Motorcycle Helmets With Cat Ears [Here’s how to get yours]

Ready to be the cat's meow as you travel down the highway on your motorcycle? If you're looking to take your style from ordinary to extra, why not consider a motorcycle helmet with built-in cat ears. They look awesome, have no noticeable drag effect when the wind hits them, and they add some ventilation to your helmet. We've found some awesome options along with a few accessories to turn your current helmet into a cat ear helmet if that's what you need. So let's take a look!

Couples wearing helmets riding on a bobber motorcycle riding on the coastline , Motorcycle Helmets With Cat Ears [Here's how to get yours]

Cat Ear Helmets

Here are some cool helmets that have cat ears - all of them available on Amazon!

1. Nitrinos Full Face Street Helmet in Yellow And Black

You'll float like a cheetah down the highway with this color combination. Exotic yellow and rich black combine to create a look that's part superhero part suspense. The full-face helmet's visor gives you protection from the sun, and the vented ears allow some extra airflow to your head. This helmet meets D.O.T. standards and comes in M, L, XL, and XXL sizes. You also have the option to choose different colored visors if you wish.

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2. Purple Neko Cat Ear Helmet

This slick helmet has extra-awesome detailing. The body of it is black, but it has magenta stripes that swoop up from the sides and up the back to the ears, which are outlined in the same magenta. Red accents run across the top and bottom of the visor. Fully protected from the elements, this full-face helmet will keep you protected and cat-like all at the same time. D.O.T. approved, it's available in four sizes with optional colors for the visor.

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3. Patriotic Cat Ear Helmet

Are you riding your bike in a 4th of July parade this year? Why not get this red, white, and blue cat helmet to stand out from the crowd of other bikers. When you rev that purring engine, all eyes are going to turn, and why not have them look twice by wearing this excellent helmet. It's got full-face features, and the ears are removable. It's D.O.T. approved and available in four sizes with several choices of visor colors.

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4. Mystery Biker In Black Cat Ear Helmet

Your style is full stop panther, and you want a helmet that shows it to the world. This is your find. This full-visor helmet in solid, shiny black with cat ears looks as lethal as a big cat's power. It's D.O.T. approved and comes in medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

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5. Pink Panther Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet

What's up pussycat? This cat ear helmet glimmers in vibrant rosy pink. It weighs in at only 3.5 lbs, so it won't weigh you down when you're out on the road. It's D.O.T. approved, available in four sizes, and a choice of visor colors.

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Cat Ear Helmet Accessories

Don't want a new helmet but still in the mood for kitty ears? No problem. Here are some suggestions for that. 

1. Cat Ear Upgrade For Regular Helmet

Ready to upgrade your plain old helmet for some cat ears? This affordable option allows you to do just that without having to buy a whole new helmet. These flexible rubber ears attach to your helmet with a 3M sticky tape which can be removed if you get tired of them. It also comes with five different color decals so you can change the color of the perforation on the ear's interior. The holes that pierce the ears help the wind go on through them so you won't have resistance or drag.

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2. Fuzzy Stick On Cat Ears

Want a bit of a different look? Something more cosplay and cute than fast and furious? These red and black fabric ears will transform your existing helmet into something you'll love. They stick on with double-sided tape and Velcro and will stick to matte or glossy helmets. The attachment has been tested at speeds up to 165 mph, so they have exceptional durability.

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3. Tiger Ears And Tiger Tail For Your Motorcycle Helmet

Whether you're the Tiger King or Carole Baskin, you're sure to get some growls and meows as you head out with this fun helmet accessory. Fabric tiger ears and a short tiger tail are easy to stick onto an existing helmet with the suction cup attachments. They have been road-tested up to 175 mph for motorcycle helmets but can work on any type of helmet you might think of, including for bikes, ski slopes, or even equestrians. This is a fun gift for someone willing to forgo the tough-guy biker image.

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You're now ready to transform that plain helmet of yours into cat ear couture with these options. Whether you buy a brand new helmet or choose to go with stick-on accessories, one thing is guaranteed—you'll be clawing your way down the highway with all eyes on you.

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