Loose Side Mirror On A Chevy Silverado – How To Fix This?

As a Chevy Silverado owner, you may be wondering how to fix your side mirror when it gets loose. Fortunately, we have consulted experts on this topic, and here is what they have to say.

Fixing a loose side mirror can be done easily without the help of a professional. Here are the things you should do if you want to fix the loose side mirror of your Chevy Silverado:

  • Take out the actual mirror.
  • Remove the trim around the mirror.
  • Push the retainer clip back. 

To fix the problem, you should follow the steps carefully. Keep reading to get details on how to fix a loose side mirror, including information on costs, tools, and methods.

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Fixing Loose Side Mirror On A Chevy Silverado

Having a loose side mirror on a Chevy Silverado may affect your driving. The best thing to do when your mirror becomes loose is to try fixing it on your own to save cost. Follow these procedures to tackle the problem:

Step 1: Take Out The Actual Mirror

The first thing to do when you notice that you have a loose side mirror is to remove the mirror. To do this, you have to push the lower right side of the mirror so you can see the back. 

Next, take a screwdriver and carefully pry the mirror from its assembly. The mirror is attached to a plastic piece which is then snapped into an assembly. If your mirrors are heated, pull the connectors to disconnect the wires.

Step 2: Remove The Trim Around The Mirror

On the edge of the mirror, there is a trim that should be removed. To do this, push the whole mirror assembly forward to have clear view of the tab—it can be hard to see in a normal position. Next, remove the trim. The mirror's front piece should also come off so you will be left with just the guts. 

Step 3: Push The Retainer Clip Back

You should ensure the retainer clip gets back to the pivot point. While doing this, bear in mind that you are pushing against a spring. If the retainer finally stays on the pivot point, you should rearrange it. After this, you are done fixing your mirror.

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Why Does The Side Mirror On A Chevy Silverado Shake?

There are different reasons why the side mirror on a Chevy Silverado might shake. Here are some of them:

  • The side mirror shakes if the case is not tight on the mount.
  • The side mirror might also shake if the mount is not tight on the side of the door. Remove the interior panel to access the bolts, so you can tighten them. 
  • The mirror glass is not tight on the case: In this instance, open the glass with a screwdriver. Then apply sealant and adhesive and press it into place.

If you find it difficult to fix the problem on your own, you can contact a professional.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Loose Side Mirror?

Repairing a loose side mirror can cost between $150 and $350, but these prices include labor costs and material costs. The price of fixing a loose side mirror will also depend on the type of car and your location.

Can You Glue A Chevy Silverado Side Mirror?

Yes, the side mirror of your Chevy Silverado can be glued. Side mirrors are attached with glue from the factory where it was manufactured and can withstand heat, vibration, and cold. 

The side mirror of your car is very vital as it is responsible for showing a clear picture of what is going on around your vehicle. If the side mirror gets damaged, you may want to fix it with glue, and here's how to go about it:

Step 1: Wipe Dirt Off

Before reattaching the side mirror of your Chevy Silverado, always remove broken parts and debris from the housing. You use a flathead screwdriver to do this. 

For safety reasons, don't use your fingers to remove broken glass. If some pieces are hard to remove, it is advisable that you use a heat gun.

Step 2: Apply Glue Behind The Mirror

After removing  the dirt, you can now apply glue behind the mirror but make sure to apply it an inch from the edges so it does not spill over. Also, don't apply too much glue in hopes of making the mirror more secure. Next, place the mirror on the housing, then press it firmly for one minute so both can stick together.

To ensure that the glass doesn't not break, don't press too hard. Remember to clean any excess glue that has gotten to the surface. 

Step 3: Wrap The Mirror

Once the mirror has been glued, use masking tape to secure it for a minimum of 24 hours. This gives the glue a chance to dry completely. If the mirror is not secured, it may fall off later. 

What Kind Of Glue Can I Use For My Side Mirror?

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

When selecting a glue for your car mirrors, you should put the materials into consideration. Take a look at the back of the mirror so you can get suitable glue for the area that needs to be bonded. It is recommended to use an epoxy glue for your side mirrors.

You can also use an adhesive labeled for use on a car mirror like an automotive silicone mirror glue. Silicon glues are a better choice because they are strong and elastic. Also, make sure to get weatherproof glue that can withstand different elements.

If you need to attach the side mirror again, you can use super-strength glue. But it is not advisable to use glue for the glass. You can use an adhesive meant for glass which can create powerful, invisible bonds.

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Does Insurance Cover Side Mirrors?

Insurance companies can cover a loose side mirror if the mirror is affected when you are not using your car. For example, if the side mirror gets damaged by a falling tree, an insurance company will intervene.

However, not all insurance companies offer comprehensive services. Some insurance companies may not add certain items to the policy unless you make a request. But if the mirror gets damaged while driving, collision insurance should cover the damages.

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Is It Illegal To Drive Without A Side Mirror?

As a driver, seeing what is going on beside and behind your car helps you to drive safely. Your car has a rearview mirror and a side mirror so that you can have a good visual range on the road. It is illegal to drive without a side mirror. There are specific rules regarding side mirrors, and here are some of them:

  • Side mirrors should be in good working condition to avoid being fined.
  • A car should have two side mirrors that are complete and functional.
  • On the driver's side, there must be a minimum of one rear-vision mirror.
  • Side mirrors should be fitted to both wings of the vehicle. 

Can I Duct Tape My Side Mirror?

If one of your mirrors is about to fall off, maybe due to a crash with another car, you can fasten it back with the use of duct tape. All you have to do is roll out the duct tape and make double-sided tape to help secure back the mirror. You can also add a strip around the outer part of the mirror.

One of the downsides of using duct tape on your side mirror is that it leaves a residue when taken off. But this residue can be removed with WD-40. You should note that duct tape does not fix  damage but can help prevent it. You still need to fix the problem as soon as you can.

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Final Takeaways

Cars run through the street from the Gray car's side view mirror. Road Car Rear View Mirror Motion Blur Background (Vintage Style)

To fix the side mirrors of your Chevy Silverado, all you have to do is remove the mirror, take out the trim and push back the retainer clip. You can also consult a professional if you need help.

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