24 Pickup Truck Key Chains That Make Perfect Gifts for Fans

Keychains are efficient ways to carry around keys and other accessories in a neat and organized fashion. Aside from the functional aspects, a keychain completes your personal image, especially when you’re driving around in a pickup truck. To help you find the pickup truck perfect keychain, here are 24 of the best products on Amazon.

24 Pickup Truck Key Chains That Make Perfect Gifts for Fans


General (Non-Brand) Pickup Trucks Keychains

1. Keychain Rusty Old Keychain by NEONBLONG

This is a vintage keychain that is built for functionality. It helps your whip out your keys easily wherever you go. It features a rusty appearance that looks authentic. The keychain is available in a standard size of 41mm by 27mm. It is backed up by a money-back satisfaction guarantee, which means if you don’t like it, you can return it.

Click here to order it on Amazon.

2. Pickup Truck Keyring by Danforth

This versatile keychain boasts intricate design and sturdy split rings that have a span of 2 inches. It allows you to keep all your keys in one position. The key is made using 100% lead-free pewter, which is designed for longevity. You’ll be surprised to learn that the pickup truck sculpture is fully handmade by an artisan in the US.

Click here to order on Amazon.

3.Find Joy in the Journey Keychain

This is a high-quality keychain made from durable zinc alloy material with an antique silver finish. The metal offers hardness and strength which makes the keychain last a lifetime of use. It features the silhouette of a pickup truck that offers good resilience and does not deform easily. A tag attached on the sturdy split ring reads, “Find joy in the journey’.

Learn more about it here on Amazon.

Ford Truck Keychains

4. Ford Blue Oval Keychain by Mafia Mugs

This keychain is made for an avid pickup truck owner who is always on the go. It is crafted from durable heavy duty metal with a chrome finish. The leather part features the classical Ford logo that is hard to fade away. This keychain is built to last, its lightweight design and compact size factor make it easy to carry around.

Click here to learn more.

5. Ford Truck Premium Chrome Keychain by Siskiyou

This keychain takes on a more aesthetic look with a Ford logo. The metal part boasts a high-quality chrome finish that won’t wear out after years of use. A standout feature of the keychain is its large ring which can hold a lot of rings. The only downside is the bulky 3” span which will feel heavy in your pocket.

Click here to order on Amazon.

6. Ford F100 Truck Keychain

This well-designed keychain is for fans of the F100 pickup truck. It is constructed from a strong meta combined with quality leather. It is resistant to wear and tear and designed to last a lifetime. This keychain would make a great choice for lovers of vintage Ford trucks. Even if you drive a fancy modern Ford F-series pickup truck, you can show how far back your brand loyalty goes with this keychain!

You can learn more here on Amazon.

7. Ford F-150 Black Leather Key Chain

This custom designed keychain has the Ford logo laser engraved on the silver plate. The leather is top notch with a compact design that will fit your pocket without feeling bulky at all. The moderately sized ring can hold several key chains. A high selling point for the keychain is that it is an officially licensed product from Ford itself.

Learn more here on Amazon.

8. F-250 Ford Truck Key Chain by Gregs Automotive

If you like stylish Keychains that can make a statement, then this keychain is a must have. It features a unique pull and twist mechanism that simplifies the addition and removal of keys with relative ease. The metal has a chrome finish with an attractive luster to it. This keychain is approved by Ford itself, so you’re buying an officially licensed product.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

9. F350 Lariat Keychain by Truck Emblem Warehouse

This keychain is meant for owners of Ford F350 Lariat and is meant to keep your keys compact. It features durable metal construction with lustrous chrome plating and paint finish. The key chain is very bulky, with a rigid badge with the logo on it and the ring. Your pockets will get heavy.

Click here to order on Amazon.

10. Custom Chrome Keychain

Owners of F350 might find this keychain useful. It features a unique badge that pays homage to Ford’s power stroke diesel engine. The entire keychain is made out of durable metal that won’t give away to daily use. The bright chrome plated finish helps you carry your keys in style.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

11. Ford F250 Keychain by EspecialCrafts

The emblem takes after the shape of the Ford F250 and can be fully customized with the wearer’s name on it. This makes the keychain the perfect gift for friends and family who own an F250. The sturdy metal is stainless steel with a silver finish.

You can learn more on Etsy here.


12. Chevrolet Silverado Keychain by QZS

If you love high-quality leather, owning this keychain will make a statement wherever you go. It is designed for owners of the Chevrolet Silverado. The keychain is an especially good option if your old keychain got worn out and needs a new shell. The manufacturer made installation relatively simple with no need for reprogramming.

Simply transfer your original components into the keychain, which will easily fit like a glove. The leather will protect your components from wear and tear.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

13. Chevy Keychain by Corvette Central

Made of durable metal, this keychain is strong, resistant to wear and tear, and at the same time, is compact. It's metal construction has the strength to withstand harsh conditions that are common with owners of the Silverado. If you carry around a large number of keys, this keychain should suit you perfectly.

