Does Jeep Renegade Have Heated Seats? [Models Explored]

In our cars, climate control features are helpful to maintain comfort as seasons change, but heated seats can add a whole new dimension of coziness to your daily commute during wintertime. If you happen to be in the market for a Jeep Renegade, you may wonder whether Renegade has heated seats. We've researched the Jeep Renegade interior options to find the answer for you.

In the 2020 Jeep Renegade lineup, heated front row seating is available either standard or as an optional upgrade for these models: 

  • Latitude
  • Orange Edition
  • Altitude
  • North Edition
  • Trailhawk

Please keep reading for our in-depth overview of the interior comforts on Jeep's Renegade lineup. We highlight which models include heated seats as a standard feature, and which offer heated seats as an optional upgrade. As you will soon learn, a heated steering wheel is also available for Renegade. Rest assured, if you choose Jeep Renegade as a winter vehicle, you will stay warm along the ride.

Fun in the desert with a 4x4 car. Jeep Renegade is doing great in the slushy sand, Does Jeep Renegade Have Heated Seats? [Models Explored]

The Jeep Renegade 2020 Lineup

The Jeep Renegade is one of the most recognizable subcompact SUVs on the market. The design embraces a classic Jeep style on a smaller scale. In the current 2020 lineup, there are currently ten customizable trim levels. Most Renegade models include standard interior comfort features commonly seen on Jeep vehicles such as climate-control and Uconnect technology. But similarities aside, let's look at each Renegade model specifically for heated front row seating, and heated steering options.


Renegade's entry-level model, the Sport, does not offer heated seating options for the standard cloth, low-backed bucket seats. For the steering wheel, there are no upgrades available. 

Jeepster (FWD)

Exterior flair sets this model apart from its counterpart, the Sport. Inside, Renegade Jeepster features cloth, low-back bucket seats. There are not heated seating options available. Additional options of the heated or leather-wrapped steering wheel are not available for the Jeepster model.

Latitude (FWD)

Although heated seats do not come standard, they are available as an upgrade on Renegade Latitude. Options to add leather-wrapped and heating are also available to upgrade the Latitude's steering wheel.

Upland (4x4)

Renegade Upland's interior features cloth, low-back bucket seats, but there are not any heated seat options available for this model. You cannot upgrade to a heated or leather-wrapped steering wheel on the Upland model.

Orange Edition

Orange accents are the distinguishing feature of this Renegade model, on both the interiors and exterior. Premium cloth adorns bucket seats, black trimmed in orange, with heated front seats as an optional feature. Upgrade to a leather-wrapped, heated steering wheel to keep hands warm.

Altitude (FWD)

Renegade Altitude provides standard heated seats for the deluxe cloth upholstered, high-backed front seats. Additionally, for the standard leather-wrapped steering wheel, opt for the often coveted heated steering.

North Edition

The cloth upholstery is stock on Renegade North Edition but can be upgraded to include both the heated front seating and heated steering wheel features. Additionally, upgrade to a comfortable grip with a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Limited (FWD)

Go for the feel of luxury with the Renegade Limited because it features standard leather-trimmed bucket seating. However, there are not any heated seating options for this model. You cannot upgrade to a leather-wrapped steering wheel on the Limited (FWD) model.


The Trailhawk's cloth upholstery features optional heated front seats as well as the ability to upgrade to a heated steering wheel. Upgrade to a leather-wrapped steering wheel for additional comfort behind the wheel.

High Altitude

Renegade High Altitude features luxurious, leather-trimmed bucket seats as a standard. Unfortunately, there are not heated seating options available for this model. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is also not an option for High Altitude.

Does The Jeep Renegade Have Leather Seats?

Outside of a few exceptions, Jeep Renegade comes factory standard with a cloth upholstered interior. The upholstery is fabricated with the highest quality composite materials.

Several models offer interior leather accent stitching. While most of the heated seat options are featured for cloth-only upholstery, leather-trimmed seats are an available upgrade to consider. Leather-trimmed seats are available on the Limited, Trailhawk, and High Altitude models.

If you opt for heated seats but do want the feel of leather, why not use a leather seat cover? Many leather seat covers are compatible with Jeep vehicles and provide an added layer of protection for your cloth upholstery. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Is The Jeep Renegade Comfortable?

The average consumer ratings for Jeep Renegade provide a score of 7.3 out of 10 for comfort. We stepped outside of the heated and leather seating features to look at the collective build and interior design of the Renegade, to find four additional interior comforts that you should consider.

Driver And Passenger Space 

The longer you spend in your vehicle, the more valuable extra space becomes. While the front two bucket seats are very spacious overall, and particularly gratuitous with legroom, there have been grumblings among Jeep owners that the rear row is slightly restrictive. 

Cargo Space

According to factory specifications, the cargo space behind the back row of seats in Jeep Renegade measures 18.5 cubic feet. That space can be extended to 50.8 cubic feet with the entire back row of seats folded down. These cargo dimensions are relatively standard among subcompact vehicles.

Additional cargo space can be created by folding the front passenger seat to accommodate long item storage.  On the exterior, Renegade comes equipped with roof rack storage. The Renegade's space is a little more narrow than most, but space can be modified depending on the specific overhead needs. By using your roof rack, eliminate cluttered interiors with a bag or storage box. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Climate Control Systems

The Renegade and many other Jeep models incorporate a dual-climate zone system into the interior features. The system affords drivers and passengers the ability to control the temperature in their respective zones. There is dedicated venting diverted to reach to optimize airflow to the rear row. There is not split climate zoning in the rear seats.


Jeep Renegade and comfortably seat five people. As we have previously discussed, cloth upholstery is standard with optional leather-trimmed seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel on select Renegade models. An optional 8-way, power-adjustable driver's seat is available on Renegade Latitude, Orange Edition, Altitude, and Trailhawk models.

Keep children comfortable and safe using two full sets of LATCH car-seat connectors in the rear, outboard seats. 

How Many Does A Jeep Renegade Seat?

The Renegade comfortably seats five. Two full-size bucket seats comprise the front row seating, and a three-seat bench comprises the back row seating.

If you need to use child safety seats, two outboard seats in the second row have full LATCH sets and connections. The rear middle seat also has a tether positioned on the ceiling above to accommodate for another safety seat if required. Full disclosure, the Renegade may not comfortably fit three child safety seats.

Do Jeep Renegade Seats Fold Down?

Every seat excluding the driver's seat can be folded down in the Jeep Renegade. What you choose to do with that space is entirely up to you but further emphasizes the point that this can be a very utilitarian vehicle if you make it. 

In Closing

Fun in the desert with a 4x4 car. Jeep Renegade is doing great in the slushy sand, Does Jeep Renegade Have Heated Seats? [Models Explored]

Whether off-roading from the comfort of a heated seat or cruising through the city cushioned on a bed of leather, the Jeep Renegade can make it happen. Rest assured that no matter the model you buy, you are buying into a car fashioned to withstand the trail ahead. Until next time, keep safe, keep smart, and keep on rolling. For more vehicle tips, check out these other VEHQ guides:

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