Best Motorcycle Rain Gear That Will Keep You Safe and Dry

Best-Motorcycle-Rain-Gear-That-Will-Keep-You-Safe-and-DryMotorcycle accidents are way more likely to occur during a downpour due to visibility concerns. This issue puts a premium on bikers avoiding distractions. Motorcycle rain gear can provide this clarity by keeping them dry, warm, and visible.

Certain types of rain gear will help with specific features. Gloves and boots are designed to be waterproof to reduce the risk of slipping or missing a gear change. Jackets will have reflective tape to ensure bikers remain visible in the dark.

These little details can make a big difference in keeping bikers safe. Motorcycle rain gear can be costly, but it is necessary gear to keep the rider safe.

Choosing gear should be based on your riding style. A person taking long rides should get an entire rain suit. These would be snugger and less likely to flap around in the wind. But a biker who values style would be better suited for a two-piece or a single jacket.

The types of motorcycle gear vary greatly, and each serves a distinct purpose. These six items tend to be popular accessories bought by riders:

  • Waterproof rain jackets
  • Waterproof rain pants
  • Rain suits
  • Rain shoe covers
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Waterproof bags

Let's review some examples of each type to figure out what suits your riding style. These reviews will ensure you know what's needed to make your trips feel safe.

Waterproof Rain Jackets

HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket

The HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket is a rugged, reliable piece of waterproof clothing. It won't have any issues keeping the rain from messing up your clothes.

These results come from the jacket having a lined reissa membrane. It's responsible for the jacket's waterproof qualities, which many buyers vouch for in their reviews.

It will adapt to your style, too, with four color options. You get to choose between black, blue, grey, and red. Each one offers a distinct and stylish look.

The number of size options was another impressive aspect. It comes in every possible size with eight variations. It'd be hard to figure out how someone wouldn't find a color/size combo that fits their needs.


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Jackets 4 Bikes Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Our second rain jacket is made from lightweight poly mesh. This material makes the product feel breathable and provides abrasion-resistant skills. Both these aspects make it capable of being worn all year round.

The jacket gains waterproof powers from an embed liner. You can remove this lining when the jacket feels too heavy. But if it does rain, the liner will ensure your jacket stays in good shape.

Jackets 4 Bikes was kind enough to include reflective tape and piping in the design. These elements will make a biker visible during low light situations.

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HWK Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

HWK's Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket offers a bit more choice when it comes to color. You'll get to choose between red, orange, green, black, and blue. It should be easy to select one that'll mesh with your bike's color scheme.

This jacket has a condura design known for providing a great deal of durability. There's no reason to believe it won't be usable for a long time.

If you're worried about using it during the summer months, it won't be an issue. It has a removable thermal lining to keep it from getting too hot. You won't have to store it away with the rest of your winter clothing.

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Waterproof Rain Pants

Wicked Stock Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Pants

The Wicked Stock Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Pants stands out with its high impact absorption design. This design ensures the pants will never feel too tight and offer a breathable quality. It's a level of comfort that other riding pants have trouble matching.

Bikers who travel in the winter should enjoy these due to their removable thermal liner. It'll keep your legs from being too cold from the wintery air hitting them. This liner and its other waterproof one make the pants all-season clothing.

Many buyers praised the adjustable knee armor in their reviews, as well. This feature makes the fit around the knees more comfortable and user-friendly.

Click here to see more of the Wicked Stock Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Pants on Amazon.

HWK Waterproof Motorcycle Pants

If you're looking for more protection when riding at night, HWK's Waterproof Motorcycle Pants has it covered. These pants come with Scotchlite reflective piping to increase a biker's visibility. You'll feel comfortable navigate roads even in complete darkness with these.

The inclusion of both a reissa membrane and micro-mesh lining makes these pants breathable. Your legs won't feel suffocated, but rather comfortable in these pants. Both these linings will keep the wind and rain from having an impact on your bike ride.

Another favorite trait among buyers was the velcro adjustment areas at the ankles, waist, and knees. It makes for a more customizable fit based on each rider's likings.

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DEFY Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Pants

Our last waterproof riding pants feature polyester on the knees. This design aspect offers added protection and resistance against abrasion. These qualities help your body brace for impact when falling off the bike.

The pants' seat area has non-slip fabric to ensure this situation never occurs. It prevents sliding from happening and keeps you firmly into place on your seat. It'll end up taking a lot to make a biker fall when wearing these pants.

Other useful features provided by these pants include being waterproof, windproof, and offering velcro adjustments. Each of these aspects will help ensure a comfortable and safe ride on your bike.

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Rain Suits

Fieldsheer Men's Motorcycle Rain Suit

Bikers looking to buy a one-piece rain suit should consider this option from Fieldsheer. It has a waterproof outer shell made from robust and durable nylon. The nylon fabric ensures this product won't need a replacement any time soon.

This rain suit has added protection on both the shoulders and knees through the reinforced fabric. It could end up being a lifesaver for any biker who falls off their bikes.

