Jeep Wheel Spacers – Good Or Bad?

Not only is Jeep great for tackling the beaten path, but they also have several accessory options. One of those is wheel spacers but are they a good or bad thing for your Jeep? Let's take a look at whether you should consider this accessory below.

Wheel spacers for your Jeep if they are installed correctly and within the guidelines of your vehicle. Avoid inexpensive wheel spaces that leave little room for your lug nuts. Doing so can be dangerous and cause damage to your Jeep.

Adding wheel spacers to your Jeep can give it a whole different look. This article will discuss the pros and cons of wheel spacers. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about wheel spacers for your vehicle, so read on!

A car wheel spacer, Jeep Wheel Spacers: Good Or Bad?

Should you get wheel spacers for your Jeep?

Wheel spacers are a device that is mounted on the wheels of a car. It is designed to increase the width of the wheelbase, which gives the car a wider stance and improved handling.

Wheel spacers can be purchased in different sizes, and it is essential to select the right size for your Jeep. In addition, it is important to choose spacers that are made from durable materials, such as aluminum or steel.

There are many reasons to consider adding wheel spacers to your Jeep. First, they can give your car a wider stance, which can improve the handling and stability of the vehicle by reducing body roll.

In addition, they can make your car look more aggressive and sporty. Another advantage of using wheel spacers is that they can help protect the wheels and tires from damage.

Another advantage of wheel spacers is that they give your tires a more even load. As a result, it will give your vehicle better acceleration when coming out a corner.

There are some disadvantages of wheel spacers that you should be aware of. Let's take a look at them below.

A white Jeep Wrangler moving on the expressway

Cons of wheel spacers for your Jeep

One of the major disadvantages of wheel spacers is that they can lead to heavier steering. This is because they increase the weight on the steering system. Therefore, when adding wheel spacers, you should always ensure that your wheels are correctly balanced.

Another disadvantage to using wheel spacers is that they can cause the wheels to rub against the fenders or body of the car. To avoid this, you should make sure that you select the right size spacers for your Jeep.

Wheel spacers can increase wear on your car's suspension and steering components. As a result, you may need to have these components serviced more often.

Finally, wheel spacers can decrease the fuel economy of your car. This is because they increase the weight on the drivetrain.

If you are considering adding wheel spacers to your Jeep, it is important to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. Keep in mind that adding wheel spacers should be done with caution, and you should always follow the guidelines of your vehicle.

Do wheel spacers ruin bearings?

Wheel spacers can cause damage to your bearings. The reason is that wheel spacers increase the leverage on the wheel bearings. This can reduce the lifespan of your wheel bearings because they aren't meant to take on this type of force.

In addition, if your wheel bearings aren't in good condition, installing wheel spacers can cause them to fail. As a result, you may need to replace your wheel bearings more often than usual.

It is important to have your wheel bearings inspected and serviced regularly, regardless of whether or not you are using wheel spacers. If they are not in good condition, you should not install wheel spacers on your Jeep.

A full set of car wheel spacers

How big of a wheel spacer is safe?

It is essential to install wheel spacers that give enough lug nut thread for a proper wheel nut torque. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have enough lug nut engagement as the lug nut is wide.

Your wheel nuts might loosen and cause catastrophic failure if you don't have enough engagement.

When installing wheel spacers, always use a torque wrench to ensure you are putting the correct amount of force on the lug nuts. This will keep your Jeep safe and secure while using wheel spacers.

Have a certified mechanic install your wheel spacers for you to be safe. They will be able to ensure that they are installed correctly and safely.

Do wheel spacers affect alignment?

Yes, it is important to check your alignment when installing wheel spacers. This is because the spacers can change the geometry of your car and throw off the alignment.

If you don't have your alignment checked after installing wheel spacers, you may experience issues with the handling and stability of your Jeep. As a result, it is important to have them installed by a professional who can properly adjust your car's alignment.

You can avoid the risk of the wheel spacers affecting your vehicle's alignment if they are installed correctly. Make sure to use the proper washers and nuts when installing your spacers. This will help to keep everything in alignment while you are driving.

Mechanic removing the wheel of a car to install a spacer or for wheel alignment

How do you put wheel spacers on a Jeep Wrangler?

To install wheel spacers on a Jeep Wrangler, you will need to remove the wheels from the vehicle. Once the wheels are off, you can install the wheel spacers.

Once you put your wheel spacers on, it is important to clean your wheel spacer threads before putting them on. Next, apply red Loctite to the lugnut threads. This will ensure that they will not loosen over time.

Once the lug nuts are in place, you can proceed to tighten them using a torque wrench. Be sure to check the torque requirements for your lug nuts.

Once the wheel spacers are tightened, you can put the wheels back on your Jeep and take it for a test drive. Make sure to check the alignment after driving to make sure everything is still in place.

Where can I buy wheel spacers?

You can buy wheel spacers at most auto parts stores. They are also available online. When purchasing wheel spacers, be sure to read the specifications to make sure you are getting the right size for your Jeep.

It is essential to purchase quality wheel spacers that a reputable company makes. This will ensure that they are made from quality materials and last a long time.

When purchasing wheel spacers, you pay for what you get. A high-quality spacer will be more expensive than a low-quality spacer, but it is worth the investment. A good spacer will last for years and can add stability to your Jeep.

Be sure to ask around before purchasing a wheel spacer. There are many different types available on the market, so it is important to research before buying.

Does a Jeep need wheel spacers?

No, a Jeep does not need wheel spacers. However, they can be a helpful addition for jeeps that are lifted or have larger tires. If you only use your Jeep for everyday driving, you may not need wheel spacers.

However, if you are using your Jeep for off-roading or towing, you may want to consider installing wheel spacers. This will help keep your Jeep stable while driving and improve its performance.

A snow modded Jeep Wrangler moving on the snow

How much are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers can vary in price depending on the size and quality of the spacer.

The average price for a set of wheel spacers is around $80-$150. However, this can vary depending on the brand and quality of the spacer. If you need them installed, you will need to pay for the cost of labor.

If you have the right tools at home, you may be able to install the wheel spacers yourself. This will save you money on installation costs.

Be sure to compare prices before purchasing wheel spacers to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Final Thoughts

A car wheel spacer, Jeep Wheel Spacers: Good Or Bad?

If you consider installing wheel spacers on your Jeep Wrangler, it is important to understand the risks and benefits.

Be sure to read the specifications of the spacers before purchasing them to make sure they are the right size for your Jeep.

It is also important to have your car's alignment checked after installing the spacers to ensure they have not affected the alignment.

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