Can a Nissan Titan Pull a 5th Wheel?

There are a lot of truck options on the market, but is the one you're considering capable of towing the 5th wheel you've also got your eye on? Being aware and abiding by the towing capacity of your Nissan Titan is critical for both the safety of you and your passengers and for preventing costly damage to your pickup truck. We've researched the answers to these questions.

The Nissan Titan can pull a 5th wheel, though its towing capacity will limit the size of the 5th wheel it can safely tow behind it. 5th wheels have weights that range from 2,500 pounds to 20,000 pounds. The Nissan Titan towing capacity range of 9,210 lbs to 10,880 lbs will only allow for the safe towing of certain models. 

If you're planning on pulling a 5th wheel behind you, there are numerous other questions you probably have. Are certain Nissan Titan trim levels better for towing 5th wheels? What accessories will you need to tow a 5th wheel? How much can you safely tow behind your Nissan Titan? Can towing damage your truck? Continue reading to find out more.

Close view of the front of a brand new Nissan Titan, Can a Nissan Titan Pull a 5th Wheel?

What will the trim level and bed size mean for towing a 5th wheel?

There are five different trim levels for the Nissan Titan and multiple cab sizes available for each one. While each level of trim is certainly capable of towing a 5th wheel, the Nissan Titan XD crew cab provides the greatest towing capacity in each of the five separate trim levels. The Titan XD has a towing capacity of 10,880 pounds. 

Be aware that while short bed trucks are technically capable of towing a 5th wheel behind them, they do become harder to properly turn and park. They can safely tow a 5th wheel but will take more maneuvering and practice to get it down.

Towing accessories needed for towing your 5th wheel

If you've selected which trim Titan you'll be towing with, you'll need to consider which towing accessories to purchase so that you can safely attach your 5th wheel. Thankfully, by purchasing the tow hitch, you'll have basically everything you need.

Towing a 5th wheel will require the purchase and installation of a 5th wheel hitch. There are 3 types of these hitches available: the slide bar jaw, the single jaw, and the double jaw. For the purposes of this post, we'll focus on the slide bar jaw version. This hitch has a maximum tow capacity of 15,000 pounds, making it suitable for towing a 5th wheel behind a Nissan Titan. 

This type of 5th wheel hitch is the least expensive and is also the noisiest of the hitch types. But it is safe and affordable and inexpensive to have a professional install. Before you purchase this or any 5th wheel trailer hitch, it's important to know if the hitch you're buying will fit into the bed of the truck you are considering.

All available hitch types will work in larger truck beds, but some will not work for short beds. Be sure to read the specs of the hitch you are considering to make sure it will be compatible with your pickup truck.

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How To Tell If You've Exceeded The Towing Capacity

If you've made a mistake and are pulling more weight behind your Nissan Titan pickup truck than what is safely recommended by the manufacturer, then you will notice several telltale symptoms. Too much weight will make the steering become erratic. The amount of excess stress from the weight places strain on the power steering component and makes it easier to lose control of your truck.

If you are pulling more weight than the towing capacity, you might notice that your truck is swaying. Your Titan is only built to withstand so much weight behind it before it gives way to sway. This sway will damage your frame and axles and could cause the trailer to detach. It could also cause you to lose control of the Titan itself, resulting in a collision. 

How To Safely Tow A 5th Wheel

Fifth wheel camper in campground by lake and the woods

Once you have your 5th wheel safely attached, there are certain precautions that should be taken to make your trip as safe as possible. We've listed them below:

  • Be aware of the towing capacity and do not exceed it.
  • If you're towing in the mountains, be aware that your truck's power will begin to diminish in the higher the altitude.
  • Routinely check the lug bolts that hold your 5th wheel hitch together.
  • Be sure to regularly check your tires; see that they are properly inflated and have ample tread.
  • Make certain you have your mirrors adjusted to account for the 5th wheel.
  • On windy days, proceed with caution. Reconsider driving with the 5th wheel if winds exceed 30mph.

