How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Ecosport Without A Key

In recent years the ways you can get into and lock your car have multiplied. Keys have evolved from basic mechanical cut keys to anti-theft, and now many models have removed the need for a key altogether! If you have a Ford Ecosport, you may be wondering how you can lock and unlock your vehicle without the key. We have looked into this question and have found some answers!

There are currently three ways to lock and unlock the door of your Ford Ecosport without using a mechanical key or emergency key.

  • Remote entry on the key fob 
  • Keyless entry
  • Remote lock and unlock using the Ford Pass app

It's important to know the ways you can get into your car. We'll discuss the different entry methods. Keep reading as we break down what to do if your keyfob dies and how you can use the Ford Pass app to unlock your car.

Ford Ecosport display at a dealership. Ford offers the Ecosport. How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Ecosport Without A Key

How Does Keyless Entry Work On Ford Ecosport?

To get into your Ford vehicle without a key, use the key fob remotely to simply press the "unlock" icon on the fob. Later models also come with what is known as a proximity fob or key. This allows you to set your car to unlock while you are touching the handle as long as the fob is detected.

With the key anywhere on your person, touch the door handle, curling your fingers around the back of the handle as if you were going to open it. After a slight delay, you'll hear the door unlock. The car's system compares an internal code to the code that comes from your fob. If they match, the car will unlock. To lock the door upon leaving, tap the handle.

Car Keys and Remote. How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Ecosport Without A Key

Does Ford Have An App To Unlock Your Car?

Another way to get into a Ford car without a key is to download FordPass App for your phone. You'll want to have the latest operating IOS or Android version installed on your phone for the best results. You can install Ford Pass through the Apple app store or Google Play. You'll also need to have a SYNC 3 infotainment or later that is compatible with Ford Connect.

To use the unlock and lock features on the app, add your car to the app via your VIN activate and then select the vehicle. Once selected, click the unlock or lock icon. You'll get a confirmation onscreen once the action has been completed.

Ford Phone As Key

Ford Phone As Key is an option available on the Ford Pass app for some Ford models. To set up the Ford Phone As Key function, you'll need to add security for the app, such as a pin or fingerprint. Follow the prompts to set up your phone to be recognized as a key fob. 

Once set up, your car will recognize your phone as a key fob. For best results, you'll want to remove an overly bulky cap and keep the app open in the background on your phone so that the signal does not get interrupted.

You'll also want to make sure that location services are enabled and that Bluetooth is always on. Once activated, your car will unlock or lock or start whenever it recognizes the phone in the car.

How Do You Unlock A Ford Ecosport With An Emergency Key

If your key fob has a low or dead battery or simply stops working, you'll need to use the emergency to get into the car. On older model key fobs, the key is a T-shaped blade in the fob cap. Remove the key by pressing the two black releases on either side of the point until the top releases. Remove the key and insert it into the key slot to open the car.

To release the key fob in a post-2017 model, click the rectangle button on the front of the key fob and pull the top loose. The top part of the fob is the top of the physical key. 

How Do You Start A Ford EcoSport With A Dead Key?

To start a Ford with a dead key fob, follow previous instructions to unlock and enter your car. You'll have two backup spots to use to start a car with a push-button start. 

If there is a circular imprint where the traditional ignition would be, press the fob against the spot while pressing the push-button start. If this does not work, then remove the center tray from the console and drop the key in the backup location with buttons facing you. This video illustrates both removing the mechanical key and starting the car with a dead key fob.

How To Change The Battery On A Ecosport Key Fob

If you need to unlock your car using the emergency key, you may need to change your key fob battery. To open the later model key fob, use the key to apply pressure to separate the two sides. This key fob uses a CR 2450 battery. Replace the battery and apply the cover again.

Click here to see an example of a Cr2450 battery on Amazon.

If you have changed the battery on your fob and your car still won't start or won't start even when in the back spot, then check the car's battery as well for loose cables or other issues.

For more information on what to do when your Ford Vehicle is not starting, read our article Ford Mustang Not Starting

How To Program Additional Keyfobs On Ford Ecosport

If you find yourself without a key or fob to get your Ecosport to open or start, you'll want to have backup fobs. Read your car's manual for exact programming instructions for your model. The 20020 Ford Ecosport has an easy programming system. You'll need two original transponder keys.

Turn the 1st working key in the ignition for 5  seconds and then turn it off. Repeat the same with the second working key. Within 20 seconds after inserting the second working key, insert the unactivated key. Turn the key on then off. The anti-theft system on the dashboard should let you know that you have been successful. Test any keys you activate.

How Do I Unlock My Ford Anti-Theft System?

The anti-theft system might lock if your fob signal is low or the car doesn't recognize the code. This can also happen if the car recognizes a theft attempt. To reset the system so that you can drive your car put the mechanical key in the outside key slot and turn and hold for at least 40 seconds up to 60 seconds. Finally, get in the car.

It should turn on when you turn the key in the ignition or press the smart start button.

How To Keep From Losing Your Key

Since you can't open your Ford Ecosport without at least a key fob or app on your person, you'll want to keep track of your key fob. There are several different ways you can do this these days.

Tile App

This app works by attaching a Tile to your key ring. The downloaded app on your phone can then ring the Tile or use the Far and Away function to find your keys even if you left them in another location.

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This lockbox is magnetic and can affix to any metal part of your car or home. If you choose to affix it to your car, it has the bonus of containing a GPS so that it can be tracked.

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white Ford Ecosport compact car on a carpark. How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Ecosport Without A Key

Keep Your Mechanical Key Safe

Now that you know how to unlock your car without the key and what you can do if your key fob dies, you'll still want to keep your mechanical key in a safe place. You'll need to program extra key fobs to get into your car if your fob dies. If you always have a backup mechanical key, you'll always have options for getting back into your car, whether it's remotely or via key in the lock.

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