12 Best Minivan Roof Racks That Will Help You Haul Even More

12 Best Minivan Roof Racks That Will Help You Haul Even MoreThe minivan is a vehicle of extreme utility. From transporting the kids to hauling camping equipment, the minivan can do just about anything.

Roof racks are a must-have accessory for your minivan; they add even more utility by virtually doubling the amount of cargo space available.

While modern minivans are built very well, there are weight specifications that limit the maximum weight the vehicle can be during transport. This is something to consider when selecting a roof rack. Moreover, the cargo that will go on top of it. We have included the maximum payload capacities for two popular minivans to give you an idea of the minivan's capabilities. The maximum payload capacity refers to the maximum weight the vehicle can carry, including passengers and other cargo. If you drive a different minivan, be sure to check your manufacturer's specifications.

Dodge Grand Caravan: 1,540 pounds.

Kia Sedona: 1,674 pounds.

Now that you have a general idea of how much cargo weight minivans can haul, check out some of the best roof racks on the market.

1. MaxxHaul Roof Rack

Add extra capacity to your minivan by installing this steel roof rack. The steel is rust-resistant to fight corrosion. The rack can hold up to 150 additional pounds. The dimensions are 46 inches x 36 inches x 4.5 inches.

It has an easy assembly and installation and includes all the hardware you need for its construction. The mounting system is universal, as well. Rubber caps can be placed over the bolts to protect the cargo.

People who have used this product report that its assembly is simple, and the rack is well made. They have also said that it's very durable and looks great on their vehicle.

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2. CargoLoc Aluminum Roof Cross Bar Set

This CargoLoc rooftop crossbar set will help safely transport your items on your road trip. The crossbars are made out of a rigid aluminum body that provides strength while maintaining a lightweight.

It features a 150 pound load capacity. With this weight capacity, you can safely and easily transport all your fun outdoor equipment like kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes, or skis. To ensure safety, the rack has a clamping and locking mechanism to keep everything in place.

Reviewers of this roof rack have said that it fits wonderfully on their vehicle and installs easily. They have also reported that it stands the test of time.

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3. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars

This HandiRack roof rack has the unique feature of being inflatable and expandable. Easily transport kayaks, camping gear, bikes, skis, and other outdoor equipment with ease and padded protection. The product is made from sturdy nylon material.

This product includes 2 HandiRack twin tubes, 2 x 3-meter tie-down straps, a pump to inflate the roof rack bladders, a travel bag, and, of course, instructions for assembly and use. When packed in the travel bag, it only weighs a mere 6 pounds. Its load capacity is 180 pounds.

People who have used and reviewed this product have said that this roof rack is made out of great quality material and is overall very well made and strong.

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4. Highland U-Venture Steel Rooftop Cargo Basket

Highland offers this rooftop cargo basket constructed from high quality, durable steel. Its aerodynamic design helps resist drag when driving at higher speeds. It's easy to assemble and mounts to your vehicle's crossbars.

Its weight capacity can hold up to 150 pounds. The weather-resistant finish helps prolong its life and resist the wear and tear. The measurement of the rack is 44 inches x 35 inches x 4.25 inches. You can also easily hold a cargo bag in the cargo basket.

People who have reviewed this product have stated that it exceeded their expectations and has good quality. People have said that it's a great product and holds up well.

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5. Rightline Gear Range Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear offers a great rooftop carrier that's weatherproof and attaches to your vehicle with or without a roof rack. It has two size options to fit your travel needs: 10 cubic feet or 15 cubic feet. To install, attach the carrier's straps to the roof rack or use car clips to attach the straps to your van's door frame.

The PVC coated mesh material is constructed to protect your items against the elements such as rain, snow, wind, and heat. You can also purchase a security cable lock to lock the two zipper heads together to prevent theft.

Reviewers of this product have reported that the material is very heavy duty and easily attaches to the top of their vehicle. People have also said that it fits a lot of items inside of it and all items stayed dry when it rained.

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6. Vantech Universal Steel Roof Rack

Vantech has a universal ladder roof rack crafted from steel that can be installed on your van in just a few steps. The crossbars are constructed with 14 gauge steel. The mounting bases are built with 11 gauge steel. All of the bars are galvanized and powder coated for extra protection.

