15 Best Pickup Truck Side Steps

15 Best Pickup Truck Side StepsHave you ever struggled to get into a tall pickup truck? Luckily, there are a ton of side steps on the market that help remedy this issue. Side steps are fairly easy to install. They simply mount underneath the truck by the doors. Without further ado, let's go over the 15 best pickup truck side steps on the market.

1. Bully BBS-1103

These side steps by Bully come in either black or polished aluminum, and you can order a set of 2 or a set of 4. With a weight limit of 350 pounds, these steps will hold virtually anyone.

This particular product is universally made to fit most vehicles.

Reviewers say these steps are easy to install and that they give the truck a clean cut look.

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2. Bully BBS-1101S

These Bully side steps are made out of a few materials for optimal strength and versatility. The brackets and framework are made out of black aluminum and the crossbeam step is made of black coated steel, topped by a rubber pad for traction. The step is 3 inches wide, providing sufficient space for getting in and out of the vehicle. This model is adjustable to fit your height needs.

This product is universally made to fit most vehicles.

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3. Bully AS-200

These side steps offer maximum strength, holding up to 350 pounds. It's crafted from lightweight aluminum plated in chrome, giving them a more rugged but classy look. They're universally made to fit most vehicles. These steps are corrosion resistant which will increase their longevity. The texture of the step increases grip.

This pack comes with a set of two steps, required hardware, and instructions.

Reviewers gave positive feedback on the steps' strength and durability.

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4. RBP-R1S1002R 

The RBP step is made from chrome plated aluminum with the capability of holding up to 350 pounds. The 3.5 inch-wide step has a removable traction plate that can be custom painted, if desired. The diamond plated texturing of the step adds grip for easy entrance and exit of the truck.

This product comes with one step and is universally designed to fit most vehicles.

Reviewers say that it is easy to install and fits well.

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5. Carr's 103991-1

The Carr's step is crafted from an aluminum alloy and sports a rugged look with its black powder coating. It is durable, corrosion resistant, and has a tread pattern that enhances grip.

The box comes with one step and the necessary hardware.

Reviewers say that they're impressed with the sturdiness and weight capability of this step.

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6. Buyers Products B2797SS

Compact and foldable, this cast steel step is perfect for a more low profile look. It has the capability to lay flat to the vehicle while it's in motion, then fold out 90 degrees for use. There is no spring mechanism, so the step stays locked in position.

This product is available in several different finishes.

This step is perfect for the minimalist who is looking strictly for utility rather than aesthetics.

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These steps are relatively minimalistic. The perforated body of the steps gives them a sense of unique aesthetic appeal that will make any truck look more sleek and aggressive.

Reviewers like the fact that these steps give their vehicle a more mean, aggressive look.

With this product, you might need additional hardware sold separately.

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8. N-Fab T1360R Textured Black Step Systems

These steps are unique in that they're a combination of conventional running boards with wider steps mounted to the side. The 3 different mounting positions make these steps particularly sturdy. These steps are also powder coated which means they're sure to withstand extreme environments.

Reviewers say these steps fit tight to the vehicle and look excellent.

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9. RBP-1345B RX-3 Step Bar

These steps are similar in construction to other longer, more robust side steps. The wide profile coupled with the mesh accents makes this product look sleek and aggressive. With this much metal and 2 thick bars on each step, you'll have ample room to step up into your truck.

These steps are available in black or stainless steel.

Reviewers love the rugged look of these steps.

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10. AMP Research 76151-01A Black Running Boards

These steps are made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum. However, their most unique attribute is that they're electric, and they fold in and out when the door opens. What's more, each side can hold a whopping 600 pounds.

These side steps are perfect for the truck owner that wants a sleek accessory that adds utility but can be easily tucked away out of sight when not in use.

Reviewers say these steps are rock solid.

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11. Buyers Products FS2797CH Folding Step

This step is similar to the B2797SS except for the fact that this one is slightly larger, providing a bigger surface to step onto. The course metal plating on these steps will ensure you don't lose your footing when getting into your vehicle.

This step also folds 90 degrees when not in use. This product is perfect for the minimalist that still wants ample stepping room.

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12. AMP Research 75413-01A Access Step

This step from AMP Research is technically an access step for the truck bed. It mounts just in front of the rear fender well, and it conveniently swings forward when you push down on it. This helps it stay hidden when not in use, but it adds a substantial amount of utility.

The step is wide and has a non-slip surface, giving you more room to step and more traction.

Reviewers say that this step is easy to install and ts quality is superb.

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13. Wide Oval Tubing Side Nerf Step Bar

These side steps offer a timeless chrome look without sacrificing strength and durability. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel and topped with a non-slip step area, these step bars are sure to serve their intended purpose for a long time.

There is no drilling required to install these steps, which makes the installation process more convenient.

Reviewers are very satisfied with this product.

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14. TAC Side Steps

These side steps have a minimalist, timeless appearance with a slight sleek accent. The black will complement any truck's color scheme while providing substantial utility. The stepping surface is long, flat, and covered with non-slip material.

Reviewers like that these are easy to install and that they're a plain, simple solution.

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15. Auto Dynasty Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards

These running boards are a more modern version of conventional running boards. Their flat, non-slip surface provides ample stepping space that runs the length of the cab.

These steps are made of rust-resistant aluminum which means they'll stand the test of time.

Reviewers like how easy these are to install along with how affordable they are.

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