10 Things Every Ram Truck Owner Should Know

Owning a Ram truck is more than a vehicle choice—it's a lifestyle. These trucks deliver strong performance, cutting-edge technology, and features that make every drive enjoyable.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Ram owner or new to the brand, knowing how to get the most out of your truck can significantly improve your ownership experience.

In this guide, we’ve put together 10 must-know tips that cover everything from maintaining your engine to maximizing off-road capabilities.

Read on to keep your Ram truck running smoothly and staying in top condition.

1. Maintain Your Engine & Powertrain for Longevity

Proper maintenance of your Ram truck’s engine and powertrain is essential for long-lasting performance. Regular oil changes with high-quality oil, monitoring fluid levels, and inspecting filters are crucial.

Technician changing brake fluid. Car maintenance concept.

Routinely check for leaks and follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, which includes regular inspections, fluid changes, and part replacements.

Additionally, to reduce stress on the engine and transmission, avoid aggressive driving and heavy towing beyond your truck's capacity. 

2. Address Common Issues & Troubleshooting Tips

Ram truck owners report a few issues. Customers state that excessive engine noise and poor acceleration can be due to exhaust leaks from the manifold. Mechanics recommend replacing gaskets and tightening bolts to fix this.

Another common complaint is rear window leaks in heavy rain or car washes, usually caused by a porous seal. As service professionals suggest, inspecting the seal and applying a sealant can help.

Transmission shifting problems, such as hard or delayed shifting, are often related to low fluid levels or faulty shift solenoids; checking the fluid and consulting a mechanic can resolve these issues.

Electrical problems, including faulty sensors or dead batteries, can be addressed by replacing blown fuses and maintaining battery terminals to prevent corrosion.

3. Master the Uconnect System & Connectivity Options

Understanding your Ram truck's Uconnect system can greatly improve your driving experience. Regular updates provide you with the latest features and fixes.

Connect your smartphone for hands-free calls, music streaming, and navigation. Use the built-in navigation system for accurate directions and real-time traffic updates.

By mastering these features, you can make the most of your truck's advanced technology, staying connected and informed on the go.

4. Utilize the RamBox & Cargo Management Features

The RamBox® Cargo Management System is a game-changer for Ram truck drivers. These weatherproof, lockable, and drainable storage bins are built into the truck bed sides, providing illumination and a handy 115-volt power outlet in the driver-side bin.

Use Mopar® bed dividers to customize your cargo space and secure your load with the four adjustable tie-down loops. In-bed LED lighting, which you can control with a switch or key fob, helps you see your cargo at night.

An LED hitch light makes connecting a trailer easier, and cargo lights ensure you can load and unload even in the dark. The RamBox® system simplifies organizing, securing, and accessing your gear.

5. Understand Your Truck's Suspension & Ride Quality Enhancements

Improving your Ram truck’s suspension can significantly boost performance and ride quality. The Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension is a key feature to understand.

It automatically adjusts the truck’s height based on speed and load, providing better fuel efficiency, handling, and comfort. This system can also be manually adjusted to raise or lower the truck for easier loading or improved ground clearance.

Another helpful feature is the tailgate assist, which makes lowering and raising the tailgate smoother and safer. It prevents the tailgate from slamming down, reducing wear and tear.

6. Maximize Comfort with Interior Features

Ram trucks are designed to provide maximum comfort, making every drive enjoyable. Even in basic trims, the cabin is built with high-quality materials. Top models feature soft, premium leathers available in various colors, offering a touch of luxury.

Seating comfort is exceptional, with heated and cooled seats and ample head and legroom for all passengers. The new air filtration system, standard in Ram 1500 trucks, filters 95% of air particulates, providing the cleanest cabin air ever.

For added luxury, the Ram 1500 Tungsten offers 24-way power-adjustable seats with heat, ventilation, memory, and massage functionality, ensuring a first-class experience for both driver and passengers.

7. Keep Your Truck Rust-Free with Prevention and Treatment

Keeping your Ram truck rust-free involves proactive prevention and treatment. Start with Mopar customizations and high-quality aftermarket upgrades to safeguard your truck against rust and enhance its overall durability.

Car rust, brown cars, rust through the pickup truck paint, decay and need to repair the car paint.

Consider applying an oil-based rust inhibitor annually, especially before winter, focusing on rust-prone areas like behind the rockers and rear wheel wells.

Undercoating your truck using products like Fluid Film can be effective for DIY enthusiasts. Regular maintenance and protective measures go a long way in preserving your truck's condition.

Learn more about rust prevention and how much rust is too much here.

8. Stay Informed About Safety Features and Warranty Coverage

Understanding your Ram truck’s safety features and warranty coverage is crucial for a secure, worry-free driving experience. Ram trucks have advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist.

Automotive cruise control system on the steering wheel of with speedometer lock indicator and driver hand

Your truck is backed by a manufacturer’s limited vehicle warranty covering factory-installed parts for 3 years or 36,000 miles, including roadside assistance.

You can extend this with a limited vehicle warranty from the manufacturer or third-party providers.

Maintaining your truck properly and keeping records of all services can also help preserve its resale value.

9. Optimize Fuel Efficiency

Maximizing fuel efficiency in your Ram truck involves a few general practices: drive smoothly, maintain proper tire pressure, and reduce unnecessary weight.

Regular maintenance, including timely oil changes and air filter replacements, is crucial in keeping your truck running efficiently.


The eTorque mild hybrid system, available in V-6 and V-8 configurations, enhances fuel efficiency using a 48-volt system. This makes the Ram 1500 one of the most fuel-efficient half-ton diesel pickups.

The upcoming Ramcharger will feature selectable EV modes to maximize electric range, conserve battery power, or prioritize fuel economy for even greater efficiency. These advanced features help you get the most out of every gallon.

10. Maximize Off-Road & Towing

Get the most out of your Ram truck's power. Know your truck's towing capacity - check your manual for exact numbers.

Use the trailer brake controller for safer stops when hauling. Upgrade your tires and suspension for off-roading. All-terrain tires grip better on rough ground, while lift kits help clear obstacles.

Pickup truck on a flooded street

Some Ram trucks can tow over 12,000 pounds when properly equipped. If you love off-roading, look into the Ram Rebel® or Off-Road Group package. These boost your truck's ability to handle tough terrain.

Remember, whether towing or off-roading, stay within your truck's limits for the best performance and safety. To find out the exact year of your Dodge Ram, check out this guide.

Get the Most Out of Your Ram Truck

These 10 tips cover the essentials of Ram truck ownership. From basic maintenance to advanced features, you know how to keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently.

Remember that your Ram is a versatile tool for work, play, and everyday driving. These tips will extend your truck's life, improve its performance, and enhance your driving experience.

Whether you're a new owner or a long-time Ram driver, there's always something new to learn about your truck. Keep this guide handy and put these tips into practice to make the most of your Ram truck.

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