Ram Cell Phone Mounts for Motorcycles [10 Models Examined]

A collage of RAM Cellphone mount accessories for motorcycles, Ram Cell Phone Mounts for Motorcycles [10 Models Examined]A cell phone motorcycle mount can be a great addition to your gear collection. Forget coming to a stop, removing your gloves, fumbling through your motorcycle jacket pockets, and digging out your phone. With a cell phone motorcycle mount, you’ll never miss a turn or an important phone call again.

There are lots of different cell phone motorcycle mounts out there. From brands to sizes, grip type to durability, the sheer number of options can seem daunting to the average consumer. One of the highest-rated brands for cell phone motorcycle mounts is RAM. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the best RAM mounts, full of different styles and uses. Read on to learn which RAM motorcycle cell phone mount is right for you.

1. RAM X-Grip Phone Mount With Handlebar U-Bolt Base 

This RAM motorcycle mount is outfitted with their ever-popular X-Grip. The X-Grip cradle holds your cell phone in a spring-loaded ‘X’ design. The corners of the ‘X’ are covered in rubber caps that clutch your phone very tightly without hiding the screen, the perfect balance of security and ease of use. This X-Grip cradle comes with a device tether that you can attach to your vehicle for extra security.

This X-Grip mount comes equipped with a Handlebar U-Bolt Base to fasten it securely to your handlebars while riding. The U-bolt can fit rails from .5" to 1.25" in diameter, which will suffice for most motorcycle handlebars. This mount is made from powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel components. This mount comes in both standard and large sizes to accommodate all phone types.

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2. RAM X-Grip Phone Mount With RAM Snap-Link Tough-Claw

This RAM motorcycle mount is also equipped with the versatile X-Grip cradle. The X-Grip cradle is one of the most widespread grip designs throughout RAM’s mount catalog due to its durability, ease of use, and perhaps most importantly, its reliable grip on your device.

This X-Grip mount is paired with RAM’s signature Snap-Link Tough-Claw base. The Snap-Link Tough-Claw base can quickly clamp to round, square, and odd-shaped rails from .625" to 1.5" in outer diameter. The clamp comes with rubber pads to secure its grip and protect the surface onto which you place the mount. This mount is made of high-strength composite and stainless steel hardware. It comes in both standard and large sizes.

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3. RAM X-Grip Phone Holder With Motorcycle Fork Stem Base

Another RAM motorcycle mount equipped with the X-Grip cradle, this mount is paired with a Motorcycle Fork Stem Base. This mount’s motorcycle fork stem base is designed to securely fasten directly into the fork of your bike, turning with you as you ride. This type of mount is useful for those who don’t want to leave their phone mounted off to the side or on a bar where it may be swiped by an errant hand. With this fork stem base, your phone is mounted tightly right in the center of your ride.

This fork stem base is compatible with stems ranging from 12mm to 38mm in length. This mount is made of stainless steel components, high-strength composites, and powder-coated marine-grade aluminum. It comes in both standard and large sizes.

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4. RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount With Torque Rail Base

The X-Grip cradle is the grip that keeps on gripping! This X-grip mount is equipped with RAM’s signature Torque Rail base. This Torque Rail base is designed to be securely fastened to your handlebars or other motorcycle rails ranging from ¾" to 1" in diameter. Like other handlebar and rail motorcycle mounts, this mount is noted for its nylon-insert locknuts, which can help prevent loosening on bumpy roads or other high vibration scenarios.

Balancing the best vibration resistance and usability, this mount maintains the low-profile of other RAM motorcycle mounts while adding additional security for abnormal conditions. This mount comes in small, medium, and large Torque Rail base sizes.

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5. RAM 9mm Flat Base X-Grip Motorcycle Mount Holder

Another mount from RAM is equipped with the legendary X-Grip cradle; this mount is paired with a 9mm Flat Base.  This mount’s base is an angled base with a 9mm hole connected to the X-Grip cradle via a short, composite double socket arm. Most often seen with BMW brand motorcycles, you can know that this is a quality motorcycle mount. The angled base of this motorcycle mount’s base is attached to the frame of one of your rearview mirrors, displaying your phone off to one side of your handlebars.

This motorcycle mount is designed for widths of 1.875" to 3.25" and depths up to .875" max.

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6. RAM Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Ball Base

This durable RAM motorcycle mount is made from marine-grade aluminum and equipped with stainless steel hardware to mount directly to your handlebars. Compatible with RAM's ball and socket technology, for B sized mounts, this ball base lets you totally adjust your phone and secure into place.

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7. RAM Quick-Grip Phone Mount With Handlebar U-Bolt Base

This RAM motorcycle mount is made with RAM’s signature Quick-Grip cell phone cradle. The Quick-Grip is designed for even easier access than the X-Grip cradle, making it simple to insert and remove your phone with only one hand. The Quick-Grip cradle features a spring-loaded holder, similar to the X-Grip, but with adjustable side supports to fasten several phone sizes securely.

Another RAM mount with the Handlebar U-Bolt base, this mount combines the best of both worlds — the accessibility of the Quick-Grip cradle with the security of the Handlebar U-Bolt.  This U-Bolt base will fit rails ranging from .5" to 1.25" in diameter. This RAM mount is made of marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite.

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8. RAM Quick-Grip Waterproof Wireless Charging Handlebar Mount

Another RAM motorcycle mount outfitted with the Quick-Grip cradle, this mount pairs the Quick-Grip with RAM’s Waterproof Wireless Charging Handlebar Mount. The Qi wireless charger can deliver a 10w maximum output, which is more than enough to power your cell phone or other devices.

Also included is the hardwire charger needed to power your wireless charging handlebar mount. If you opt for a waterproof charging device for your phone, you should make sure the gear you wear yourself is waterproof too. Check out our list of the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear That Will Keep You Safe And Dry.

This mount is similar in style to the handlebar U-bolt and should be attached similarly.

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9. RAM Tough-Charge Waterproof Wireless Charging Mount With Tough-Claw

This RAM motorcycle mount is a variation of two previously mentioned mounts and bases; the Waterproof Wireless Charging Mount and the RAM’s signature Tough-Claw Base. This wireless charging mount can thus be clamped to any rail on your bike as well as the handlebars.

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10. RAM Handlebar U-Bolt Double Ball Mount For Apple iPhone5 And iPhone5s

Finally, we have this RAM mount designed for those of us still carting around older phones. While almost all RAM mounts will easily fit iPhones 6 and up, this mount is designed specifically with the iPhone 5 & 5s in mind. The base will fit rails ranging from .5" to 1.25" in diameter.

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We hope you found this guide to RAM motorcycle mounts helpful. If you’ve purchased or owned one of these mounts, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the product in the comments below. If you're looking for even more mounts designed for motorcycling, check out the 10 Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mounts.

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