People were often complimentary of the suit's large cargo pockets in their buyer reviews. These pockets offer some extra room to make moving around less constricting. This tends to be an issue for inferior options.

Click here to see more of the Fieldsheer Men's Motorcycle Rain Suit on Amazon.

Milwaukee Motorcycle Riding Rain Suit

Milwaukee Motorcycle's Riding Rain Suit is a two-piece option with a load of appealing features. For instance, both pieces are made from the same nylon fabric as our previous rain suit. This makes the product feel cozy and resistance to all weather.

As a two-piece option, this rain suit can be worn together or separately. This benefit can go a long way in securing a biker's comfort during a ride. If it gets too hot, a biker can take off the jacket or pants part of this suit.

Each piece has a simple taking off method, too, through the use of a zipper. These zippers are located in comfortable access areas to ensure the process can be done without issue.

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BMW Motorcycle Rain Riding Unisex Suit

This product features a highlighter yellow color nobody could miss even in utter darkness. It's a perfect fit for anyone who loves driving their motorcycle at night.

Its reflective color isn't the only helpful feature offered by this product, either. You should take note of anti-slip material on the pants' seat area. It's proven to be effective at ensuring bikers stay seated on their bikes.

The heat-resistant material inside this product's inner leg will protect bikers when they do fall. It'll keep the pavement's heat from tearing away at their flesh.

Another note worth feature would be the wind tight and waterproof construction. It ends up being the perfect rain suit for any situation.

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Rain Shoe Covers

Go Motorcycle Waterproof Boot Covers

Go Motorcycle's Waterproof Boot Covers can be used over your rain suit or pants to offer your shoes better coverage. These products will ensure having wet footwear won't ever happen again.

Their design is made from oxford rain cloth material that makes this possible. It's capable of holding up in the nastiest downpour. It can help in other situations, too, like washing your dog or cleaning your swimming pool.

Go Motorcycle made sure to keep this design compact and light. This makes storing them much more manageable than someone might first expect.

The boot covers' reflective heel is another ingenious feature. It's an additional way to make a biker visible during night time riding.

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VXAR Waterproof Motorcycle Shoe Covers 

Bikers looking for the best shoe covers should take a long look at this VXAR option. These covers are entirely made from 100% waterproof PVC material. It'll ensure these products offer top tier results and keep your beloved footwear from becoming wet.

VXAR provides a waterproof bag with a purchase to make transporting and storing them easy. You fold them up, put them into the bag, and carry it from place to place.

These boot covers have a 3-month warranty. This feature tends to be a favorite among buyers because unsatisfied customers can return them with no repercussions.

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Waterproof Gloves

TourMaster Men's Polar-Tex 3.0 Motorcycle Gloves

TourMaster's Polar-Tex 3.0 Motorcycle Gloves are a perfect option to keep bikers' hands from slipping in nasty conditions. Their multiple levels of padding prevent water from ever becoming an issue. It's quite remarkable to see how effective these gloves are compared to other models.

Their use of breathable materials and guards between the gloves' fingers are other outstanding aspects. These two features create a high level of comfort for the biker lucky enough to use them.

Bikers with smartphones will find the gloves being touchscreen compatible to be useful. The design's reflective coloring certainly doesn't hurt matters, either by increasing a biker's nighttime visibility.

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Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Our last pair of riding gloves has a beautiful cowhide outer shell to offer a more luxurious look. This design will make your fellow bikers jealousy. It won't be long until they are asking where they can snag a pair.

The waterproof midline happens to be much more important than the nice looking outer shell. It's responsible for preventing your hands from becoming wet during downpours. This rain will no impact on your ability to change gears when using these gloves.

Joe Rocket made sure to offer six sizing options. This should make it simple to find the exact right pair capable of fitting your hands perfectly.

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Waterproof Bags

VUZ Moto Dry Duffle Motorcycle Tail Bag

The VUZ Moto Dry Duffle Motorcycle Tail Bag will have no issues keep your possessions dry. It's 100% waterproof and designed with welded seams to stop anything from seeping into the bag. This product's PVC design is the reason behind these wonderful features.

The four nylon tie-down straps will make it easy to keep right on your bike during travel. These straps have a reputation for being reliable based on their buyer reviews. You can even use the included D-rings to attach extra straps for further protection when needed.

Most people find its removable shoulder strap makes the transporting process easier. A person should be able to carry their possessions without a single care in the world.

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LOBOO Waterproof Motorcycle Bag

If you want a bike bag with ample storage, LOBOO Waterproof Motorcycle bag should suit your needs. It has a luggage capacity of 66 liters, which should have no issues fitting whatever's needed. This aspect makes it a fit for other outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, or boating.

The bag has two dismantling belts, which make installing it onto your bike a breeze. It's a simple matter of adjusting these belts to fit the bike's specifications and get on with your trip.

You also get a choice regarding the bag's color scheme. It comes in three options yellow, blue, or black. Finding the right one to fit into your bike's style shouldn't be much trouble.

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We hope our discussions of motorcycle rain gear answered your questions about these useful products. But if you have any more concerns, let us know in our comment section.

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