8 Awesome Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Have you ever wanted to know the best way to listen to music or talk on the phone on your motorcycle? A Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet can be one of the most practical, safe, and convenient ways to do so.

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth allow much more functionality than alternative methods. It's nearly impossible to talk to someone on the phone while riding a loud motorcycle. On top of that, any sort of speakers installed on motorcycles will not be very impressive as they, too, are competing with extreme levels of road noise.

So what's the best option for motorcycle enthusiasts to listen to the radio or talk on the phone on the open road? Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmets are the answer. These helmets typically allow motorcyclists to listen to music via their mobile phone, listen to the radio, talk on their phone, or communicate with other motorcyclists riding near them. They do this while blocking outside noise since they work just like headphones.

stunning collage of motorcycle helmets with bluetooth, 8 Awesome Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Finding the right Bluetooth helmet can be challenging. Luckily, we've compiled a list of some of the best helmets on the market to help you out.

1. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

This is an excellent Bluetooth helmet with premium stereo speakers and Bluetooth 3.0 technology. It also allows for two riders to talk to one another over the intercom up to 1,640 feet away. Another superb feature of this motorcycle helmet is its active noise cancellation technology, allowing for a clear listening experience so that you can focus on the road and worry less about distractions.

The rechargeable lithium battery lasts for up to 8 hours when using the intercom and can go as long as 110 hours on standby. If this product sounds great to you, they offer it in matte or gloss black, gray, white, and red. They also offer an upgrade package including matching gloves.

2. ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

This sleek motorcycle helmet by ILM offers great sound and easy-to-use functionality. The volume is changeable on the helmet through an integrated nob located on the side of the helmet, allowing for easy access. One-touch controls provide a safe and non-distracting way to answer and reject calls. This all works seamlessly together with its other capabilities such as listening to music, the radio, or even a GPS talking to you.

The range for the intercom on this helmet is a little less than the FreedConn, coming in at around 1,000 feet. But this really isn't a big deal, as most of the time riders tend to stick much closer to one another.

As far as the design goes, the minimal look of this helmet makes it appealing to the eye while hiding its advanced capabilities on the inside.

3. AHR Bluetooth Helmet

This helmet has a comfortable and lightweight design. It's fitted with thick cushions and built with light materials so you can ride in comfort for hours. It also boasts a unique ventilation system for keeping you cool on the inside.

With all of these luxuries, it also comes with full Bluetooth capabilities. The intercom claims to reach a whopping 1,094 yards (that's right, yards) for two riders at once. This is far more than the other competitors.

This helmet includes a speaker/microphone but it must be attached as opposed to it being integrated into the helmet. This may be a plus for people who find the microphone to be an annoyance when they aren't using it.

4. Torc T14B Bluetooth Helmet

The Torc T14B sports a 24 hour talk time and a 600 hour standby time. This powerful battery will let you go days on a single charge. It provides all of the Bluetooth capabilities of the other helmets and comes in some unique colors and patterns: black and white flag, gloss black, nuke, matte black, army and black, gray, bullhead, and more.

This Bluetooth helmet also has buttons on the side of the helmet for easy access to controls. It has an answer/reject button for incoming/outgoing calls and two buttons to adjust the volume quickly.

5. Sena Outrush Bluetooth Helmet

This motocross-style helmet catches everyone's eye with its matte black and white colors. These stylish helmets come with a multi-density EPS liner, lightweight DOT-rated shell, and 3-way ventilation.

This helmet also allows intercom communication for up to 15 hours and a quick-release ratchet strap that allows for comfort and easy adjustments.

6. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet

Another type of Bluetooth helmet is that which sells the actual Bluetooth headsets separately. This is often the route people take because the all-in-one options can be limited and/or of lower quality. The well-known brand, Bell, released this high-quality helmet with full Bluetooth capabilities provided you purchase a Bluetooth headset sold separately.

Purchasing a helmet like this allows you to buy a brand you trust and fit it with whatever Bluetooth headset you choose. This might be a sensible option if you're worried about spending a lot of money on a product you aren't sure about when it comes to sound quality.

7. Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/Intercom

Buying a Bluetooth-capable helmet and outfitting it with your own headset/intercom may be some people's preference. This high-quality headset and intercom allows buyers to outfit their helmet with a speaker system they know they will love (provided they know it is compatible).

Part of this headset is fixed to the outside of the helmet which allows motorcyclists to control their headset with the touch of a button. It boasts an impressive talk time of 12 hours, standby time of 10 days, and an intercom range of 900 meters.

People even say the person you're talking to on the phone can't even tell you're on a motorcycle! Now that's quiet.

8. Fodsports M1S Pro Bluetooth Headset

The Fodsports M1s Pro is another Bluetooth headset you can outfit to any compatible motorcycle helmet. This headset specializes in intercom communication and can allow for groups of up to 8 riders to talk from up to a 2000 meter distance.

It has Bluetooth 4.1 which allows it to play music, take phone calls, and work with GPS audio. This headset is lightweight, weighing in at around 7.2 ounces. You will hardly notice it's there!

All in all, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can be one of the best ways to listen to music, talk to friends, or get directions while on a motorcycle. If you're looking into sound systems for your bike, this is the way to go. It provides you with high-quality sound and noise cancellation at a fraction of the cost of stereo speakers. This is a great investment to enhance your riding experience!

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