Merlin Garage Door Not Closing – What To Do?

It is frustrating when you have a garage door that won't close. Do not call the repair man just yet because you might be able to repair it yourself. You might be wondering what to do if your Merlin garage door is not closing. In this article, we will provide answers as we have researched what you can do.

The first thing that you should do is troubleshoot. Look for some common issues why the garage door won't close.

  1. Check the sensors.
  2. Check the track and the rollers.
  3. Check the trolley.
  4. Check the remote.
  5. Adjust the screws.
  6. Check the manual.
  7. Close the door manually.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot, we ask you to keep reading as we will discuss how to troubleshoot a Merlin garage door that won't close. We also provided additional inputs about garage doors.

A brick house with red colored garage door, Merlin Garage Door Not Closing - What To Do?

Merlin garage door does not close – Ways to troubleshoot

Instead of calling your technician or repairman, you can save money by troubleshooting yourself.

Three cargo garage with three green painted garage doors


You might be thinking that the problem is probably with the sensors. Sensor-operated garage doors have lasers that are mounted on the floor. These sensors will detect pets, children, or any obstruction that blocks the garage door's way. They help everyone to keep safe.

The lens might be worn out, which will cause it to send a fake signal to the control board. You have to check it from time to time and wipe it with a clean cloth to avoid this kind of issue. 

Track and rollers

If it isn't the sensors, check the tracks for obstruction.

Broken rollers and bent tracks have equivalent effects. Inspect both tracks for any visible damage. If you find it, reposition it using clamps and place a hammer strike. Make sure that the overhead track is properly positioned.

Rollers must be greased with silicone-based grease or white lithium.

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Trolleys are the rails that join the garage door and opener. The thing that connects the trolley is the carriage. It sits on the rail with a belt or cable that initiates the open and close mode of the garage door. The trolley carriage is one of the most essential parts of a garage door.

If the garage door moves by hand freely, then it might be in bypass mode. Pull the rope adjacent to the door for the trolley to latch off the bypass mode.  Once the garage door is activated, the trolley will hold on to the chain and work appropriately.


If the Merlin garage door remote does not close, the batteries may be dead. However, there are instances when a power surge could have erased the garage door opener's memory. You might need to reprogram the remote if you have replaced the batteries and it still does not work.

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Your garage door should travel the rolling ups and downs. If not, you need to check and adjust the screws if possible. In this way, it will set again to its desired distance. For your safety, change the “force” settings and test the system. Do this whenever you get the chance to change the adjustments of the chain.


Sometimes it is necessary to check the Merlin garage door manual. If you encounter a blinking light, there is something wrong with the garage door opener. Count the number of times it blinks and refer to your manual for a troubleshooting guide.

If you don't have the manual, you may search it on the web for a fast solution. Search using the manufacturer's name, the model number, and the trouble code.

Manual implementation 

After troubleshot without success, it's time to call your technician. But before that, you must first secure the garage door by pulling on the bypass rope.  If the door does not have a built-in lock, the tracks should have small holes to feed on the bolt that will lock the door.

Power outage - How to reset the Merlin garage door

Garage door remote repair

We have just unlocked ways to troubleshoot the Merlin garage door; we will now go over a new topic. Keep on reading.

After a power outage, you need to reset the garage door.

  1. Disconnect the opener from the main door. It is safe to unplug the power source before doing anything.
  2. You need to pull the emergency disconnect cord that hangs on the opener. This is the only way to detach the garage door opener so you can open the door fully. You can do this again when you are trapped inside the garage.
  3. Close the door manually. The garage door opener won't rewire accurately if it's not closed completely.
  4. Once the power supply is completely restored, press the close door button. Give ample time for the garage door opener to connect on its own. The chain will move the trolley to its appropriate position until it attaches to the garage door's arm.
  5. If the trolley is not automatic, attach it manually to the garage door's arm after you have pulled the emergency release.

Now your garage door opener is functioning well!

Garage Door Repair

Garage door opening mechanism

The garage door opener and the door itself are the two main mechanisms of a garage door. We will tell you how to repair those two. We should start first with the door itself.

  1. Inspect the tracks inside your garage. Check the mounting brackets. If they are loose, tighten the screws and bolts. Check for dents or any damaged areas. Pound it with a rubber mallet or a block of wood. Replaced the metal tracks once damaged.
  2. Check if the tracks are appropriately aligned. If not, loosen it and do not remove the bolts or screws. Instead, tap it carefully into its proper position. Recheck the tracks for appropriate positioning.
  3. Clean the metal tracks to remove all the dirt and tough grease. Include the rollers and wipe them dry.
  4. If there is loose hardware, tighten them. For swing-up doors, check plates where the spring is located to ensure that screws are tightened. For roll-up doors, inspect hinges and tighten loose hardware as well.

Sometimes the problem with the garage door can be found in the garage door opener. Check down below.

Garage door opener

A garage door opener is a handy gadget that you can easily install inside your home. You can install it following these guidelines.

  1. The device should be mounted at the center of the door. Use a tape measure to align and balance it properly.
  2. Elevate and lower down the door. Make sure that the rail is higher than the door. Otherwise, it will strike the rail when the door opens.
  3. Check the top of the garage door. It must be supported for a suitable attachment of the rail. If it lacks structure, install a mounting board.
  4. The rail and the motor unit should be attached. Follow the procedure on the kit provided to you.
  5. Lift the motor assembly where the rail is parallel or horizontally lined with the door track. Once it is in this position, lift and pull down the door using your hands to ensure the rail won't interfere with the door's movement. When it is in the correct position, fasten the joists and the brackets.
  6. Attach the rail carriage and the drawbar. Move the rail carriage to its close position. Mark the drawbar and mount a screw hole on it. Slowly drill a hole. Insert the bolt and tighten the hardware.
  7. Make all adjustments as needed. Observe proper bolt location as well.
  8. Connect the radio receiver and the push button.
  9. Plug the assembly cord into the extension cord. Plug the extension cord into a receptacle. By using the manual push button, set the door in motion. Make adjustments and corrections using the garage door opener system.
  10. Detach the extension cord. Plug the line cord to its permanent outlet.

In Conclusion 

A brick house with red colored garage door

There you have it. We have just unlocked all the important points on troubleshooting a Merlin garage door that won't close.

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