Does Lowe’s Make Car Keys? [Inc. With A Chip]

Suppose you share your vehicle with others in your household, and you are wondering if Lowe's makes duplicate car keys? Or how much, on average, does it cost to make a key with a chip? We've researched these questions and have found the answers!

Yes. Lowes does provide key duplication services online and at the physical store locations. Enter your model, make, and year, and select your new key. 

Car ownership tends to bring endless questions and potential issues to the owner's life. Perhaps you have wondered if Harbor Freight or Home Depot offers key duplication services? We have information to share with you about car keys.

A Lowe's store with cars parked in front, Does Lowes Make Car Keys? [Inc. With A Chip]a

Can I Get A New Key Made At Lowes With A Chip?

Yes. Lowes does offer a few key replication services in-store and via online shopping. The options for keys range from do-it-yourself remote start kits to ordering a spare key online or visiting a Lowes store in person.

Although Lowes offers keys for several makes and models, double-check your vehicle's information before ordering a new key.

Car key fob inserted on the car

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    • No I just need my key laser cut thin and my key fob program to my car ECM and how much is it going to cost? I need it done A.S.A.P

  1. I’m trying to find out if Lowe’s laser cut Mercedes Benz W202 C280, because I been calling all over the world and nobody called me back and I really need my key laser cut thin shaped like a L and then I need my fob reprogram to my car ECM, and how much is it going to COAST.

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