It features a Chevy logo emblem that will make a stylistic statement wherever you go. The ring itself has a simple and classic design that will compliment your style.

You can buy this keychain here on Amazon.

14. Blue Chevy Silverado Keychain by TheKeyChainStore

This is the perfect product if you’re looking for Chevy Silverado Keychains. The official Silverado logo is encased with a thick acrylic dome that is designed for longevity. Being very lightweight, this keychain will not add bulk to your pocket despite carrying around all your Keychains.

It is just as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is functionally practical. Your keys will easily slide right into the ring and stay here until you decide otherwise.

You can buy this keychain here on Etsy.

15. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Truck Keychain

If you’re a fan of pickup trucks, particularly the iconic Chevrolet Silverado 1500, this is the product you should own. It features a large model of the 1500 series that will fit the palm of your hand. The only downside is that it is going to be especially bulky. It will attract attention from your audience wherever you go on account of its sheer size.

The large ring lets you pair up all your keys with relative ease. Made of durable metal and handcrafted by a skilled artisan, this keychain is more aesthetic than practical.

You can buy it here on Etsy.

16. Chevy Keychain by Corvette Central

This keychain screams of both class and quality. Featuring premium leather construct with chrome finish, the emblem prominently contains the Chevrolet logo in style. The keychain has an impressively small form factor, being 2” by 1.6:” only, which means it won’t feel heavy in your pocket. Least to say, you won’t be losing your keys if you pair them with this keychain.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

Ram Trucks

17. Custom Shield Keychain by Ram

Both sides of this keychain contain the RAM and Shield logos. Since there are two emblems attached to the ring, the keychain will take up considerable space in your pocket. But if you want to, you can unhook one of the logos and make room for more keys. Besides, either emblem pays homage to Ram pickups. Available in an antique silver finish, the keychain is made using durable metal that does not corrode.

The keychain is about 1-3/8 inches by 2 inches and designed for fans of Ram pickups. You can now show off your love for Ram by owning this keychain.

Own it here.

18. Dodge Ram 1500 Black Leather Key Chain

This keychain is precisely designed to represent the Dodge Ram 1500. The logo is laser engraved so it won’t fade away worth rough use. The keychain approximately measures as 1” by 3.25,” boasting a very compact design that won’t make feel bulky in your pocket. The leather is stitched together using the toughest thread there is. This keychain is built to last a lifetime.

It is lightweight and easy to use. Your keys will easily slip right into the steel ring.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

19. Dodge Ram 1500 Black Bottle Opener

It always helps to have essential tools with you at all times, in case you might need them. This keychain is designed for that exact purpose. It has a bright LED flashlight with batteries included, although getting them out for replacement can be quite a hassle. You also get a durable bottle opener, which attests to the high quality of the key chain. The bottle opener is not a gimmick and is strong enough to open up a bottle.

Despite all these features, the keychain is surprisingly lightweight and compact. The RAM 1500 logo is laser engraved on it to ensure it doesn’t fade away with time.  The bottle opener has an aluminum matte black finish that will help you make a stylistic statement.

Click here to order this keychain on Amazon.

20. Black Teardrop Keychain for Dodge Ram Owners

If you want to replace your Dodge Ram’s stock keychains, then this is product comes to the rescue. It is made with high-quality materials that are designed longevity and can withstand some serious punishment. The metal ring features a shiny finish that will sparkle under the sun. The emblem takes the shape of a teardrop with an engraving of the Ram logo.

You can select the right keys for your make and model of the Dodge Ram by entering the vehicle’s information on the product page. Simply enter the year, make, and model of your Dodge Ram to get the most authentic results.

You can click here to learn more.

GMC Sierra

21. GMC Truck Keychain by TJMARZ

This keychain features an authentic looking GMC logo. What’s considerably more impressive is the fact that it is entirely handcrafted by the artist using a hand-vise, Dremel tools, and cold-welding. The keychain itself is light and compact, so it won’t feel bulky in your pocket. Most of these keys are built to order and sell like hotcakes.

Make sure to buy it before it runs out of stock.

22. GMC Sierra 500 Keychain by SteelUnique

This keychain is made entirely using steel. The ring is attached to a GTC Sierra 1500 Pickup truck model which will make heads turn. Despite its stylistic aesthetics, the keychain is lightweight with a compact design. Its dimensions are only 50 by 40 mm, so it will fit into your pocket easily.

Click here to order it on Etsy.

 23. Custom GMC Sierra Keychain by Especial Crafts

This keychain is the ideal product for owners of the GMC Sierra with its bulky frame and dark aesthetics. Its stainless steel construction ensures the keychain will last long.  The keychain is manually designed by a skilled artist, so it will take time for your order to arrive.

You can order it here.

24. GMC Sierra Acadia Canyon Keychain by MoWorksLv

Apart from the GMC badge, this keychain features a simplistic design that serves a functional purpose than stylistic. Like most products on Etsy, it is purely handmade, which is impressive given how accurate the logo looks.

You can order it here on Etsy.


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