What Motorcycles Are Made In America?

A collage of three motorcycles made in america, What Motorcycles Are Made In America?Motorcycles manufactured in America are considered by some to be one of the most patriotic purchases one can make. That's why you'll sometimes see groups of motorcyclists on the highway revving their Harley-Davidsons. But not all motorcycles are created equal; some may be popular in America but manufactured somewhere else. So which motorcycles are made right here in America?

You'll find American made motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycles, Big Bear Choppers, and Boss Hoss Cycles. Below are examples of specific American made motorcycles.

  • Harley-Davidson Street Bob
  • Indian Scout Bobber
  • Boss Hoss 383 Coupe Stroker

If you still have some questions, don't worry. We have created a guide that aims to answer your questions about American made motorcycles. Keep on reading to learn more about other motorcycles made in America.

Manufactured By Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is the definition of an American motorcycle; everything was made and sold in the United States up until 2018 when they decided to do some overseas production. Many were furious at the company for the decision.

Nonetheless, most of their inventory is made in the USA. Harley-Davidson has been making motorcycles in Wisconsin since its beginnings in Milwaukee. Their US manufacturing plants are found in Menomonee Falls and Tomahawk, Wisconsin and York, Pennsylvania.

Below are some of their best-selling motorcycles.

Street Bob

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2015

The Street Bob gained popularity after World War II, where they were remnants of the war that were then stripped down for casual use. It resulted in a motorbike that to this day brings the bare essentials for a bike, but adds a clean look to it.

On the road, you'll experience a super smooth ride. Turning is swift, shifting gears feels excellent, and you don't have to tense up so much when hitting a road obstacle thanks to its high-quality suspension.

You can get a 2020 model for roughly $15,000 MSRP.

Street 750

Motorcycle Harley Davidson Street 750 at International Fair for Motorcycles

U.S. versions of this bike are made in the Kansas City, Missouri plant. It's a great option for newbies with its affordable pricing and surprisingly good engine.

Its only downsides are that it's a little low of a ride, and the comfort factor is great for short to medium-length travels. After a while, it starts to feel uncomfortable. We suggest this bike just to get a feel for motorcycling.

Manufactured By Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycle was America's first motorcycle manufacturer dating back as early as 1901 thanks to George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom. In the 1950s, this company was prime in the motorcycle racing world. Through many financial ups and downs and company mergers, Indian Motorcycles continued to make some of America's best bikes for on and off-road traveling.

Their inventory is assembled in Spirit Lake, Iowa with the engines being made in Osceola, Wisconsin. Today, the company is owned by Polaris Industries.

Scout Bobber

Owners of the Scout Bobber think that it's one of the most attractive bobbers on the market. It modernizes a classic design and gives it plenty of comfort and a smooth feel.

Its performance is just as great as its design with its 100-horsepower engine. You get a smooth ride and powerful torque when going to higher gears. One downside is that you can't lean as far as others when turning.

You can get a basic model at a starting price of $11,000 MSRP.

Manufactured By Boss Hoss Cycles

Boss Hoss is the more recent manufacturer on the list, establishing themselves in 1990 by Monte Warne. It all started in a shop in Dyersburg, Tennessee; originally it was a 5,000 square foot shop that expanded to a 22,000 square foot factory over the years.

The focus was to make top tier V8 motorcycles. And they've done so by becoming the only motorcycle manufacturer to receive a vehicle-type approval from the European Commission.

The final assembly of each vehicle is manufactured on Boss Hoss's multi-line assembly line. Below are some of their motorcycles currently for sale.

  • 383 Coupe Stroker
  • LS445/SS Bike
  • SS Stroker Bike
  • 383 Stroker Gansta Trike

Where Are Kawasaki Motorcycles Made?

These motorcycles are all made by Kawasaki Motors, which is a subdivision of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Kawasaki Heavy Industries started back in the late 1800s selling steel ships.

After years of manufacturing other forms of transportation such as locomotives, freight cars, and aircraft, the first Kawasaki motorcycle (called the Kawasaki B8) was made in 1961. Then in 1968, operations that originally began in Japan branched out to the U.S., starting in Chicago.

After some intercompany mergers, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing was born in Foothills Ranch, California. You can find the engine manufacturing plants in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Maryville, Missouri.

Those locations are just for the engines, however. The actual manufacturing occurs in Japan. To save on costs, some parts are made in the United States, while the rest of the manufacturing occurs in Japan.

Where Are Honda Motorcycles Made?

Honda is another manufacturer whose roots began outside of the United States. Honda holds the title for being the first automaker to build engines and transmissions and export them from the United States to other countries.

The first plant to open in America was a few miles from Marysville, Ohio back in 1979. The first motorcycle made here was the Honda CR250M (also called Elsinore), a two-stroke single-cylinder that was designed for Motorcross sports.

Production of Honda motorcycles occur in numerous manufacturing plants across the globe. Below are the locations of plants where motorcycles are made.

  • Kumamoto, Japan: produces 275,000 motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters per year
  • El Salto, Mexico: produces 100,000 motorcycles per year
  • Amazonas, Brazil: produces over 1 million units per year
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: produces 140,000 units per year
  • Shanghai, China: produces 350,000 units per year
  • Vietnam: produces from 750,000 to 1 million units per year, depending on the plant

Note that Honda motorcycles are not currently made in the United States. According to Auto Blog, production ended in 2009 with the Honda Gold Wing.

Are Any Motorcycle Helmets Made In America?

Many consumer accessories have the "made in China" label, including motorcycle helmets. Even Harley-Davidson, viewed as the American motorcycle brand, makes their helmets outside of the United States.

One company that makes their helmets in the United States is Simpson Performance Products. However, their inventory of helmets is much more expensive than the average helmet. That's because their helmets (along with other gear they sell) are designed for racing.

All of their helmets are DOT certified and American made. You can check out their inventory by clicking here. Just be prepared for a hefty price tag if you decide to shop here.

Bell Sports, a well-known name in motorcycle helmets, was believed to make their helmets in America. Originally, this was true, and some Bell helmets have the "made in America" label. However, they moved production from Rantoul, Illinois to China, so newer helmets won't have this label.

In Closing

If you want a fully American made motorcycling experience, we hope that we've provided you the needed details of where motorcycles and gear are manufactured. Your path to a patriotic ride is only a purchase away.

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