Pickup Truck Gear List

We’re currently planning on buying a used pickup truck to tow our future travel trailer with. This is a list of the things I’d like to make sure we have as truck accessories or to carry with us in the truck.

My hope is to buy a relatively new model, hopefully with some bells and whistles. I doubt we’ll be able to afford a premium or limited kind of truck – though who knows, deals do come along. So, the following list is a reminder to myself as to what I need to get – in case it’s not already a feature in the truck.

A tonneau cover for the bed of the truck

For us, this one would be a must-have. At this point, the plan is to buy a truck (probably a newer F-150 as it can tow quite a bit) and a trailer, not a 5th wheel. That will leave us plenty of space to use in the bed of the truck and in order to make the most of it, we’re going to need a good tonneau (or tonno, I’ve seen both spellings used).

This tonneau here comes recommended for F-150 trucks. I really like that it’s easy to install and is totally waterproof and rain-resistant. We’re going to be keeping quite a bit of stuff there, including luggage during short trips if we leave the trailer in a campground and go for 2-3 days to explore nearby destinations.

Dee Zee Truck Tailgate Assist

This affordable little contraption slows down the drop of the tailgate when you open it. Unless we have a truck with one of those electric tailgates that softly open up on their own, we’re going to need the Tailgate Assist. It makes opening the tailgate easy and “thud-less”. Perfect for my needs.

Truck bed lighting system

I can just imagine myself rummaging through the stuff in the back of the truck trying to hold a flashlight with my teeth. No thanks. I’m old enough to need extra light during night time and if the truck we get doesn’t have a built-in lighting system for the bed area (and I know many newer models do have that), then a kit like this one would be the way to go. I liked this one the most because it’s waterproof, easy-to-install and provides LOT of light.

Telescoping Cargo Hook

We’re both tall people but we’re not that tall to reach to the back of a truck’s bed and pull stuff out. No one is. Which is why a cargo retrieving stick will be a good addition. We’re definitely going to be using the bed of the truck for storage and I much prefer to use a hook to get stuff closer to me than to climb up every time I need to get a bag out.

In fact, don’t tell anyone, but that was one of the things I worried most about when thinking about everyday use of the truck. Sure, steps and what-not but I just don’t see myself climbing up and down a huge truck several times a day, sorry. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution, like this lightweight, aluminum rod that can be adjusted to reach the deeper end of the bed.

I’ll be adding more gear as I keep working on my lists. If you have any suggestions for me, please do leave me a comment here!