What Is The Platinum Ultimate Package For Ford Trucks?

If you are thinking about purchasing a new Ford truck, there are many choices available. Maybe you aren't sure which trim level is right for you. Let us help. We have done some research and have comparison information ready for you on the 2021 and 2022 models.  

The  Ultimate package was an optional upgrade package available on the Ford F150 Platinum series a few years ago but is no longer available. This upgrade package offered drivers a twin-panel moonroof, towing cameras, and adaptive cruise.

While the Ultimate package may be a thing of the past, keep reading to find out more about the current Platinum trim level. You will find out what comes as base standard equipment, what is offered as optional upgrades, and how the Platinum trim level compares to some of the other available trim levels available on Ford trucks.  

Ford F-150s lined up at a dealership, What Is The Platinum Ultimate Package For Ford Trucks?

Platinum Standard Equipment

The features of the former Ultimate package are still available, in some cases, as standard equipment. For instance, the adaptive cruise has progressed to keep up with technological advances and safety concerns. It is now part of the standard equipment. 

The Ford Platinum trim package offers everything available as standard on the King Ranch except the exclusive King Ranch interior features plus much more. Beyond standard equipment, there are many optional upgrades available in equipment packages and as free-standing options.  

 Below are a few of the features that come as standard equipment on the Platinum Supercrew F150:

  • 5.0L V8 with Auto Start-Stop Technology and Flex-Fuel Capability
  • SelectShift® Automatic Transmission with Progressive Range Select
  • Power-Deployable Running Boards
  • Wheels – 20” polished aluminum
  • 400W Outlet 
  • Heated and ventilated front multi-contour power/memory seats with Active Motion® leather bucket with flow-through console and floor shifter
  • Rear heated seats
  • Adaptive Steering
  • Auto High Beams with Rain-Sensing Wipers
  • Ford Co-Pilot360™ Assist 2.0 featuring Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go, lane centering, speed sign recognition including evasive steering and intersection assist, and built-in navigation. 

These are only a few highlights of what is offered standard with the Platinum trim level. You can find them all in the 2021 F-150 order guide or the 2021 Super Duty order guide

Platinum Upgrades

The Ultimate package upgrades are still available. A moonroof is now a stand-alone option rather than part of an add-on package. Further, the former Ultimate package towing cameras are now currently part of the Trailer Tow package, along with added capabilities. 

If the standard equipment on the current Platinum isn't enough, you have several equipment packages and stand-alone features available you can add to your truck. Below are a few options worth mentioning. 

Equipment Package 701A

The Platinum trim level has the option to upgrade to equipment package 701A. This adds the following features. 

  • Upgraded sound system with 18 speakers
  • Choice of Tow Technology package with 360-degree camera capability
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist Prep package with the ability to update to the future release of Park Assist and Drive Assist 
  • Power tailgate

Stand-alone Packages

These are upgrade options that are not part of an equipment group and have to be added individually. They can also be options within the 701A package that can still be added individually if your truck doesn't have that package included. 

  • FX4  Off-Road package with features Rock Crawl Mode
  • Tow packages  
  • Ford CoPilot 360 Assist Prep package
  • Interior Work Surface
  • Tow Technology

Free Standing Options

These are a few options that can be added when building your truck or by the dealers to be installed later. 

  • Axle upgrade
  • 36-gallon fuel tank
  • Max Recline seats
  • Twin panel moonroof
  • Pro Power Onboard 2KW or 7.2KW
  • Partitioned foldable, lockable storage
  • Engine block heater
  • Spare tire

What is the difference between the Ford Lariat and Platinum?

The Lariat is referenced by Car and Driver to be the middle ground between luxury and performance. This trim level is two levels below the Platinum series but still has many features like:

  • two engine choices,
  • heated and ventilated leather trim power seats,
  • push-button and remote start,
  • Sirius XM radio,
  • CoPilot 360,
  • SYNC4®, and that makes it a powerful luxury truck.

