10 Outdoor RV Speakers That Will Make Camping Even more Fun!

Do you know what goes along really well with those stunning views of nature you see from your RV? Great tunes. That’s why you’re always playing music in your motorhome. Once you get out, though, you have to plug in some earbuds and listen through your phone. That’s not ideal since it’s such an isolating experience.

10 Outdoor RV Speakers That Will Make Camping Even more Fun!

With outdoor RV speakers, you can share the gift of music with your friends, family, and other traveling companions. (Just watch your volume levels!) In this article, we’ll share 10 of our favorite sets of awesome outdoor RV speakers.

1. BOSS Audio Systems Marine Speakers

The first set of outdoor speakers for all your RV listening needs are from BOSS Audio Systems. You can select from marine speakers that are 5.25 inches, 6 inches, or 6.5 inches in 150, 180, 200, or 350 watts. These come in either black or white.

The two speakers in the set weigh 2.8 pounds. They have a mounting depth of 2.2 inches, a height of 3.1 inches, a width of 6 inches, and a depth of 6 inches. Their mounting hole measures 4.9 inches.

BOSS Audio Systems’ speakers include a frequency range of 120 hertz to 18 kilohertz and an impedance of 4 ohms. Their dome-shaped tweeter spreads sound further, as the dispersion pattern has a much greater width. Your favorite songs will now sound so much better. The interior voice coil can handle temperature extremes without breaking down. Also, the cone of this speaker set is polyurethane, and the entire speakers have insulating and weatherproof properties.

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2. Pyle Marine Speakers

If you already use other Pyle audio products, then you don’t want to miss their set of marine speakers. You can get these in 4 or 5.25 inches each. The speakers include wirings that measure 9.8 feet. While you do have to take care of installation yourself, Pyle says doing so isn’t super difficult.

With their purposeful design, the low profile look of these speakers makes them great for multiple uses. Besides your RV, you can always hook up these babies on off-road vehicles, marine watercraft, and boats. They have a black base with LED lights in blue throughout. The speakers also include an impedance of 4 ohms, a power output of 180 watts, and a frequency response of 80 Hz to 18 kHz.

The two-way, full-range audio boosts the sound of your speakers like you had surround sound. These speakers are totally waterproof as well, so even if it starts drizzling on your outdoor RV party, it’s no sweat.

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3. Kenwood Two-Way Marine Speakers

A pick with high ratings on Amazon is Kenwood’s two-way marine speakers. These come in but one size, 6.5 inches. They’re also only available in white. Ideal for use on boats, RVs, and the like, one standout of these speakers is they include a water-resistant PP cone that acts as a subwoofer. Woofers can augment the sounds of the bass in the songs you play, so that’s definitely a nice feature to have!

With a 4-ohm impedance and a balanced dome tweeter that’s an inch, these have all the features you’d come to expect from marine speakers. This Kenwood product also features a frequency response range of 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The mounting depth for these speakers is 2 7/16 inches, so it’s a bit greater than the other picks on this list so far.

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4. Pyle Dual Marine Speakers with Polypropylene Cone and Cloth Surround

As an Amazon’s Choice pick, we had to talk about this other set of RV speakers from Pyle. These marine speakers come with cloth surround and a polypropylene cone. They’re available in white and are 5.25 inches each. Included with your order are the mounting hardware and the wirings you need to get these bad boys up and running the same afternoon your box arrives. They have that low profile look Pyle favors, adding versatility to the speaker set.

With the cloth surround and polypropylene cone, the speakers boast greater durability and, according to Pyle, a more “rugged” design. They also have a grill and basket made of ABS plastic that will keep the sun’s rays from wreaking havoc on your new speakers.

You can select from three wattages: 100 watts, 120 watts, or 150 watts. No matter the output, the speakers include a circuit magnet that’s 20 ounces. This provides surround sound-quality audio with just the two speakers. Their weatherproof, waterproof design means you’ll have these speakers for a while.

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5. Polk Audio Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification

Next, we’ve got a set of coaxial speakers from Polk. These have a marine certification so you’re safe to use them on boats, RVs, and other outdoor vehicles. The speakers have a rating of IP55, which means they’re resistant to dirt and water. They should also ward off humidity, UV rays, fog, and salt exceptionally well.

Each of the two speakers has a top mount diameter of 1.74 inches, a bottom mount diameter of 2.01 inches, and a cut-out diameter of 4.76 inches. To install them, you drop them in place and then screw them in where you want them. Polk Audio designed the speakers so installation would be simple. These coaxial speakers also come with outer and inner waterproof surrounds and a polypropylene cone that prevent some UV damage.

