10 Best Nissan Rogue Floor Mats

10 Best Nissan Rogue Floor MatsConsidering the longevity of a vehicle like the Nissan Rogue, stock floor mats probably aren’t going to cut it.

First, take into consideration the wear and tear when it comes to floor mats. Especially when it comes to the driver seat floor mats. You always have your feet down there, moving slightly from brake to acceleration and vice versa.

If you take a look at most cars that are more than a couple years old, you might find that the floor mats have been wholly ripped through from that wear and tear.

Second, do you know how annoying it is when you spill something on a stock floor mat? Most of them are made of fabric rather than rubber. So, when you spill some coffee, that stain is there forever.

All of the products below are made of either rubber, plastic, or a combination. These will be a definite step up from the stock mats.

1. FH Group F11311 Rubber Floor Mat

FH Group makes an excellent product here with their floor mats. The heavy-duty rubber is no joke, and its durability might even outlast the vehicle itself!

These mats come in different colors, ranging just a few dollars in price. But the main selling point of these floor mats for the Nissan Rogue is the price. These mats are by far the most affordable.

There is a tradeoff for that value, however. These mats are not made explicitly for the Nissan Rogue, or for any car for that matter. These need to be cut to fit if they are going to fit perfectly. It's a judgment call. For the amount of money you’ll save, it might be worth it.

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2. KIWI MASTER Floor Mats

These weatherproof floor mats are a heavy-duty and unique design. Unlike the FH group mats above, these are made specifically for the Nissan Rogue, so you won’t need to worry about fitting them yourself.

You’ll be making a pretty significant step-up in the price for these mats. What you are paying for is the high-quality material, the precise fit, and a lifetime warranty.

The backseat mats are two pieces. As you’ll see, some companies make one piece for the backseat, and others make two.

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3. ToughPRO Floor Mats

The first thing you might notice about the ToughPRO floor mats is just how specifically they are cut to fit. This is because the company utilizes a Computerized Cut system which uses a 3D scanning method.

The floor design pattern is pretty cool and unique. It’s easy to clean; all you’ll need to do is remove the mats and spray them down with a hose, then let them air dry.

1/4-inch nibs beneath the mats hold these firmly in place. You won’t need to worry about these things moving and sliding all over the place.

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4. Genuine Nissan 999E1-G2000 Floor Mat

With a purchase like this, it might be worthwhile to play it safe and get the mats made by the company themselves. Nissan makes these Genuine Nissan floor mats, and so you won't need to worry about getting something that doesn't fit. These are ideally suited for the 2014-2017 models; however, the 2018-2020 models are nearly identical, at least in terms of the floor mat sizing.

These mats are made of thick and durable rubber. They are held in place using a hook system. The price is slightly higher than the other products so far in this review, but it might be worth the extra money to know exactly what you’re getting.

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5. MAXLINER Custom Fit Floor Mats

These MAXLINER floor mats are sleek, stylish, and do everything they claim to do. The floors of your car are going to have a luxury look with no sacrifice to function. These mats do more with less.

Most of the mats listed above are made with a thick rubber material. These provide the same durability and effectiveness with a lower-density material. Not as heavy but just as protective.

It is imperative to note that these mats will only fit the standard Nissan Rogue model. They do not fit the Nissan Rogue Sport or Select.

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6. 3W Floor Mats for Nissan Rogue

These 3W mats are intense and provide high-quality weather protection by utilizing TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material. These fit perfectly and will protect not just the bottom of the floors, but also up the sides.

Do kids jump in the car after playing football in the mud? Nothing to worry about! The floors are completely protected. These mats will fit any Nissan Rogue model from 2014-2019. These mats provide everything you need; a fresh look with no sacrifice to function or durability.

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7. Motor Trend OF-933-BK Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

These Motor Trend floor mats are certainly not the budget option, but these are the coolest floor mats available and will provide full coverage. The 3D cutting process will ensure that these fit perfectly in the cabin of your vehicle.

These floor mats are three layers with the bottom layer designed to keep the mat in place. It utilizes a patented design and doesn’t need nibs on the bottom or hooks. This allows for the actual floor of the vehicle to remain completely undamaged.

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8. Custom Fit Nissan Rogue 2008-2013 (Front Only)

Perhaps you have one of the older Nissan Rogue models, and it needs a new set of floor mats. All of the products listed above are designed for the 2014 and later models, but these floor mats will fit the 2008-2013 model.

All you are going to get here are the two front floor mats, but for a lot of people, that's all they need, so perhaps that is the case for you. These are made of thick and durable rubber that will last for years. You won't be breaking the bank purchasing these floor mats; they are affordable and an excellent value!

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9. WeatherTech 446301 FloorLiner

In a list like this, it would be a sin not to include WeatherTech. For many years now, WeatherTech has been one of the most reputable companies in the world when it comes to products to protect the interior of your car.

These are light-weight, and the mats are made with durable material that is built to last. These are a bit more expensive since you are only going to get the front mats, but this is the kind of product that you’ll only need to buy once as long as you have the car.

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10. Motor Trend MTX101 Gray DualFlex Two-Tone Rubber Car Floor Mats

Similar to the FH Group product above, these floor mats are made of rubber and need to be cut-to-fit if you want them to be perfect. They are a great budget option, far cheaper than some of the more feature-loaded products above.

The rubber is going to provide all the protection that you need. These might not fit exactly, but they are very affordable and will suit the needs of many people. The two-tone design will make the floors of your car look great.

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Floor mats are a worthwhile purchase, especially when you consider how much they can prevent potential damage from wear and tear. This is important for resale. Now, determining how much to invest in something like this could come down to several factors. If you just got a brand-new Nissan Rogue, probably better to put the extra bit of money in and get something high-quality. If it’s old, maybe some simple rubber floor mats will do the trick. Regardless, new floor mats will improve the look and durability of the interior of your Nissan!

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