17 Fun Pickup Truck Bumper Stickers You Need To See

Pickup trucks offer a unique opportunity for fun bumper stickers. Because of these vehicles' special capabilities, pickup owners are often exceptionally proud of their vehicles and love to show them off. That's makes pickups a perfect canvas for applying some fun and creative bumper stickers.

But there are tons of options out there. And, of course, most don't apply directly to pickups. That's why we have scoured the gigantic internet marketplace to bring you the 15 best bumper stickers that are perfectly suited for pickup trucks. Let this guide help you find the perfect message to all of those who drive behind you.

17 Fun Pickup Truck Bumper Stickers You Need to See


The 17 Best Bumper Stickers for Pickup Trucks

Okay, the time has come to delve into all of the best bumper stickers for pickup trucks. From the funny to the adventurous to the very serious (not really) warnings about staying away from your prized truck - it's all here.

Before we start, let's define what we mean by "fun." If you have ever shopped for truck-specific bumper stickers, you have no doubt run into many rude and/or uncivil, negative stickers. And that includes an unhealthy obsession with the Toyota Prius, for some reason. We are staying away from any obscene, political, or rude messages and sticking to good, clean fun for this article.

1. Is there life after death? Touch my truck and find out.

This one is just great - starting off with one of the great existential questions, then quickly transitioning to a warning to stay away from your prized vehicular possession. And, at a time when new pickup trucks can easily cost $60,000, $70,000, or even $80,000, it is easy to see why you might want to keep everyone else away from it. Heck, even if you drive a 20-year old beater, it is still your hard-earned money invested, so why not protect it? Click here to see on Amazon.

2. Bandage stickers

If you use your truck as intended, you have undoubtedly gained many bumps, scrapes, and dents. Many trucks don't stay pristine for long, from off-road hazards to the abuse from towing and hauling. Sure, you could pay a body shop hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix it, but you know it will probably only get damaged again. That's where these band-aid bumper stickers come in - simply apply the bandage to the damage, and you automatically have a fun and creative way to address those dents. Click here to see on Amazon.

3. Buckle up - I want to try something

If you are the type that loves to test the limits of your pickup truck, this is a must-have bumper sticker for you. It tells everyone that you are not afraid to go a little wild with your truck, to take it over obstacles that the common crossover wouldn't even try. Click here to see on Amazon.

4. Yours may be fast... But mine can go anywhere    

There are all types of automotive enthusiasts out there, and it's not always about going fast. Sure, it's nice to have a fast truck that can easily keep up with traffic, but many pickup owners are much more concerned with offroad capability than on-road speed. For those owners, here is your bumper sticker. It's your way of telling the world what you are all about - getting away from the pavement princesses and venturing into places where only the bravest and most capable vehicles dare go. Click here to see on Amazon.

5. State Map


Chances are, you love taking your pickup on road trips. From pulling a trailer or hauling a camper to remote campgrounds, there are many ways to enjoy our great nation from the comfort of your truck. This popular sticker allows you to show off everywhere you've been. Each state in the nation comes with its own flag-inspired sticker you can apply after visiting that state. This one is often seen on motorhomes, but there is no reason you can't use it on your pickup truck as well. Click here to see on Amazon.

6. National Park Stickers

Nature-lovers, rejoice! Here is another fun travel-based sticker set. With 50 gorgeous National Park designs to choose from, you can proudly display stickers for each one you have visited. Reviewers love these high-quality vinyl stickers that should look great on your vehicle for a long time to come. Click here to see on Amazon.

7. Seek and Find Adventure

This simple, elegant design shows that you love the great outdoors. The tent, campfire, pine tree, and compass are perfect for anyone who loves finding adventures and camping in their pickup trucks. This vinyl sticker is great for RVers, campers, and overland enthusiasts with an eye for design. Click here to see on Amazon.

8. The Mountains Are Calling

With a nice mountain design and the simplistic phrase, this sticker shows exactly what you are all about. This is a great option for anyone who loves to take their pickup truck into the mountains for a little trail time. The black and white design pattern will coordinate with any color rig. Click here to see on Amazon.

