My Car Says ‘Stop/Start Not Ready Battery Charging’ – Why? What To Do?

If your car is giving you a warning that says "stop/start not ready battery charging," you may wonder what the problem is and how to fix it. Fortunately, we have done some research for you and found a solution.

Your car may say "stop/start not ready battery charging" due to a bad battery cable, defective alternator, faulty battery, malfunctioning ignition module, or terminal issue.

You can try the following steps to solve the problem:

  • Check the battery and alternator
  • Test the ignition module
  • Take the car to a mechanic

Whenever you see this warning message, you should identify the cause of the problem as soon as possible. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to handle a car that says "stop/start not ready battery charging."

Why Does My Car Say "Stop/Start Not Ready Battery Charging?"

Male mechanic changing car battery, engineer is replacing car battery because car battery is depleted.

If your car's computer displays the message "stop/start not ready battery charging," don't panic. It may indicate that your battery is low and needs to be recharged.

You must charge the energy storage system fully, so the stop/start system functions well. However, there can be times when this system cannot charge due to a malfunction.

As a result, the "stop/start not ready battery charging" error message may appear. Most of the time, this message is a result of the following:

Bad Battery Cable

It is possible for the electrical system in your vehicle to malfunction if the battery cables have become corroded, broken, or loose.

Corroded battery cables can give rise to a variety of electrical issues. If the corrosion is severe enough, it may prevent the battery from charging. It can trigger the "stop/start not ready battery charging" error message.

Additionally, corroded battery connections might cause your car's electrical system to function less efficiently, resulting in issues such as dimmer headlights or taillights.

Defective Alternator

The alternator generates electricity to power your car's electrical systems whenever the engine runs. This component transforms mechanical energy into electrical current using a belt driven by the engine.

The alternator keeps the lights and wipers working and charges the battery when it runs low. It also helps keep up with the power demands of your car. Alternators have a lifespan of only three to four years, far less than the average car battery.

Remember that the alternator is necessary for the battery to be charged. Therefore, neither the battery nor the starter motor will function if it fails.

The alternator may be to blame if your car "says stop/start not ready battery charging" and the cables are not corroded.

Faulty Battery

The battery is a crucial part of your car's electrical system. The engine will not crank, and the car's electrical components will not function if the battery dies.

Most batteries have a lifespan of between three and five years before they need to be changed. However, exposure to extreme weather conditions can reduce the lifespan of a battery by up to three years.

If the battery fails (completely loses its electrical charge and stops charging), you will not be able to use any of your car's electrical systems. As a result, the error message "stop/start not ready battery charging" may appear.

Malfunctioning Ignition Module

The "stop/start not ready battery charging" warning may come on when the ignition module is broken or malfunctioning. 

As its name implies, this component is crucial in kickstarting the car's engine. If your ignition isn't working, it doesn't matter how well your battery is charged or how good your alternator belt is—you won't be able to start the car.

When you turn the key or press the ignition button, the battery releases a surge of electricity to the starter motor. It then powers the vehicle as the spark plugs ignite the compressed air and fuel in the cylinders.

It is the task that the starter motor is responsible for, but it is a very significant one. When the ignition and starter motor fail, the engine will not start, and you may receive the warning "stop/start not ready battery charging."

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Terminal Issues

Aside from the battery, cable, and alternator, the charging system might also be influenced by the battery or alternator terminals. 

Rusted terminals, caused by exposure to battery fumes or moisture, allow very little voltage, if any, to pass through. Because of this, it can take a long time for the ESS to charge.

As a result, you will continue to receive the message "stop/start not ready battery charging." Since rust is visible, you can quickly determine whether or not there is a problem with the terminals. 

What To Do If Car Says "Stop/Start Not Ready Battery Charging"

mechanic cleaning a battery connections ,brush and insert the brush into the car's battery terminals,especially if terminals are corroded, will help ensure the battery lasts longer and performs well

Check The Battery And Alternator

Before doing anything else, you should inspect your battery, alternator, and terminals to make sure they are clean and corrosion-free. If they aren't, use a wire brush to clean them.

Also, ensure your wiring harness is in good condition by inspecting each wire for signs of deterioration or fraying. You should fix or replace them if necessary. If the issue isn't resolved, go to the next step.

Test The Ignition Module

If the battery and alternator are not faulty, check how long your engine starts up after disconnecting one spark plug wire at a time.

Next, see how long it takes with only one plug wire connected. If it takes less than 1o seconds, this is an indication that there is a problem with your ignition module. So you should consider getting a replacement. 

Take The Car To A Mechanic

If you can't determine the cause of the issue, and the "stop/start, not ready battery charging" message doesn't clear, take your car to a repair shop and get a professional to check it out. 

Will The "Stop/Start Not Ready Battery Charging" Message Go Away?

Yes, it will. The message "stop/start not ready battery charging" should clear. This occurs when the battery has been charged to its maximum capacity.

When you have fixed or replaced the parts causing the issue, you need to wait a few minutes for it to charge completely before using the car.

If the warning message continues to appear despite this, you will likely need to restart the system to get rid of it. If the message does not go away even after you restart the vehicle for at least thirty minutes, this indicates a more complex issue with the car.

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Start/Stop Battery?

battery car engine detail motor / close up of machine new batteries car engine checking car battery cleaning for deliver customers in the car service, How Long Does It Take To Charge The Start/Stop Battery?

The time required to charge a start/stop battery depends on many factors. Temperature and climate both impact the time it takes for charging. 

The start/stop battery takes at least an hour to fully charge when the temperature is above 59 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The charging process takes three to four hours when the ambient temperature is lower.

However, this may only be the case for some vehicles. The battery capacity and your car model will determine the duration of the charging process for your start/stop battery.

The start/stop battery charges gradually when a load is placed on it. When there is less load, it has a better chance of charging more quickly.

Can You Replace A Start/Stop Battery?

A car mechanic replaces a battery during maintenance.

Yes, you can replace a car's start/stop battery. You should replace it with a similar battery that has been approved by the car manufacturer.

Also, you should have a professional mechanic perform the replacement. Professionals usually have the necessary diagnostic tools to get the job done.

To Wrap Up

Selective focus charging car with electricity trough cables

If your car says "stop/start not ready battery charging," the warning could be caused by a bad battery cable, defective alternator, faulty battery, malfunctioning ignition module, or terminal issue.

To fix the problem, you should check the battery and alternator, then test the ignition module. You can take the car to a mechanic if you need help solving the problem.

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