How Much Does a Minivan Weigh on Average?

How Much Does a Minivan Weigh on Average?Minivans are the ultimate people haulers, but does all that space mean that they weigh more than a city bus? This article will explore the topic of how much the average minivan today weighs. Knowing how much these vehicles weigh will help you understand how you can expect them to handle and also how hard the engine will have to work to transport the vehicle, you and your family, and all of your cargo to where you need to be.

Minivan weight - range: 3,872 lbs to 4,987 lbs

The lightest van, the Ford Transit Connect, comes in way under the average across the line. Meanwhile, the heaviest van, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, is weighed down with a huge battery bank that is capable of moving the van 33 miles on electric power alone.


Minivan weight - average across all models: 4,522 lbs

To get the average weight for all minivans on sale today, we added the average weights of each model, divided by the total number of models (7). The figure we came up with, 4,522 lbs, is significantly higher than the average car weight of 4,000 lbs. That makes sense, considering that minivans are large vehicles designed to carry relatively heavy loads (up to 8 people at 150 lbs each).

Now that we know the averages, we can start exploring the topic in more detail. We will start by providing the range and averages for each model on sale today, then describe some of the specs in more detail below.

Weight by Make and Model

Listed below are the detailed curb weights (unloaded weights) for each current minivan model. As you will see, some manufacturers provide more information than others. If the carmaker's website did not list the curb weights, a reliable outside source was used instead.

Kia Sedona

L: 4,411 to 4,736 lbs

LX: 4,443 to 4,736 lbs

EX: 4,503 to 4,663 lbs

SX: 4,517 to 4,736 lbs

Average across range: 4,593 lbs

Kia kindly lists the range of weights for each trim level on the Sedona website, from base-level to optioned-out. That gives us a really good idea of how much we can expect each trim level to weigh. Compared to other models currently on sale, the Kia is just about right on the average.

And that makes sense, considering the Sedona is right about average when it comes to length and cargo room as well. Also, it does not feature any fancy hybrid batteries or unconventional layouts. With Kia, it seems, you get what you expect for a minivan in 2019.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

L: 4,430 lbs

LE: 4,505 lbs to 4,655 lbs

SE: 4,605 lbs

XLE: 4,590 lbs to 4,750 lbs

Limited: 4,615 lbs to 4,750 lbs

Average across range: 4,612 lbs

Toyota has not given the Sienna a significant update since way back in 2010, but it still manages to be right about average when it comes to weight. Actually, the Sienna is a tad heavier, on average, than the other models being manufactured today.

But that makes a lot of sense when you consider that the Sienna is also the only model to offer a heavy all-wheel-drive system. The lower figure in each trim weight range represents the front-wheel-drive weight. When we average those weights, we get 4,549 lbs, which is almost exactly on the class average.

Honda Odyssey

LX: 4,354 lbs

EX: 4,440 lbs

EX-L: 4,471 lbs

Touring: 4,564 lbs

Elite: 4,593 lbs

Average across range: 4,484 lbs

The Odyssey is one of the freshest designs on the minivan market today, with the current generation debuting in 2018. It appears that Honda focused on keeping the curb weight down as they designed the model, no doubt in an effort to sharpen handling and keep fuel economy in check.

The Odyssey is the lightest minivan on our list, aside from the rather unusual Ford Transit Connect, which offers significantly less space inside. So, if you are looking for a lightweight minivan that doesn't require compromising on interior space or convenience, the Honda can't be beat.

Chrysler Pacifica

Non-hybrid trims: 4,330 lbs

Hybrid: 4,987 lbs

Average across range: 4,658 lbs

A curious thing happens when you research the curb weight of the Chrysler Pacifica. No matter which of the 9 trim level you look at (and there are a whopping 9 trim levels for both the non-hybrid and the hybrid models), Chrysler quotes a curb weight of 4,330 lbs. Well, this is somewhat fishy considering the vast amount of amenities added to each trim level, not to mention the huge battery pack installed on the plug-in hybrid models.

It appears that perhaps Chrysler has not updated their site to reflect the true values for each trim level. Going to a trusted outside source, Edmunds, we see the curb weight for the Limited Hybrid version (presumably the heaviest Pacifica) listed at 4,987 lbs. That seems to be a reasonable jump over the base "L" trim for the non-hybrid van, so we will go with that for our purposes.

Mercedes-Benz Metris

Passenger Model: 4,850 lbs

Average across range: 4,850 lbs

The Metris is a different kind of people mover. Built on a cargo van chassis, the Metris, while not any longer than the average minivan, is heavier than just about any other van on the list. It can pack in more cargo than any other van on the list.

It appears that its high curb weight also helps the Metris achieve the most impressive towing and payload ratings in the segment; 5,000 lbs and 1,874 lbs, respectively. So, if you need to tow and haul in addition to pack the entire family in for a road trip, the Metris may just be your best option.

Ford Transit-Connect

Wagon XL: 3,872 to 4,025 lbs

Wagon XLT: 3,872 to 4,025 lbs

Wagon Titanium: 3,872 lbs

Average across range: 3,948 lbs

The Transit Connect, like the Metris, is different than the other minivans on sale today. Because Ford does not publish the curb weight of this van on their site, we again used the Edmunds figures for our list.

The two listed weights, 3,872 lbs and 4,025 lbs, hinge on the engine installed in the Transit Connect. Models equipped with the 1.5-liter diesel engine weigh less than models that use the 2.0-liter gas engines. Note that recently it was announced that Ford has canceled plans for the diesel engine in the USA. No matter how you slice it, however, the Transit Connect is by far the lightest model on our list.

Dodge Grand Caravan

All trims: 4,510 lbs

Average across range: 4,510 lbs

Like the Chrysler Pacifica (the other Fiat-Chrysler model on our list), the Dodge Caravan's website only lists one curb weight for all trim levels. Edmunds follows suit, so we will just go ahead and assume they all weigh exactly 4,510 lbs, even though the higher trim levels are surely much heavier.

If we assume that this figure is the true average for the Grand Caravan line, which we are forced to do, then it means the Dodge is right on the average weight in its class. If, however, this represents the base weight for the lightest trim level, then the Dodge is most likely one of the heavier vans. And that's not good, considering it does not offer any impressive options such as a larger engine or hybrid system.

What is the Heaviest Minivan?

Surprisingly, the heaviest minivan on the market is also the most fuel-efficient: the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. At 4,987 lbs, this model is nearly 5,000 lbs, yet it manages to achieve 82 MPGe with its hybrid + electric system and 30 MPG on regular hybrid mode.

If we delete the outlier Pacifica Hybrid, the heaviest van is the Mercedes-Benz Metris at 4,850 lbs. Thanks to the carg0-can underpinnings, this van is much heavier than the average conventional minivan.

Have Fun with Your Search!

It is our intent that this article will help you narrow down your search for the perfect minivan. It might also help you find some models that you were not previously considering. Either way, if weight is a concern for you, use this guide to pinpoint the models that will work for your purposes. If you are only considering more traditional models such as the Sedona, Odyssey, and Pacifica, then there is really not a lot of variation in weights. Go outside of those conventional boxes, however, and there are some interesting choices.

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