By the way, if you're contemplating this, make sure you check out our 7 tips for off-roading with your pickup truck.

9. How to Pick Up Chicks

Okay, now we are back to the funny stuff. This simple three-panel comic is great for giving those stuck in traffic behind you a laugh. When people first read it, they will immediately assume it will have some cocky message about manliness until they see the pictures depicting a stick figure literally picking up a baby chick. If you have a funny bone and love sharing the laughter, this is the perfect bumper sticker for you. Click here to see on Amazon.

10. I Like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie

Baby got truck! Taking inspiration from the famous Sir Mix a Lot's "">Baby Got Back," this sticker is another that is sure to give anyone you run across a nice chuckle. Plus, it shows off your passion for big pickup trucks. I love that it can be fun without attacking other smaller and more efficient vehicles. While this one shows off exactly where your passion lies, there is the very real danger of getting the song stuck in your head every time you approach your truck! Click here to see on Amazon.

11. Old Pickups Never Die. They Get Rebuilt.

This sticker is great for any proud owner of an older pickup. You see a great project vehicle to resurrect back to its old glory.  Anyone who knows how to restore older models should feel an overwhelming sense of pride, so why not show it off a little with this sticker? Click here to see on Amazon.

12. Yes, it's my Truck, and No, I Won't Help You Move    

Anyone who owns a truck has been asked to help move. This bumper sticker sends a clear message to everyone you encounter - don't even bother asking for help on moving day. Of course, this sticker is more fun than serious, as I am sure most people who buy it will still help their friends and family move. I just hope you at least get a 6-pack out of the deal! Click here to see on Amazon.

13. No Problem/Problem

If you haven't seen this one before, it could take a second to understand what it's saying. Once you get it, though, it's a funny bumper sticker for anyone who likes to head off-roading wildly. Right side up, everything is good, hence the "No Problem" phrase. Once the black "Problem" side is readable, however, you know something has gone haywire. Click here to see on Amazon.

Please read our 7 tips for taking your truck off-road.

14. Honk If Parts Fall Off

Maybe your truck is no longer in the best shape. Hey, we've all been there. If that's the case, this is a humorous bumper sticker you can use to let everyone know you could lose parts at any time! Of course, if anyone really does take this sticker seriously, you will probably have forgotten about it and wonder why these motorists are honking at you in traffic. Click here to see on Amazon.

15. I Identify as a Prius

Okay, so there are tons of anti-Prius stickers aimed at pickup truck drivers. In fact, some get downright threatening. Instead of taking such a negative approach, you could opt for this humorous Prius-inspired bumper sticker. Imagine driving around in your 12-mpg F-250 and affixing this sticker to the back. It will immediately be clear that you have a good sense of humor about your poor fuel economy, plus you will be less likely to offend any hybrid drivers behind you. Click here to see on Amazon.

16. The Curvy Gentleman

We've all seen the "pretty girl" mudflap stickers, but this one puts a whole new twist on the concept! Instead of the curvaceous female silhouette, it uses a man who is also curvy in his own way. With 16 colors to choose from, including the white stickers that look great on tinted windows, this hilarious sticker is perfect for truck owners with a great sense of humor. Click here to see on Amazon.

17. 'Tis but a Scratch

Monty Python fans, unite! This phrase will be immediately clear to anyone who has seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And it's the perfect solution to any trail or hauling damage your truck has sustained. If you believe trucks should wear their damage like a badge of honor, this bumper sticker is perfect for you. The bigger the damage, the funnier this sticker is! Click here to see on Amazon.

Now, Get those Stickers On!

If we've done our job, this list of the 17 most fun bumper stickers for pickup trucks will have given you plenty of inspiration for your rig. Pick out one or even a few and start customizing that bumper (or window, or tailgate). This splash of fun on your truck is a great way to stand out from the crowd and add some cheap customization to your pickup.

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