How To Keep Things From Sliding Around In Trunk [Inc. In SUV]

You won't always have a tightly packed trunk. Sometimes, you might have just an item or two, some of which will tend to move around while the vehicle is in motion. If you are wondering how to keep things from sliding around in your trunk or SUV storage compartment, we can help you. We've researched numerous methods from multiple professional sources so you'll know the best way to keep your items secure.

There are various ways to keep items from sliding around in your vehicle's trunk or storage area. The best methods are:

  • Tie downs
  • Velcro
  • Cargo nets
  • Containers
  • Trunk organizers

Now that we know the methods you can employ to keep items safely in place in your trunk, we'll take a closer look at each one. You might also be curious about how to best secure a stroller in the backseat of an SUV, or how to keep a cooler from sliding around inside your trunk. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've uncovered in our research.

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Methods you can use to keep your items in place

What method you use to keep your items in one place will depend on what you are trying to secure. Grocery items will need a different technique than breakable things. Books and magazines will use a different strategy than larger items that might not shift at all.

Below we've listed the different ways to keep various items secure in your vehicle's storage space. Whether inside the trunk of a car or inside the back of an SUV, you'll find that these methods work well.

blue tie down strap ratchet on wood

Tie downs

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If you have larger items, a tie-down or two will work wonders. Oftentimes, these are bungee cords with hooks on either end.

One end of the cord is secured on a tie-down loop in the back of the vehicle or trunk. The cord is stretched around your object, the other end secured on the opposing tie-down loop.

These cords are fully adjustable, making them perfect for the most cumbersome items.

Velcro tape in a roll closeup on a yellow background next to its natural counterpart prickly burdock nuts


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Most items can be secured in place by Velcro strips. Carefully place the strips on the bottom side of the object, using the adhesive backing. The hook side of the strip will be able to grip the carpeting of your trunk or storage space floor.

Multiple strips will be required for larger or heavier objects. For best results, affix these strips onto each corner of the object. Consider placing one more in the middle for added traction.

Velcro strips can be easily removed from the carpeting and the object. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be found at any hobby store.

green cargo safety net over apples in black plastic baskets on loading area of a pickup

Cargo nets

Many SUVs will have cargo netting as an accessory. These nets attach to hooks on either side of the storage area and work well to hold grocery bags, luggage, and other larger items in place. 

Sometimes your SUV will come with cargo netting as part of a package. For those who need to buy one, they can be found at most automotive stores and department stores.

These nets will not work well with smaller objects, however. For these items, you will need to think about compartmentalizing.

Delivery men in red uniform unloading cardboard boxes from pickup truck


If you are traveling with smaller items, containers work wonders. Cardboard boxes work great for holding your breakable items, as they can be further separated inside of the box.

Carefully place your items inside the box. You can secure the container in place with cargo netting, Velcro strips, or cords. This will keep the container from shifting and further protect your breakables.

The car organizer, which is in the trunk, contains items for a car service

Trunk organizers

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There are a variety of trunk organizers available that can help keep items of various sizes carefully in place. These organizers fit snuggly inside your truck or SUV storage compartment. They are inexpensive and can be found at most automotive stores and department stores.

The storage areas inside a trunk organizer will vary in size and shape, allowing you to store many types of items inside them on your trips. They work well for small grocery hauls, transporting breakables, separating emergency kit items, and a wide variety of other objects.

Smaller trunk organizers can be held in place with the Velcro strips we mentioned earlier in this posting. They can also be secured with cords or cargo netting.

What's the best way to secure a stroller in the back seat of an SUV?

Strollers are cumbersome objects that many people struggle with. Thankfully, you can fold these into a manageable position. After doing so, you'll probably want to know the best way to secure one into the back of your SUV.

Storage space in the rear isn't available, so you might find yourself in a position where the stroller needs to be in the back seat. You will want to make sure that the stroller is properly held in place in a seat, in this case.

After placing the stroller on one of the rear seats, use a bungee cord to secure it into place. The cord should wrap around the stroller and the headrest of the seat. This will keep it from shifting when your vehicle is in motion.

Cheerful mother pushing a stroller and looking at her baby. Happy mother with stroller outdoors.

How can I keep a cooler from moving around in my trunk?

Many people will travel with a packed cooler in the trunk of their vehicles. Whether camping, fishing, or road tripping, these come in pretty handy. The last thing you want to happen is a full cooler tipping over and spilling inside your vehicle, though.

There are several great ways to keep a cooler from shifting or tipping. The cords and cargo nets we mentioned earlier will keep them in place. But there is another method that works to keep the smooth bottom side of the cooler from sliding on the slick trunk carpeting.

Thick rubber matting placed under the cooler will help to keep it in place. The cooler's bottom will not slide on this surface. Double up and use a cargo net for added security.

Two young men carrying a cooler full of drinks for a barbecue with friends outdoors

How can I keep items from moving around in my truck bed?

Pickup truck beds are a lot bigger than the trunk of your car. This can be a little more challenging to keep items in place. But once you discover a few tricks, you'll find it to be easier than you think.

The sidewalls of pickup truck beds have holes that will accommodate cords and ropes. You can use them to tie larger objects into position. Smaller items should be placed securely inside cardboard boxes, milk crates, or other containers. You can make sure these containers are held in place with cords or ropes.

Some larger objects will require multiple ropes or ties. You should fasten a visible red flag to any item that will be sticking out of the bed of the truck. This will alert other drivers and help keep everyone safe.

silver painted pickup truck bed without bed liner

Final thoughts

There are a lot of effective ways to secure an item inside the storage area of an SUV or the trunk of a car. The best way to do this will depend on the size and weight of the item you are carrying. When carrying items in the bed of a pickup truck, you can use some of the same methods. Drive safe!

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