My Jeep USB Port Is Not Working – Why? How To Fix?

Connecting a smartphone to your Jeep’s USB port does nothing. What seems to be the problem with the port? What can you do to fix it? We researched and consulted with different experts for you, and here’s what we found.

Jeep USB ports may malfunction for several possible reasons, ranging from dirty terminals to complete operational failure. Make sure to troubleshoot the cause of the issue before attempting to fix the faulty port. Then, use the appropriate solution based on your findings.

Continue reading as we discuss the possible reasons why your Jeep’s USB port isn’t functional. We’ll also tackle some potential solutions that may help restore your vehicle’s USB port’s normal functions.

Reasons Why Jeep USB Port Isn’t Working

Jeep Cherokee black glossy paint on the car park underground, My Jeep USB Port Is Not Working - Why? How To Fix?

Dirty Port

Dirt, dust, and other small debris may enter the Jeep’s USB port. These small objects may interfere with the connection between the vehicle and the connected device.

Blown Fuse

USB ports in vehicles, including Jeeps, often have fuses to prevent harm if electronic issues occur. It’s a component that generally sacrifices itself instead of the USB port or the attached device.

Some of the relatively common causes of blown fuses in vehicles are:

  • Frayed wires
  • A system conductor exposed to harsh weather
  • Short circuit from connecting a faulty device
  • Incorrect fuse used
  • Improper fuse installation

Software Error

The firmware of the Jeep’s USB port might encounter a glitch, preventing the terminal from working correctly or at all. This event may happen because of different reasons, including an error from an update or the vehicle is using outdated firmware.

Bad Cable

Perhaps it’s not the USB port that’s at fault but the cable used for the smartphone connection. Troubleshoot this concern by changing the cable. Then, inspect if the new cable allows you to use the smartphone and/or Jeep’s features through the USB terminal.

Faulty Port

If your Jeep’s USB port is still unresponsive after using extensive troubleshooting techniques, the terminal might need replacing. You may use a DIY solution to replace the port. Otherwise, consult the Jeep’s manufacturer or a trustworthy car repair technician for professional automotive assistance.

How To Clean USB Port In Jeep?

car interior usb charger detail

Cleaning a dirty USB port in a Jeep is similiar to removing dirt and debris from USB ports in other devices. You have different techniques to use in this regard. Two example means of ensuring your vehicle’s USB ports remain clean are:

Method #1: Blow Compressed Air

Compressed air can help remove loose dirt and debris from your Jeep’s USB port. You can either use a can of compressed air or an electronic duster for this method. Also, you don’t need to pry open panels for this method to work.

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Method #2: Clean With Alcohol

Clean dirt and gunk from the vehicle’s USB port with a few cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. Use these items to wipe inside the unclean USB port.

But make sure you're using fairly concentrated alcohol, such as 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol. Lower concentrations than those formulas may not provide satisfactory results.

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Warning: Don’t poke the USB port with thin metal objects like knife blades or safety pins. The material may create a short circuit or harm the terminal’s functional integrity.

How Do You Remove And Replace A Fuse In A Jeep?

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Note: Fuse box locations may differ depending on your specific Jeep model. Consult the owner’s manual or ask the vehicle’s manufacturer for help regarding this piece of information.

Fuse removal and replacement is a reasonably DIY-friendly job. This procedure may not require special tools and automotive know-how. Follow these general steps when you’re ready:

What You’ll Need

  • Replacement automotive fuses

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Turn off the Jeep’s engine and allow it to cool. Engage the hand or parking brake afterward.
  2. Open the hood and locate the fuse box.
  3. Open the fuse box and find the fuse linked to the USB port.
  4. Pull the bad fuse and replace it with a new and working unit.
  5. Close the fuse box.
  6. Turn on the Jeep’s engine and check if the USB port is now working.

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Take note that you may not need to replace the fuse to restore the USB port’s normal function. Assess the fuse’s integrity after pulling it out of its container.

If it’s still in good working condition, leave the fuse out for about 30 seconds to reset the system. Reinstall the fuse and check if the USB port works as intended.

Warning: Don’t remove and replace other fuses in your Jeep unless necessary. Removing and/or installing incorrect fuses may result in further harm to the vehicle.

You can also watch the video below to gain additional insights into this procedure:

How Do I Replace The USB Port In My Jeep?

car usb socket close up jeep

Unlike the other possible solutions already mentioned in this post, replacing a faulty USB port in a Jeep often requires sufficient confidence and automotive skill. If you aren't sure you're up to the task, request help from professional automotive technicians.

Some of the steps in this section may differ depending on your Jeep’s model. Nonetheless, here’s the general procedure on how to replace a faulty USB port in a Jeep:

What You’ll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Panel remover
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Replacement USB port

Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1: Remove The Center Console

Start removing the center console by moving the front seats forward. Then, move the rear seats backward as far as possible. Bend down to the height of the center console and look for a plastic cover.

Use a flathead screwdriver or panel remover to take out the small opening on the plastic cover. You should be able to expose a large bolt that you need to unscrew using the appropriate socket. Once removed, repeat this part of the procedure for the other side of the plastic cover.

Next, unscrew the plastic cup holders and remove them. Then, use the flathead screwdriver or panel remover again to remove the gear shifter’s cover. Disconnect the shift lever’s wire afterward.

Move forward by removing the driver’s side footwell. You might be able to pull it out using your fingers. Otherwise, use the flathead screwdriver or panel remover.

At this point, you should be able to see tabs that are securing the center console in place. Push those tabs with a tool and remove the center console.

Step #2: Remove The Bad USB Port

Go to the passenger side’s footwell. Since you removed the center console, you should have a clear view of the assembly encasing the USB port. Remove that assembly by removing the upper and lower bolts located on both the driver and passenger sides.

Unclip the assembly from its sides afterward. Once it’s loose, you can pull it out of its mounting bracket slowly. Disconnect and remove the bad USB port from the vehicle afterward.

Step #3: Install The New USB Port

Install the new USB port into the same location as the offending unit. Connect it with the appropriate wire.

Next, return the USB port assembly into place and ensure the clips latch. Secure this assembly by returning the bolts you removed earlier.

Go through the steps in this section in reverse order to return the center console and the other components to their original locations. Don't forget to slide the front and rear seats back in place.

Once you return everything, turn on the Jeep’s engine. Then, check if the new USB port is working as expected.

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Note: You may need to replace the wire connecting the USB port to the Jeep if you see issues like cuts or frays on it.

Watch the video below for an alternate way to complete this procedure:

Final Thoughts

Jeep Cherokee black glossy paint on the car park underground

You may use DIY solutions to fix your Jeep's USB port. But make sure you troubleshoot the cause of the terminal's fault before attempting to repair it. Don't forget that you may also take advantage of professional car repair services if you need expert help.

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