap Up

If your Jeep remote start isn't functioning, this could be a result of dead remote battery, valet mode, lack of programming, faulty hood pin switch, and active hazard lights. To deal with the issue, all you have to do is to replace your remote battery, put your car in park, turn it on and off, close your hood, and reprogram your remote.

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  1. My 07 jeep Cherokee, the remote starter, won’t work,changed the computer. Starter still won’t work. Changed, both batters.before changing the computer it didn’t work, nor the reverse camera. Prior to changing the computer. None of them were working.checked hood latch, this is non electric. Have viewed lots of video,and none have worked.

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