Do Pop-Up Campers Have Bathrooms? [3 Bathroom Types Discussed]

Pop-up campers offer a comfortable camping experience, often bridging the gap between tent camping and RVs. A common query among potential owners is whether these campers come with bathrooms.

Indeed, pop-up campers can feature various bathroom types, including dry, wet, and cassette toilets, depending on their size and design. For those models without built-in facilities, campers typically rely on public bathrooms at campgrounds.

This article will explore each bathroom style available in pop-up campers, highlighting their unique features to aid in your decision-making process.

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Types of Bathrooms in Pop-Up Campers: Features and Practical Considerations

Dry Bathroom

Typically found in larger pop-up campers, dry bathrooms have separate areas for the sink, shower, and toilet. While offering more space than wet bathrooms, they do require more maintenance and cleaning due to the separate areas. Example: Rockwood Premier.

Wet Bathroom

Combining the toilet and shower in one waterproof space, wet bathrooms save space and are easier to maintain. However, their compact size may not suit everyone.

Examples of pop-up campers with wet bathrooms include the A-Liner Family Scout and the Forest River Rockwood High Wall Series.

Cassette Toilet

A versatile option for both dry and wet bathrooms, cassette toilets are hidden under tables when not in use. They are easier to clean and empty but offer less privacy. Ideal for occasional use.

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No Bathroom

For those prioritizing space over convenience, some campers opt for no bathroom. This option requires reliance on external facilities or portable toilets, which can be less convenient but maximize living space.

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Each type has its own set of advantages and considerations. Your choice should align with your camping style, the frequency of your trips, and your comfort preferences.

Using Toilets in Pop-Up Campers

Operating a toilet in a pop-up camper, typically a cassette type, involves a few simple steps:

  1. Filling the Flush Tank: Rotate the spout on top of the toilet to fill the flush tank. Monitor the water level using the glass tube on the side. Fill until the water is just below the top of this tube.
  2. Using the Toilet: You have two options - either pre-fill the bowl with water using the flush knob or directly open the valve blade to use the toilet.
  3. After Use: If pre-filled, flush the toilet by turning the flush knob several times, then ensure the valve blade is closed.
  4. Tank Indicator: The toilet will have an indicator on the front. When it turns red, it signifies that the holding tank, usually located under the toilet, is full and needs to be emptied.
  5. Emptying the Tank: Remove the tank from under the toilet and take it to a designated dump station for disposal.

For a comprehensive guide on the function and maintenance of RV toilets, refer to “How Do RV Toilets Work?

Emptying a Pop-Up Camper Toilet

  1. Locate Dumping Area: Identify the designated dumping station at your campground and understand any specific waste disposal rules.
  2. Prepare for Emptying:

    • Ensure the valve blade is closed.
    • Release the yellow safety catch and remove the tank by its handle.
    • Turn the emptying spout 90 degrees and take off the safety cap.

  3. Empty the Tank:

    • Hold the tank steadily.
    • Press the vent plunger to avoid spills, and carefully pour the contents into the waste receptacle.

  4. Cleaning the Tank:

    • Rinse the tank with water several times to ensure thorough cleaning.

These steps ensure a safe and hygienic method of emptying your camper's toilet.

Frequency of Emptying a Cassette Toilet

The frequency of emptying a cassette toilet in a pop-up camper varies with use. Generally, it's advisable to empty the toilet every two days to avoid overflow. However, this can change based on how often it's used.

In cases where multiple people use the toilet, more frequent emptying may be necessary. To maintain cleanliness and prevent issues, a two-day emptying routine is often optimal.

For a better understanding of the emptying process, you might find it useful to watch instructional videos like ">this one, which provides a visual guide.

Managing Odors in Cassette Toilets

Elegant Camper RV Bathroom with Cassette Toilet

Cassette toilets in pop-up campers can sometimes produce bad odors, particularly after solid waste use. To mitigate this, using odor-neutralizing chemicals like Aqua-Kem is effective.

It's recommended to pour at least four ounces into the holding tank to cover the bottom adequately. Many cassette toilets come with a built-in measuring cup for easy chemical addition.

You remove the holding tank and use the emptying spout to pour in the chemical. This method helps keep the toilet fresh and reduces unpleasant smells.

Choosing the Ideal Bathroom for Your Pop-Up Camper

Selecting the perfect bathroom for your pop-up camper involves considering various factors. Assess the camper's size and its impact on bathroom space. Reflect on your camping frequency and duration to determine bathroom needs.

Factor in the number of users to ensure adequate facilities. Decide between an indoor setup for convenience or an outdoor option for a more natural experience. Aim for a setup with both a toilet and shower for maximum comfort.

If none of the options mentioned above appeal to you, consider upgrading to a larger RV. Check out "What Are The Smallest RV's With A Shower And Toilet?" for more information.

FAQ: Pop-Up Campers with Bathrooms

1. Are bathrooms in pop-up campers a good investment?
Yes, especially for camping in areas without public restrooms. They add convenience and can increase the camper's resale value.

2. What are the downsides of bathrooms in pop-up campers?
They can reduce living space and add weight, impacting the vehicle's towing capacity.

3. Where can you find used pop-up campers with bathrooms?
Check Craigslist, RV Trader, eBay, and inspect thoroughly before buying.

4. How do you design an efficient bathroom in a small pop-up camper?
Opt for space-saving features like cassette toilets, attachable showerheads, and collapsible storage.

5. Can pop-up campers have bathrooms?
Yes, many models come equipped, and it's possible to retrofit a bathroom.

6. What should you consider when buying a pop-up camper with a bathroom?
Focus on the camper's size, weight, bathroom features (toilet, shower, sink, storage), and your vehicle's towing capacity.

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