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6. Jensen Marine Coaxial Speakers

Another pick for your consideration is Jensen’s marine coaxial speakers. These weigh 4.4 pounds each and come in a set of two. The mounting depth is 2 3/8 inches with the spacing between screw holes 4.5 inches. From the mounting surface, the grill does stick out, about an inch. The speakers have a magnet cover diameter of 3.5 inches, a mounting hole diameter of 5.25 inches, and a grille diameter of 7 1/8 inches. The speakers themselves are 6.5 inches.

With a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, Jensen’s marine speakers produce sound at 75 watts with a sensitivity of 88 decibels. Their magnet, 11 ounces, also improves sound quality. Other features include a polypropylene cone and titanium dome tweeter. That cone passes compliance for watertight standards, UV exposure standards, and salt spray exposure standards.

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7. Pyramid Dual Waterproof Marine Speakers

With their sleek white design, Pyramid’s speaker set comes in a single size, 5.25 inches. Like with the other speakers, they’re multifunctional, in that you can use them for off-roading and in marine vehicles as well as your RV. They have a 1.5-inch mounting depth and come with the mounting hardware and wiring you need for installation. Their slim, streamlined design is ideal as well.

The cloth covering and polypropylene cone make these speakers weather-resistant. They can even handle some wetness thanks to their grill and basket, both made of molded ABS plastic. The impedance rating is 4 ohms, in part due to the circuit magnet that’s 20 ounces. You get a frequency response rate of 100 Hz to 18 kHz as well. The peak power of these Pyramid speakers is 100 watts.

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8. Magnadyne Waterproof Marine and Hot Tub Speaker

Despite the name, you can use these waterproof speakers from Magnadyne anywhere outdoors. Since they’re made for hot tubs, if they get a little wet from the rain or even splashing around in a nearby lake, it’s no harm, no foul. The speakers include a grill that’s 6 inches and a cutout that’s 4 1/2 inches.

The 6-ounce magnet will keep your sound crisp so you can set the mood for an outdoor party, as will the 25 watts of sound you get from each speaker. Lightweight and slim, these speakers weight only a pound. That gives you plenty of versatility with where you may set them up.

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9. Alpine Marine Speakers

Yet another cool speaker set to consider for your outdoor RVing comes from Alpine. Their marine speakers have an 89-decibel sensitivity and a frequency response rate of 60 Hz to 22,000 Hz. When running at peak power, they can generate sound at 110 watts, so you’ll surely enjoy some high-quality music from these white speakers.

The custom frames on the speakers, made of a hardy ABS plastic, can withstand even high temperatures without damage. The silver grills keep UV rays at bay, too, and the dome tweeter has titanium features.

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10. PQN Enterprises Waterproof Ultra-Slim RV Marine Speakers

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the PQN Enterprises waterproof ultra-slim RV marine speakers. These white speakers are 5 inches and have a skinny profile overall. They’re lightweight as well, clocking in at just a pound. PQN ensured the speakers passed all the certifications through ASTM International. These include certifications for salt and UV exposure.

The silicone speaker leads will never corrode, and the cones themselves are waterproof. You’re free to have as much outdoor fun as you want, as these RV speakers can certainly handle it!

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If you want to bring the party outside your RV, you need a reliable set of outdoor speakers. Whether you want streamlined speakers or bulkier ones, inexpensive options or those with more features, you have your pick from the selection we shared.

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  1. I purchased KING RVM1000 RV Outdoor Speaker. This is a fantastic addition to our motorhome, easy to install where your existing exterior light is. The multi purpose use as a light and bluetooth speaker is great.The sound is excellent and is loud enough to hear from a distance, like around the campfire. The app is very easy to use and can do many things, adjust the color of lights, brightness, on and off, and using your music app.

  2. I purchased these magnadyne WR40W speaker to replace the ones on my RV, they work great, packaged very nicely. Sound quality is excellent and despite being only rated at 25 watts I can crank up the volume on my 100 watt system without distortion. Magnadyne WR40W Speaker is easy to install, compact, waterproof design.

  3. I installed BOSS speaker after blowing the factory speakers in our new RV after the second time out… the Jensen radio put out too many watts for the 2 x 50 watt speakers that came from factory. It’s compact enough to fit in tight places versatile full function did not need to install an amp was able to install in 20 minutes in a homemade project. Was blown away at how awesome it sounds.

  4. I was looking to replace my RV outside speakers, but didn’t want to cut the siding if I didn’t have to. I found RV speakers from Magnadyne. It fits perfectly on my 2013 Jayco X 23F. I was also intrigued by this product’s built-in grill, which offers extra damage protection. This addition should help ensure the speaker lasts a lot longer than other models. 

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