Nissan Armada Won’t Start Using Push Button – What Could Be Wrong?

The Armada is like the other Nissan vehicle models that feature the push-button start. However, what could be wrong if your SUV won't start using the push-button start? We have researched this question to help pinpoint this issue!

To start your Nissan Armada using the push-button start, you need to ensure your foot is on the brake pedal and the key fob is inside the vehicle. However, If your Nissan Armada still won't start when you use the push-button start, it could be due to the following:

  • Dead Key Fob Battery
  • Key Fob isn't Being Recognized
  • Dead Battery
  • Corroded Battery Terminals
  • Loose Battery Cable(s)
  • Failing Alternator
  • Blown Fuse
  • Failed Fuel Pump
  • Bad Starter Motor
  • Failed Starter Relay
  • Faulty Starter Solenoid
  • Malfunctioning Immobilizer System
  • Worn Spark Plugs
  • Clogged Fuel Filter

As you can see, several mechanical components can fail to keep your Nissan Armada from starting. That's why in this article, we will discuss the warning signs of each and their contribution to starting your vehicle. In addition, we will take a look at how to override the push-button start on the Nissan Armada, so read on!

A white V8 Nissan Armada photographed in a dealership, Nissan Armada Won't Start Using Push Button - What Could Be Wrong?

Nissan Armada Won't Start Using Push Button - What Could Be Wrong?

Nissan has been known to equip their vehicles with the push-button start. It is a convenient feature and is praised by consumers. To start the Nissan Armada using the push-button start, you must ensure your foot is on the brake pedal, and the key fob is inside the vehicle. The key fob signals the car that tells it to start.

However, what could be wrong if you do the correct procedure, but the vehicle still won't start?

The following are several reasons why your Nissan Armada might not want to start. The reason for your car not starting will help you determine how to get it up and to run again.

An awesome grill of a V8 White Nissan Armada photographed in the parking lot

Dead Key Fob Battery

The key fob battery will die over time and keep the Armada from starting. So instead, try pressing the push-button start with the key fob itself. Then, hopefully, there is enough juice in the battery to start the car.

In addition, to troubleshoot this issue, if you have a second key fob handy, try starting the Armada with it. Then, if the vehicle starts, you know the original key fob battery is dead.

Key Fob isn't Being Recognized

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Along with a dead key fob battery, the car might not start because it does not recognize the key fob. In some cases, after a year or so of use, the ignition cylinder on the Armada will need to be replaced.

A malfunctioning ignition cylinder can also prevent your vehicle from starting if it is stuck in one position preventing the key fob from being read. In addition, you can try unplugging the battery cables to reset the system. Then, put the cables back on the terminals and start the car again.

Dead Battery

If the key fob battery is dead, but you just replaced it, then the Armada's battery might be dead.

Try jumping start your Nissan Armada using another vehicle to test this theory. 

Corroded Battery Terminals

If your Armada has electrical problems such as the push-button start not working, it is likely due to corroded battery terminals. The corrosion acts like a barrier and prevents electrical current from getting to the car's components that need it.

Unplug your Nissan Armada's battery cables and inspect them for corrosion to test this theory. Then, clean the terminals off with a wire brush or sandpaper and start the car again.

Loose Battery Cable(s)

If you have a loose battery cable, it can cause your Armada not to start because the current isn't getting to the car's components as it should be.

To test this, tighten the battery cables on your Armada. Then, check the positive battery cable with a multimeter if the vehicle still doesn't start. The resistance reading should be within proper limits (see manual for specific information). If it is not, you will need to replace the bad cable(s).

Failing Alternator

A failing alternator can cause all sorts of electrical problems with your Nissan Armada, including the push-button start not working. This includes your radio dies, headlights fail, and AC turns off.

If you jump-start your Armada and it starts but quickly dies again, then it is a sign that the alternator isn't doing its job.

Blown Fuse

If you have blown a fuse, it can prevent your Armada from starting. Fuses are designed to blow when there is too much current running through them, and they protect the wiring in your car.

