Can You Plow Snow with a Toyota Tacoma?

Can you plow snow with a Toyota Tacoma?

Winter is right around the corner again. We all prepare our yards and get ready for snow. It is time to plan for snow removal. Up here in the north, that means getting our trucks ready to plow.  This may leave you wondering if you can plow snow with your Toyota Tacoma?

Yes! You can plow snow with a Tacoma. Tacoma has proven itself to be an amazing truck for plowing snow. It does have its limitations and you will need the appropriate trim and gear - but your Tacoma can come in handy for the task.

The simple answer is that you can plow snow with a Tacoma. This truck is commonly used for plowing snow. There are, however, several different things that need to be considered before hooking up a plow to your truck. Keep reading to find out more.

How Big Does My Tacoma Need to Be to Plow Snow?

This is a great place to begin. Most half-ton trucks can handle a snowplow. This will depend upon the type of plow you want to install. It is also recommended that your truck be a four-wheel drive for plowing snow.

Three quarter ton trucks are awesome for plowing snow. The frame on these trucks is very strong. This will reduce issues later.  These trucks can handle several different types of snow plow with ease.

One-ton trucks can handle anything. This is the most versatile platform for using a snowplow. These Tacoma trucks are beasts in the field. The four-wheel wheel drive version of this truck was born to plow snow. If you are on the market for a truck to plow snow, this is the way to go.

Many people that use smaller trucks to plow snow. If you are lucky this will work for a season or two. If you do it for much more than that you may start to have frame and suspension issues.  Pay attention to your truck for any changes.

What Size Engine Do I Need?

Snow is heavy and wet. The answer to this question really depends on how much snow you need to remove. If you live in an area as I do, that means a lot! If you aren’t having to remove snow daily, then you have a little wiggle room. Engine size is the first thing that needs to be considered before attaching a plow.

A four-cylinder engine is not going to work. You may be able to install the plow, but you will not have the power needed to do the job. You would be better off using other means to remove snow.

A six-cylinder engine will do the trick. This setup will provide you with the power that you need for most smaller jobs. This is a very common engine size for plowing.

  • Provides enough power to push the plow
  • Should be able to handle most basic plowing jobs.
  • Does not stress the engine or the transmission if used correctly.

An eight-cylinder or higher Tacoma is perfect for plowing snow. This setup will provide you with ample power for larger jobs and smaller jobs. A more powerful setup provides you with more versatility.

  • Can handle larger and heavier loads of snow.
  • Usually has a slightly higher stance on the road.
  • Provides a sturdier frame for mounting.
  • Can clear obstacles with a plow that's mounted on the truck.
  • Has more options from plow size and installation.

Do I Need a 4x4 to Plow Snow?

A four-wheel-drive Tacoma is needed to plow snow. A two-wheel-drive setup is prone to be stuck in the snow while plowing. Extra traction and control are needed when plowing snow. Surfaces are often slippery, and snow is heavy.  The stress put on your truck is probably not worth the risk. You may end up stuck out in the snow!

Tips for Plowing Snow with Your Tacoma

  • Research and confirm that your Tacoma can handle plowing snow.
  • Learn the basics of snow plowing.
  • Ask someone to teach you how to plow snow.
  • Learn the towing capacity of your tuck this will also give you an idea of how much you can push.
  • Make sure that your plow is installed correctly.
  • Learn how to use four-wheel drive.
  • Understand how your truck will handle while plowing.
  • Practice plowing in lighter snow.
  • Never plow beyond your capabilities.
  • Maintain your truck and plow.
  • Always be safe.

Plowing snow is a learned skill. Before you go out and purchase a plow make sure that your Tacoma can handle the job that you are tackling. Not every truck can handle the rigors of plowing snow.

If you have never plowed snow before you should ask someone to teach you how. I learned this lesson the hard way in my first winter. Tips and tricks from experienced snow plowers can save you from making costly mistakes.

Learning how to drive in four-wheel is a great place to start. I know many people that have this option and don’t ever use it. This will prove to be essential as you start to plow in difficult conditions. It is best to learn how to use it sooner than later.

It may sound a little crazy but towing capacity can give you a great idea of how much snow you can push. Plowing snow is sort of like towing in reverse. Tacoma trucks are known to be able to withstand heavy loads.

Safety is always paramount. Never underestimate plowing snow especially when you are first starting. It is often a lack of knowledge and experience that causes problems. Tacoma trucks are known for being tough. You may find that you have sufficient equipment but not enough experience.

Maintaining Your Truck and Plow

Proper vehicle maintenance is always important. When you are plowing snow, this becomes even more important. Snow and cold always take their toll on a vehicle. You will be placing more force and exertion on your truck compared to normal driving conditions. Always check your fluids regularly.

Keep an eye on your temperature gauge. When you are plowing snow, it is important to watch your vehicle. The force of moving snow can cause your temperature gauge to react differently than it would when driving. It is important to keep your vehicle within its normal operating range. If you notice a problem, you may not have the correct truck or set up for the job.

When you are not out plowing you should always check your plow. Make sure that ice and snow are not built upon the plow. The blade should always be clear.  Chip out or melt any areas of buildup. Take care not to damage your truck or your plow

What Type of Plow Is Best for My Tacoma?

The answer to this question is as diverse as the Tacoma line of trucks. There are several models of snowplows that are complementary to the design of the truck. The answer is really going to depend on your needs, skill level, and preference. Click here to see snow plows for Tacoma on Amazon.


As technology has improved new materials are being used for plows. Polyethylene plows are made from hardened plastic. This has improved lifespan and scratch resistance.


  • Scratch and dent resistant
  • Will last longer than other materials
  • Does not lose color or show wear.


  • More expensive than steel plows.
  • Weighs more than steel plows.
  • May require a custom framework to accommodate the weight
  • Because of their construction snow has trouble sticking


Metal plows are sleek and shiny when they are new. They have been in use for a long time and are a popular option for Tacoma trucks. There are many styles available.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Does not usually require specialized install
  • Snow will stick effortlessly.


  • Will rust
  • Will make noise and rattle.
  • Will dent and scratch.

When selecting a plow for your Tacoma consider the surface that you are plowing. Steel plows can show wear after use on gravel and other rough surfaces. Polyethylene plows tend to handle these surfaces a lot better. It really comes down to usage and expense.

Do I Need a Mechanical Plow or a Fixed Blade?

This question really comes down to preference. You should also think about the type of plowing you will be doing. The expense will really come into play here.

Hydraulic snowplows are meant for heavier trucks. They require specialized installation including frame modification. Electronics will have to be installed for you to operate the plow inside of the truck. These are ideal for commercial use and larger trucks. If you own a larger Tacoma this may be an option for you.

Fixed-blade snowplows are the most popular. These are usually lightweight and inexpensive. It will take some trial and error to get the blade set the way that you want it. Once this is done you should be able to plow without any issue. These plows are perfect for residential applications.

This is where experience and need come together. I’ve used both types of plows. I have had great success with a fixed blade for my yard and driveway. I found that using a mechanical plow required much more manipulation and preparation. Mechanical plows also require much more maintenance.

You may also want to read here about the common problems with older Tacoma trucks.

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