My Acura ILX Has A Blinking Red Light – Why And What To Do?

A vehicle will have different ways of telling the driver if something is wrong or if something is activated. One of those ways is through lights; typically, you'll see those lights on the car's dashboard. You may notice that there is a blinking red light on your dash. With the help of experts, we'll help you understand why your dash is flashing red light.

That blinking red light on your Acura ILX's dash is its anti-theft or immobilization light. This security light is installed from the factory to help alert you or other people that the vehicle is in an anti-theft or immobilization mode. When that red security light blinks, your car will not start without your key FOB.

This red security light may be hard to notice, but it has always been there; this is the case for newer cars or cars with this technology. Please read below for more information about the different lights on your vehicle.

Acura ILX at the 2012 New York International Auto Show running, My Acura ILX Has A Blinking Red Light - Why And What To Do?

What Should You Do About The Blinking Red Light

It would be best if you don't do anything since that flashing security light is there to help protect your vehicle. There is also no button or switch to turn the light off. You'll have to mess with the vehicle's wiring to turn off the red blinking light, which is not worth it.

Key warning light

People with car knowledge will typically suspect that your car has an alarm when they notice that blinking red light on your dash. The blinking red security light is beneficial since people trying to steal your vehicle may face problems since your car should only turn on with your key FOB and not by other means.

What Dashboard Lights Should I Worry About

lit up subaru forester dashboard

A vehicle has a ton of sensors that help keep track of different components. These sensors will then alert you by flashing a symbol or light on your dashboard. But not every light on your dashboard means something is wrong; sometimes, it just means that you have turned off or on a specific feature.

Below are the most common lights you should look out for when driving.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire pressure is essential to keep track of since this will affect your driving capabilities. Modern, and some older vehicles, will display this light if it has detected that one or more tires have low or high pressure.

Having the correct tire pressure for your vehicle will help fuel economy and performance and extend your tire life. Typically you'll find your vehicle's recommended tire pressure on the side of your door.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Oil is a fluid that helps lubricate the components of your vehicle. If you see this pop up on your dash, this could mean that your car's oil is running low or your oil pump is not circulating enough fluid to help lubricate the components.

Having low oil can cause permanent damage if left unattended, and it can also cause your vehicle's components to overheat. It is essential to check your oil levels regularly; this will keep you up to date if you need to top up your oil.

ABS Warning Light

There may be a problem with your car's ABS with the ABS warning light. Note that your ABS turns on from time to time, but it should not stay on for long periods. If your ABS warning light is always on, have it fixed since this is a safety hazard.

Traction Control Light

Unlike other lights, when the traction control light is on, it means this feature is activated. You do not need to worry when you see this light. It is just a reminder that traction control is activated since most vehicles have an option to turn this on or off.

This feature is most helpful when driving on a wet or snowy road since the sensors can apply brakes until your vehicle has gained traction. Traction is possible on harsh surfaces since the traction control utilizes the vehicle's antilock brake system to determine if a wheel is slipping or spinning faster than the others.

Traction Control Malfunction

The traction control malfunction warns that there may be a problem with your vehicle's traction control or its sensor. Problems with your vehicle's antilock brake system can also trigger the traction control malfunction light to come on.

You can still drive your vehicle without traction control, but you'll have to be extra careful. When your vehicle's traction control is busted, you may see the traction control malfunction and check engine light both turned on. Even if the car is drivable, it's best to get this fixed to remove the lights and keep you safe.

Engine Temperature Warning

Engine temperature warning light

When you see the engine temperature warning pop up, your car is overheating; quickly find a place to park, and don't drive your vehicle any further. Engine temperature warnings can be for numerous reasons, a few being low oil pressure, low coolant, broken radiator, and many more.

Battery Alert

When you notice that your battery alert is on, the leading cause of this will be a dead battery or a broken alternator. The battery alert will come on if the sensor has detected that your battery is not charging.

Check your batter's connections and ensure they are correctly connected; if you're still getting the battery alert, have your batter or your alternator checked. A few signs that your battery is not charging are that your lights are dim or your clock is fading.

Low Fuel Indicator

A low fuel indicator will be your most recognizable warning light. This warning means your car is running low on fuel, and you'll have to fill up soon. Typically you'll have a few miles left after your fuel gauge empties, but it's best to avoid that and fill up your car before going on a drive.

Check Engine Light

A check engine light is something you never want to see in a vehicle. When you see a check engine light, it is best to stop in a safe place and inspect your vehicle. There are many reasons why a check engine light would turn on. Most commonly, your car is overheating, a problem with your gas cap, low oil pressure, and many more.

What you don't want to see is a flashing check engine light. You should immediately stop your car somewhere safe when you see your check engine light flashing. When you see a flashing check engine light, something may be seriously wrong with your vehicle; ignoring this will cause some of your car's components to be permanently damaged.

Engine Start Indicator

Start stop engine button

Newer cars have a built-in safety feature where you won't be able to shift gears or even turn the ignition without your foot stepping on the brake pedal. Your car's system will lock your vehicle in neutral or park until you step on the car's brakes.

Fog Lights Or High Beam Indicator

When the fog lights or high beam indicator is on, it does not mean something is wrong with your lights but is activated. These lights should only be on when there is reduced visibility on the road.

Having your fog lights or high beam on can distract other drivers since you are shining a bright light behind the car ahead of you and towards incoming vehicles. Having your high beams on clear days or nights can be very dangerous for them, especially if you have bright lights since they won't be able to see anything but your lights.

Airbag Indicator Light

Your car's airbag indicator light will come on if something is wrong with the airbag system. All vehicle safety features must be working correctly to ensure the safety of everyone inside the car; have your vehicle checked once you notice the airbag indicator light on your dash.

Washer Fluid Indicator

A clear windshield is essential because this is what you are looking out for while driving. There are a few reasons why your washer fluid indicator is on; one of these is the sensor has gone bad. If you still have washer fluid, a broken sensor is most likely the cause.

Other reasons could be that the connection to the sensor is bad, or the wires connecting to the sensor may be cut in some way, or corrosion of the connector.

Seat Belt Reminder

The seat belt reminder is a simple reminder that someone in the car has not fastened their seat belt. Everyone in the vehicle must be wearing their seat belt for safety. 

A law enforcement officer can fine you without your seat belt. Also, some cars will play a beeping tone until everyone in the vehicle has worn their seat belts.


Acura ILX at the 2012 New York International Auto Show running

The red light you see on your Acura ILX is something you should not worry about because that is the vehicle's safety feature. That red light is also known as an anti-theft or immobilization light. It notifies others that the car will not start without your key FOB.

Many other symbols and lights may come up on your dashboard, so you need to be familiar with them. Some are there to notify you that a particular feature is activated, while others are warning you about a potential problem.

Also, these lights and symbols may differ between manufacturers and models, so it's best to read your car's manual for more information.

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