Check your fuse box to see if any fuses are burnt out. If they are, then you replace them accordingly.

Failed Fuel Pump

An isolated photo of a fuel pump on a white background

If the Armada is not starting, it could be due to a failed fuel pump. The fuel pump is responsible for supplying gasoline from the tank to the engine. If you hear a whining noise when you try to start the vehicle, then that is a sign your fuel pump is bad.

Bad Starter Motor

If your Armada is not starting, it could also be due to a bad starter motor. The starter's primary function is to spin the crankshaft, allowing fuel ignition within the cylinders.

If you hear a clicking noise when trying to start your Nissan Armada, then that might mean your starter is faulty or seized. If this is the case, you will need to have it replaced.  

Failed Starter Relay

Similarly, a failed starter relay can also prevent your Armada from starting. The starter relay is responsible for activating the starter motor. If it is not working, then the car will not start.

To test this, jump-start your Nissan Armada using another vehicle. If the car still doesn't start, then it is likely that the starter relay is bad and needs to be replaced.

Faulty Starter Solenoid

A faulty starter solenoid can also cause your Armada not to start. The starter solenoid sends the electrical current from the battery to the starter motor. If it is bad, then the car will not start.

When a starter solenoid fails, sometimes you won't hear any noise at all, not even a click. This signifies that the solenoid isn't getting any currents to activate the starter motor.

Malfunctioning Immobilizer System

In newer Nissan Armadas, there is a Mobilizer System in place. This system immobilizes the car when certain conditions are met to prevent theft. Unfortunately, sometimes this system malfunctions and prevents your Armada from starting.

If the immobilizer is malfunctioning, you will see a flashing green security light on your dash. This is because it senses that the key has a security breach even though it hasn't.

Worn Spark Plugs

Worn spark plugs can also cause the Nissan Armada not to start. A bad or fouled spark plug can prevent the car from starting.

To test this, remove all spark plugs and check them for damage. If they are damaged, then you will need to replace them. Also, check the electrodes to make sure they are not burnt out.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Lastly, a clogged fuel filter can keep the Nissan Armada from starting. The fuel filter is responsible for filtering out any dirt or debris from the gasoline before entering the engine.

If the fuel filter is clogged, it will not do its job, and the car will not start. To check, remove the fuel filter, remove any debris, and reinstall it.

How do you override a push-button start on Nissan Armada?

If you have a dead key fob battery and don't have a spare, then there is a way to override the push-button start on a Nissan Armada. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, press your foot down on the brake.
  2. Now, using the key fob, press the push/stop button with the tip of the key fob (Nissan Logo end).

This will help the vehicle senses the key fob is in the vehicle and will start it.

So how do you program a Nissan push to start remote?

If you have a new key fob that you need to program to your Nissan, then follow these steps:

  1. First, get into your vehicle and lock the doors.
  2. Now, insert and remove your key from the ignition 6 to 10 times. If successful, the exterior lights will flash.
  3. Once this happens, place the key in the ignition and turn it to accessory mode.
  4. Now, press any button on the key fob to finish programming.

Will a dead battery in a key fob cause a car not to start?

If you have a dead battery in the key fob, the vehicle can't recognize the key to start. If you only have one key fob, then bypass the system by pressing the push button with the key fob itself. This will allow you to get to an automotive store to get a new battery.

A huge Black V8 Nissan Armada displayed at the parking lot

How do you reset the Nissan vehicle immobilizer?

If you have activated the security system on your Nissan vehicle, then don't panic! All you need to do is press the unlock button or panic button to turn the immobilizer off. In addition, you can put the key into the driver's door and unlock it.

Final Thoughts

A white V8 Nissan Armada photographed in a dealership

The Armada is a popular SUV, and for a good reason, but like other SUVs on the market, it will have issues from time to time. If you can't start the vehicle using the push-button start, then go through the troubleshooting process in this article. It will help you pinpoint the issue and if you get overwhelmed, contact a Nissan mechanic for help!

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