The Nissan Titan also comes with technology that makes towing a 5th wheel or trailer safer and easier. These features include:

  • Intelligent Around View Monitors utilize multiple cameras to give a bird's eye view of your Titan that is displayed on a monitor in your cab. This allows for a safe backup to the 5th wheel.
  • Remote trailer light check
  • Integrated trailer brake controller, allowing you to utilize the trailer breaks instantly in order to stabilize it.
  • Trailer sway control
  • Telescoping tow mirrors, making it easier to see beyond the back end of your 5th wheel or trailer.
  • Tow mode, allowing for better acceleration and braking, and saving wear and tear on your Titan's transmission. For more information about tow mode and how it works, read further down in this post.

How Much Weight Can A Nissan Titan Pull?

The amount of weight any vehicle can pull safely behind it is referred to as its maximum towing capacity. This weight will vary from model to model, and also is dependent upon a variety of other factors. What trim level is the Nissan Titan? What cab style? Is it a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive? We've broken down the maximum tow capacities for the Nissan Titan by every available option so that you'll know the exact capacity for your version of the Nissan Titan. Below is that breakdown:

Nissan Titan S

  • Crew Cab S 4x2: 9,310 pounds
  • Crew Cab S 4x4: 9,210 pounds
  • King Cab S 4x2: 9,310 pounds
  • King Cab S 4x4: 9,260 pounds
  • XD Crew Cab S 4x4: 10,880 pounds

Nissan Titan SV

  • Crew Cab SV 4x2: 9,310 pounds
  • Crew Cab SV 4x4: 9,210 pounds
  • King Cab SV 4x2: 9,310 pounds
  • King Cab SV 4x4: 9,260 pounds
  • XD Crew Cab SV4x4: 10,880 pounds

Nissan Titan Pro-4X

  • Crew Cab Pro-4X: 9,210 pounds
  • XD Crew Cab Pro-4X 4x4: 10,880 pounds

Nissan Titan SL

  • Crew Cab SL 4x2: 9,310 pounds
  • Crew Cab SL 4x4: 9,210 pounds
  • XD Crew Cab SL 4x4: 10,880 pounds

Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

  • Crew Cab Platinum Reserve 4x2: 9,310 pounds
  • Crew Cab Platinum Reserve 4x4: 9,210 pounds
  • XD Crew Cab Platinum Reserve 4x4: 10,880 pounds

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What Does Tow Mode Do For The Nissan Titan?

The Nissan Titan's towing capacity is increased with the addition of the tow mode feature. This technology, when activated, will not only allow for heavier loads to be pulled behind but will also prevent unnecessary wear on your Titan's engine and transmission.

Tow mode is activated by a switch on the Titan's dash. While it's activated, the tow mode light will be solidly lit on the dashboard light panel. This mode will automatically shut itself off when you turn off your truck's engine.

This great feature works by adjusting the way your Nissan Titan's transmission shifts gears. It makes the transmission aware that the Titan is hauling a heavier load behind it than normal and adjusts the shifting patterns of the transmission to account for the extra weight. This not only reduces wear on the transmission itself but also makes the Titan easier to brake and steer.

Is Pulling A Trailer Bad For Your Truck?

Pulling any amount of weight behind your vehicle will definitely put strain on the body, frame, transmission, and engine. If your truck is equipped to tow weight behind it, then it was specifically built for this task, and the aforementioned components will not be adversely affected. This is provided that you are following the proper towing procedures, using the correct equipment in the correct manner, and are not exceeding the manufacturer's towing capacity.

Failure to meet the above guidelines can and will certainly damage your truck. Too much tow weight will place an undue amount of strain on your engine and transmission. They're strong, but they still have their professionally tested limits. Pushing them beyond their capabilities will definitely decrease their useful life, which will be very costly to remedy.

Exceeding the towing capacity can also damage your truck's frame and axles. Too much weight will potentially bend the frames and axles, creating yet another costly repair and may permanently disable your vehicle.

Ignoring the towing capacity also places people in danger. Too much weight can cause the trailer to detach itself, leading to an out of control trailer potentially crashing into other vehicles on the road.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding towing and your truck will be fine. Ignore them, and you might be facing some serious damage.

In Closing

The Nissan Titan is one of the most durable model trucks in its class and has been a favorite among truck owners for meeting their towing needs. We've learned that the Titan is capable of towing a massive amount of weight behind it and that it can safely pull a 5th wheel that weighs less than the Titan's maximum towing capacity. We've also discussed the importance of following the manufacturer's towing capacity guidelines, and how not doing so will cause great damage to your Titan.

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