The Lariat is more easily customizable, so you can essentially build the truck that you want. If the standard equipment is not enough, you can add features to customize your truck for towing, sport, recreation, safety, comfort, and convenience. 

The Platinum trim level will have many more bells and whistles that are considered standard equipment, but it also has a base price that is around $14,000 more than the Lariat. 

If you are in the market for an attractive, comfortable truck for everyday driving, the Lariat should definitely be on your shortlist.  

Which is better Ford Platinum or Limited?

The Limited is the top trim level available on Ford trucks. It has most features available as standard equipment, so it is definitely a luxury truck regardless of the model. 

The Limited comes with everything standard on the Platinum plus some nice standard upgrades like:

  • the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost,
  • Pro-Power Onboard 7.2KW,
  • 18 speaker sound system,
  • and tow package with backup assist. 

Unique exterior features include an exclusive chrome grille, bright single tip exhaust, 22" wheels, and, of course, external appliques and badges which identify it as the Limited. Unique interior features include multi-contour seats, real wood trim accents, instrument panel, and scuff plates with IceBlue® back-lit lettering.  

If you don't want to worry about adding multiple upgrade options to get everything you want on your Ford truck, then the Limited is one for you because it is probably already included. There are a few limited stand-alone upgrades available, but many. 

If you would like to watch a video, check out this one: 

Is King Ranch better than Platinum?

The King Ranch is the trim level below the Platinum. This is the right choice for many people because it has many great standard features such as the 5L V8 with Auto Start Technology and Flex Fuel capability, adaptive steering, Co-Pilot Assist, interior comfort features, and rain-sensing wipers, and many upgrades options without the price tag of the Platinum. 

King Ranch is known for the signature interior that features King Ranch leather seats and trim.  It is also the first trim level package in which the new Max Recline feature is available. Beauty, comfort, and power are all included in this trim level. 

Does Ford King Ranch have real leather?

The leather Ford uses on the King Ranch series is real leather from King Ranch, Inc. in Texas. King Ranch has been making quality leather goods since the Civil War.  Their leather is a feature on the King Ranch trim level offered on the F-150 and Super Duty truck models through a partnership with Ford. 

From 2001-2008, the King Ranch leather used was Castano leather. This is the same leather that King Ranch uses on its saddles.

Castano is high-quality aniline leather. The dying process is meant to showcase the feature of the natural hide. Therefore, it does not form a protective coating on the leather's surface.  The lack of coating makes this leather type more prone to sun, stain, and friction damage.

The nature of this type of leather requires that it be cleaned and conditioned frequently to maintain flexibility and an attractive look. The high maintenance upkeep led to many customer complaints because it is not the leather people are used to in automobiles. Ford listened and changed the leather found in King Ranch trucks. 

Starting in the 2009 models, the King Ranch trucks featured Chaparral leather. This leather type is a micro-pigment automobile-grade aniline finished leather. It is still a high-quality aniline leather with a natural look, but the finish makes it a bit more durable.  

Analine leather needs frequent attention and a special cleaner. Consider this one from Colourlock:

Click here to find it on Amazon.

What is Ford's highest trim level?

 If you are looking for the cream of the crop, the  Ford Limited is for you. The 2021 Ford Limited F150 starts at $73,105. The Limited package is also available on the Super Duty F-250, F-350, and F-450 trucks. Starting prices for the 2022 Super Duty series are:

  • F-250 at $85,335,
  • F-350 at $86,510,
  • and F-450 at $92,270.

The Limited trim level has most equipment package options included as standard. However, there are still a few optional upgrades which include the following:

  • Interior Work Surface console
  • Axle upgrade
  • 36-gallon fuel tank
  • Engine block heater
  • Max Recline on driver and passenger
  • Floor line - tray style
  • Front license plate bracket (standard in states that require it)

In Closing

There is a reason that Ford is one of the best-selling trucks of all time. There are many packages available with options to fit every need and desire. Should this interest you, it might be time to go test drive one today. 

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