How To Load And Unload A Motorcycle In A Toy Hauler

If you're looking to buy a motorcycle to bring along in your toy hauler, then the chances are that the number one question on your mind is how to load and unload your motorcycle correctly. That's why we have done the research for you on how to load and unload your motorcycle securely in this article.

The first thing you will need to do is install a wheel chock system into your toy hauler. Once installed, to load the motorcycle:

  • Drive your motorcycle into the toy hauler, centering your front tire into the wheel lock system. Put the kickstand down.
  • Now, ratchet down the front tire, and take two ratchet straps to secure the rear tire. Double-check that the ratchet straps are tight and the motorcycle will not tip side to side.

To unload the motorcycle, repeat the process but in reverse:

  • First, bring down your toy hauler ramp and unstrap the ratchet straps from the motorcycle.
  • Then, detach the wheel lock from the front tire.
  • Now slowly and carefully, back your motorcycle out of the trailer.

If you are doing this process yourself, the best method is to drive the motorcycle in and out of the toy hauler. However, if you need help, the best method is to have a person on each side of the motorcycle, walking it in or out of the toy hauler. With the right equipment, you can have your motorcycle loaded in just a few minutes. Keep reading for all the details on a safe, secure set-up to haul your motorcycle in a toy hauler.

Fifth wheel camping trailer at Falls Lake North Carolina in the fall. How To Load And Unload A Motorcycle In A Toy Hauler

How To Load And Unload A Motorcycle In Toy Hauler

Motorcycles can let you explore farther reaches in a short amount of time; just like a spare vehicle, they are great to haul along for your trip.

However, when loading them into your toy hauler, you want to ensure to do it correctly. If it's not secured appropriately, then you could be looking at a damaged motorcycle by the time you meet your destination.

You will find online that there are several different opinions on how to tie down your motorcycle. However, it is essential to find the system that works for you and works for your type of bike(s).

Install a Wheel Chock

The very first thing you will need to get is a wheel chock kit. A wheel chock is a locking mechanism that will securely lock your motorcycle's front tire in place to keep it from rolling or tipping over.

You can look at several online for your motorcycle, the one featured below is highly recommended.

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Prep Ratchet Straps

Once you have your wheel chock installed, you will need strong ratchet straps. You will need one ratchet strap for the front wheel and two for the rear of the bike.

These ratchet straps are essential and shouldn't be left out in the process of loading your bike into a toy hauler.

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Load Up the Motorcycle

You can load the motorcycle by yourself or with someone assisting you. The process isn't that different. You will drive the motorcycle up the ramp and secure it into the wheel chock if you are doing it yourself.

However, suppose you feel more comfortable with something that helps you, then each person should get on the side of the motorcycle and walk it up the toy hauler ramp into the wheel chock.

Let's take a look at the steps to loading the motorcycle into a toy hauler:

  1. First, lower your toy hauler ramp.
  2. Now, drive the motorcycle up the ramp into the toy hauler, making sure the front tire is centered into the wheel chock.
  3. Now, take a ratchet strap over the front tire, securing it tightly to the wheel chock.
  4. Run straps around the rear tire or to the top of the rear seat and attach them to a tie-down ring or an anchor on the floor of your toy hauler.
  5. Make sure that all handles, latches, and hinges are clear of the walls so they won't be damaged while traveling.
  6. Close up your toy hauler ramp and make sure the ramp is secured shut.

Now, Reverse - Unload the Motorcycle

To unload your motorcycle from the toy hauler, repeat this process in reverse:

  1. Lower your toy hauler ramp.
  2. Detach the ratchet straps.
  3. Release the wheel chock system from the front tire.
  4. Slowly back out the motorcycle by driving it or with the help of another person.

There you have it! It may be intimidating the first time you do it, but once you get the hang of the process, it shouldn't take you long to load or unload your bikes from your toy hauler.

If you are a visual learner, check out the Youtube video below for a reference on how to properly secure your motorcycle in a toy hauler!

How much does a motorcycle weigh?

Motorcycle weight varies by model, but knowing how much your motorcycle weighs before planning your trip is essential. As on average, motorcycles weigh between 450-550 lbs. The heaviest bikes, such as touring bikes made for long-distance, can weigh 800-1,000 lbs.

The weight will be determined by what kind of bike it is and how much gear you carry. Touring bikes, as mentioned above, are meant for long-distance trips, and you can pack all of your gear along for the ride.

So by themselves, they can weigh around 800 lbs, but with all of your gear, they can be pushing over 1,000 lbs! If you look at small motorcycles like a moped, they can be pretty light, weighing only 200 lbs. These are great for getting around town or very short distances.

No matter what you're going to be bringing with you, it's essential to have a good understanding of the weight your motorcycle will be pushing behind you on your toy hauler.

Biker riding his chopper motorcycles on a road at a National Park.

What size tie-down for a motorcycle?

The most common size used for motorcycles is 1-inch wide, but it depends on your motorcycle. For example, some motorcycles have fat back tires, so you might need a bigger ratchet strap for securing your motorcycle.

You will need a tie-down made for motorcycles, or you can purchase one at your local automotive store. They come in different sizes, but if it's made for a motorcycle, then it's going to be okay.

Check the specs on how much weight the tie-down can handle and make sure your bike isn't going to be pushing that weight.

Even if your bike is within limits, it's a good idea to place a ratchet strap around the bike and tie-down just for an extra measure of security.

Close up of two Harley Davidson motorcycles strapped down to a trailer in a gas station

Can you fit two motorcycles in a toy hauler?

Yes, but the most motorcycles you can fit in a toy hauler are three, depending on your truck towing capacity and your toy hauler garage size. However, we do not recommend having more than two motorcycles on your toy hauler because of weight and space.

It will also depend on your truck's towing capacity and if it can handle the weight of not only the toy hauler but the extra weight of the motorcycles.

Be sure to check the exact weight of your motorcycles before towing more than one. In addition, be sure your truck can handle towing this much weight. It would be wise to use a truck that has a max towing capacity of over 12,000 lbs to be sure it can handle the load.

What sizes do toy haulers come in?

Toy haulers come in different sizes, but most will fit in standard parking spaces. The biggest ones have garages 18-20 feet long, and the smaller ones are around 7 feet long.

If you are in the market for a toy hauler, you need to ask yourself what toys you will be planning on putting inside.

In addition, you will need to look at your truck towing capacity before making a purchase. There are several things to consider before choosing a toy hauler for your next adventure.

Fifth wheel trailer that is a toy hauler camping in North Carolina

In Closing

Overall, bringing your motorcycle in your toy hauler can make for a fun trip. However, it is important to make sure your bike is secured before hitting the road. You don't want your motorcycle lying on its side when you arrive at your destination.

Be sure to get a quality wheel chock and good tie-down straps when loading your bike. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to a bike specialist before making a buying decision.

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What kind of wheel chock do you use to load your bike? Leave us a comment below!

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