All screws and mounting hardware are included when you order this product. Drilling will be required. The maximum weight capacity of these crossbars is 500 pounds. You can choose from either white or black crossbars.

People who have used this product shared that it's easy to install and that instructions are easy to follow. They also said that the steel is very high quality and durable.

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7. Leader Accessories Kayak Rack

Leader Accessories offers a rooftop rack accessory that helps you easily transport outdoor items such as canoes, surfboards, and snowboards. The rack has four pieces that mount to the crossbars, have tie-down straps, and are easy to install. Their "J" shape creates more useful space and safer transportation. Maximum load capacity is 150 pounds

The steel racks are powder coated to make them stronger and to withstand the outdoor elements. The frames are padded to reduce scratching of your items. Your crossbars must have at least 1.8 inches between the crossbar and the roof of your van, and the crossbar must have at least a .5 inch height. It fits all crossbar shapes except rounded.

People who have used this product have said that the racks work very well and are easy to install. They like the foam padding on the frames to increase protection for their kayaks and other outdoor toys.

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8. Vault Universal Locking Crossbars

Vault Cargo Management makes a locking crossbar that mounts to the rooftop of your vehicle and helps transport cargo safely. Its low profile, aerodynamic design helps to reduce drag when you drive with the rack. The crossbars can also be easily removed with one tool that's included in the shipment.

The clamps of the rack are padded to ensure a proper, secure fit. It has a 150-pound load capacity, able to transport a considerable amount of gear. The cross bards measure 53 inches in length, 1 inch in height, and 2 inches in width.

People who have used this product report that it fits their vehicle perfectly. They also say it is effortless to install it. They have also noted that the robust construction withstands the test of time of long road trips.

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9. Apex Universal Steel Roof Bars

Apex offers universal slide rail mounted steel roof bars that will attach to existing side rails. Its clamps are coated in rubber to provide a scratch-free installation and hold. The steel from which it's crafted is durable and black powder-coated.

These bars have a 130 pound weight capacity. The bars measure 49.75 inches in length, .75 inches in width, and 1.25 inches in height.

People who have reviewed this product have said that the quality of these bars are stable, durable, and fit snugly on their vehicle. Another perk of these crossbars is how easy they are to put on and take off.

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10. AUXMART Roof Rack

Auxmart makes a roof rack crossbars that will fit your 2011-2017 Honda Odyssey. These bars are crafted from high-quality aluminum that's both lightweight and durable. No drilling is required for the installation of these cross bars; you can assemble and install them in a matter of minutes.

The maximum weight capacity is 130 pounds. When you order this product, you'll receive a pair of crossbars, four mounting devices, and the necessary hardware for assembly and installation. Make sure your vehicle has side rails before ordering these crossbars.

Reviewers of this product have said that it has fit their van perfectly and had an easy installation process. They also said that it worked great on car trips.

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11. Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack

Seah Hardware makes a roof rack crossbars that has straps that go through your door frames, which attaches the rack on top of the roof. The straps are a ratchet tie down system to ensure that the rack stays in place.

The two cross bars measure 48 inches in length. The bars are made out of heavy-duty steel. You can easily adjust the position of the cross bars and also assemble and install them in a matter of minutes.

People who have bought this product have said that this product is cost-effective and easy to install. They have also liked how easy it is to install and disassemble. So the rack doesn't have to be on your van at all times.

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12. WOOWAVE Kayak Roof Rack

Woowave offers a two-piece roof rack crossbar set. They're made from a lightweight aluminum alloy material. These crossbars feature a streamlined design that helps to reduce wind noise and resistance. Each bar also has a rubber pad to prevent paint chipping or other damage to the car.

The dimension of this rack is 33 x 8.25 x 6.1 inches and weighs around 3.41 Pounds. It lightweight and buyers of this product say that it's easy to install due to the lightweight feature. 

People who have bought this product have reported that this item was what they were hoping for. Others have also said that they like that it has a locking mechanism to safeguard it against any theft.

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