10 Motorhomes That Have Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the perfect sleeping arrangement if you are traveling with kids or multiple guests in your motorhome. Unfortunately, with so many models and floorplans on the market, it isn't easy to know which RVs even feature bunk beds. However, we have researched multiple Class A and C motorhomes and listed which ones come with bunk beds.

You can find bunk beds in two of the three types of motorhomes, Classes A and C. Here is a list of models with bunk beds from each type: 

  1. Newmar Dutch Star (Class A)
  2. Fleetwood Bounder (Class A)
  3. Coachman Encore (Class A)
  4. Holiday Rambler Admiral (Class A)
  5. Thor Palazzo (Class A)
  6. Coachmen Freelander (Class C)
  7. Winnebago Minnie Winnie (Class C)
  8. Nexus Triumph (Class C)
  9. Entegra Odyssey (Class C)
  10. Thor Quantum (Class C)

Each of these RVs has other features and details that you should know about in addition to their bunk bed setups. So, please continue reading for a breakdown of each motorhome. We will also discuss the size of the motorhome bunk bed and whether or not it's comfortable for an adult.

A Ford motorhome traveling on a long stretch of highway with a scenic view of the mountains on the background, 10 Motorhomes That Have Bunk Beds

Why are Bunk Beds Perfect for Motorhomes?

You may be wondering if bunk beds are suitable for the on-the-road lifestyle of RV travel. Especially when modern RVs come with different bed types like pull-out couches, above the cab bunks, convertible dinettes, and even giant king-size beds. But, the bunk bed is a great motorhome feature because it is space-saving and private.

First, the design of bunk beds is inherently space-saving. Bunk beds allow two people to sleep in the floor area of one single bed. And in some models, you can even convert the bunk bed space into something else like a desk or gaming area. In a mobile home with limited space for all types of features like bathroom and kitchen amenities, bunk beds are a saving grace.

Interior of a motorhome with wooden framed top and bottom bunks beds

Second, bunk beds offer a level of privacy that an RV bed on a pull-out couch or convertible dinette cannot. RV bunk beds come in a near fully enclosed space called a bunkhouse. A curtain typically completes the space, giving the people who sleep in the bunk beds full privacy from the rest of the motorhome. Anyways, let's get on to some examples of RVs that have bunk beds.

Class A Motorhomes with Bunk Beds

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The tour-bus shape of the class A motorhome allows for plenty of room and sleeping space. Class A RVs are usually the type that has multiple beds in pullout couches and collapsable dinettes. But still, there are Class A models with bunk beds, like these five:

1. Newmar Dutch Star

Two of the available floorplans on the Newmar Dutch Star have bunk beds; the 4310 and the 4326. You will find the bunk beds on the mid-rear driver's side of the RV across from the bathroom on both floorplans. Each of the bunk beds on the Dutch Star has its own window, TV, and power outlets. The ladder to the upper bunk is removable so that you can stow it away during transit.

From there, you can close cabinet doors over the front of the bunk beds to hide them. There is actually a second set of bunk beds on the Dutch Star 4310, and they pop up out of the main sofa in the front of the RV. Altogether, this RV will sleep seven people.

Please see the Newmar website to find out more about the Dutch Star.

2. Fleetwood Bounder

The Fleetwood Bounder comes in four available floorplans, but only the 36F has bunk beds. They are located about halfway down the RV on the driver's side. The best part about the Bounder's bunkhouse is that it converts into a seating area designed for TV gaming. It is the perfect pairing for the 24-inch LED TV directly across from the bunk bed space. With its bunk beds, king bed, pull-out sofa, and convertible kitchenette, the Bounder can sleep up to seven people.

For more information about the Bounder, head on over to Fleetwood's website.

3. Coachmen Encore

Only one of the Coachmen Encore's three floorplans includes bunk beds. You can find the bunk beds on the Encore 375RB towards the back of the RV on the driver's side, across from the bathroom or washer/dryer. The bunk beds in this RV can be transformed into either a closet/wardrobe or an office area with a desk. It is definitely the most versatile regular RV bunkhouse on this list. With all the available sleeping places on the Encore, the RV can sleep eight or nine travelers.

Please see the Coachmen website for more information on the Encore.

4. Holiday Rambler Admiral

The Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J is the only floorplan out of five that comes with bunk beds as a feature. Like in the other RVs we've discussed, you'll find the bunks on the driver's rear side of the motorhome. The bunk beds on the Admiral are pretty standard but can be hidden away by a set of decorative barn doors.

This Holiday Rambler also features a king bed, jack-knife sleeper sofa, convertible dinette, and a pull-down queen-size loft bunk over the cab. All of those sleeping locations together can sleep eight people comfortably.

To find out more about the Admiral, please check out the Holiday Rambler website.

5. Thor Palazzo

Thor's Palazzo RV comes in four potential floorplans, but the 33.5 trim is the only one with bunk beds. You can find the bunk beds on this RV towards the vehicle's back, just before the bedroom, and across from the bathroom on the driver's side. The top bunk in the bunkhouse folds away to make the space into a closet or wardrobe area. Impressively, the Palazzo 33.5 can sleep up to nine people in total.

Please go to the Thor website to find out more about the Palazzo.

Class C Motorhomes with Bunk Beds

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The C Class of motorhomes may be smaller than their Class A relatives, but there is still room for bunk beds in their floorplans. Here are five Class C campers with bunk beds:

6. Coachmen Freelander

The 30BH trim of the Coachmen Freelander is the only trim that comes with bunk beds. The bunk beds in the 30BH are among the most functional on the market because they convert into a two-person dinette. The bunk beds on the Freelander are located near the back of the RV, across from the bathroom. With all beds converted and in use, the 30BH floorplan can sleep up to 10 people.

Please visit the Coachmen website for more information on the Freelander.

7. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

The Minnie Winnie by Winnebago only has bunk beds in its 31H floorplan. What sets the bunk beds apart from other RVs is that they can fold up to make the bunkhouse into a closet space for hanging extra clothing. However, when you want to use the bunkhouse for actual bed space, the bunk beds are comfortable and spacious. The bunks are located near the master bedroom in the motorhome's rear, making them great in either bed or closet mode. The Winnebago Minnie Winnie can sleep up to eight people comfortably.

For more on the Minnie Winnie, please visit Winnebago's website.

8. Nexus Triumph

The Nexus Triumph 32C is the only available floor plan that comes with bunk beds. The bunk beds on the Triumph are spacious and have storage drawers underneath them. The bunkhouse is located in the rear middle of the motorhome, just across from the bathroom. In total, this RV can sleep up to eight people between its queen-size bed, bunk beds, over-cab bunk, convertible dinette, and sofa-bed.

For more information on the Triumph 32C, please visit the Nexus website.

9. Entegra Odyssey

There are nine possible floor plans on the Entegra Odyssey, but the 31F is the only trim with bunk beds. The bunks on the Odyssey each have windows that nearly stretch the length of the bed, a small TV, and power outlets for charging electronic devices.

The bunkhouse is located toward the back of the RV, near the rear bedroom, and across from the bathroom. Altogether, the Entegra Odyssey sleeps up to eight people.

Please visit the Entegra website for more info on Odyssey.

10. Thor Quantum

The only spec on the Thor Quantum that comes with bunk beds is the LF31. This RV has very open, large bunk beds with high-quality privacy curtains. The bunkhouse on the Quantum is located near the back of the RV on the driver's side, across from the bathroom. The Thor Quantum RV can sleep up to seven passengers.

For more information on the Quantum LF31, please visit the Thor Motorcoach website.

What Size are RV Bunk Mattresses?

Most regular household sets of bunkbeds use standard twin-size mattresses for their bedding. The size of a regular household twin mattress is 39 inches by 75 inches. Comparatively, the typical size of an RV bunk mattress is a little narrower than a regular twin mattress. Most RV bunk mattresses measure around 75 inches long (and sometimes more) but are usually between 28 and 35 inches wide.

Is an RV Bunkhouse too Small for Adults?

If the RV bunk mattress size is narrower than a regular twin-size mattress but just as long, adults should have no trouble sleeping on them. However, some adults may have problems with the overall size of the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse is the part of the RV where the bunk beds are located, and they sometimes have shallow clearance and small openings.

Most adults will have no problem fitting into an RV bunk bed. But if you are a person who is above 6 feet tall, you may want to call dibs on the pull-out couch or over-cab-bunk, which are always a bit less confined.

Are There Any Class B Motorhomes that have Bunk Beds?

Unfortunately, Class B motorhomes commonly have too small of a frame to have space for bunk beds or many beds at all, for that matter. As a result, they usually only have one full or queen-size bed at the vehicle's rear. However, people out there have done conversions on their Class B motorhomes to include bunk beds and more sleeping space. Take a look at this video if you are curious about this process:

In Closing

A Ford motorhome traveling on a long stretch of highway with a scenic view of the mountains on the background

No matter what size of motorhome you are looking for, there are plenty of options, including bunk beds. Both Class A and Class C motorhomes have models that feature bunk beds, allowing enough space for the whole family to sleep. Additionally, RV bunk bed mattresses and bunkhouses are even large enough for adults to sleep in comfortably. That being said, adults may prefer the pull-out couch or convertible dinette if available.

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