Rear Living Room Travel Trailers – 18 Top Picks

Looking for the right travel trailer can involve many choices. Rear Living Room Travel Trailers are a popular choice due to their home-like and roomy design.

This article presents 18 top models to help you find the ideal mobile space with a rear living layout. These trailers offer a warm and welcoming ambiance perfect for relaxation.

We'll highlight key features, specs, and standout amenities to showcase these trailers. This will help you find a travel trailer aligned with your lifestyle for future adventures.

18 Top Rear Living Room Travel Trailers

The path to the perfect travel trailer is paved with options. Rear Living Room models are a top choice for their cozy yet spacious feel.

Below we detail 18 models known for high comfort and convenience. This will help you find a mobile dwelling aligned with your needs.

1. Sunset Trail SS330SI

The Sunset Trail SS330SI's rear living space is designed for relaxation and entertainment. This area features plush theater seating positioned towards the LED TV. Nearby, the electric fireplace provides a warm ambiance perfect for cozy evenings.

For additional seating, a spacious 82" tri-fold sofa allows the whole family to lounge together comfortably. Panoramic windows surround the rear area, letting in ample natural light. This also allows occupants to enjoy the scenic views outdoors.

The SS330SI invites you to a cozy retreat with its plush furnishings and well-thought-out layout, making every adventure end on a comfy note.

2. Heritage Glen 273RL

The Heritage Glen 273RL's rear living area provides a welcoming space for relaxation. Plush, reclining theater seats face a 50" entertainment center with an electric fireplace below.

Nearby, a tri-fold sofa and end tables create a lounge-worthy setting for family bonding.

Panoramic windows flood the area with natural light and frame breathtaking views of nature outside. Overhead, a skylight amplifies the brightness. The contemporary design and attention to detail make this rear space both stylish and incredibly inviting.

Experience elegance on wheels with Heritage Glen 273RL. Its meticulously arranged space and high-end comforts turn road life into a luxurious affair.

3. Apex Ultra-Lite 293RLDS

The 293RLDS from Apex Ultra-Lite incorporates a one-of-a-kind rear lounge arrangement. This area provides a spacious spot to relax and entertain.

Plush theater seating faces a LED TV, creating the perfect movie night setup. Nearby, a sofa bed allows for extra lounging and sleeping space as needed. The electric fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to the rear living room.

Large panoramic windows invite abundant natural light into the space while framing beautiful views outdoors. Occupants can enjoy the scenic outdoor vistas from the comfort of this rear lounge area.

Apex Ultra-Lite 293RLDS impresses with a clever space design, marrying comfort with functionality, ensuring each day's adventure ends in comfort.

4. Catalina Legacy Edition 343BHTS

The 343BHTS from Catalina Legacy Edition incorporates a rear living area tailored for family bonding and entertainment.

The space features an SLS sofa with storage, creating a lounge-worthy spot for relaxing. Across from the sofa, theater seating faces a premium audio/video center, perfect for movie nights.

Large windows surround the rear living room, letting in natural light to create an airy ambiance. Occupants can take in scenic views while comfortably gathered in this family-friendly rear lounge area.

With its smart use of space and family focus, the Catalina Legacy Edition 343BHTS creates an inviting rear living room ready for making memories.

5. North Trail Ultra-Lite 33RETS

The 33RETS model from North Trail Ultra-Lite incorporates a generous rear living area perfect for relaxation. This space features plush recliners and a residential sofa surrounding dining tables.

Occupants can enjoy their favorite media on the Bluetooth-capable TV while curled up on the comfy furnishings. Roller shades and ample windows allow control over light and visibility.

With its cozy seats, upgraded décor, and homey layout, the North Trail Ultra-Lite 33RETS rear living room becomes a welcoming place to relax and socialize after an exciting day on the road.

6. Winnebago Voyage V3235RL

The Voyage V3235RL from Winnebago incorporates a rear living space with upscale appointments for relaxation. A tri-fold sofa provides ample, lounge-worthy seating.

Across from the sofa, theater seats face a high-tech media center, creating an entertainment hub.

Overhead LED lighting combined with abundant windows brighten the rear living room. The parametric lighting on the media center adds ambiance. Luxury details like premium speakers and residential styling give this rear lounge an elevated, home-like feel.

With its indulgent features and smart layout, the Voyage V3235RL crafts a rear living area ready for relaxation after days filled with adventure.

 7. Airstream Flying Cloud 27B

The Flying Cloud 27FB from Airstream incorporates a rear living area that epitomizes its classic, open layout. With a rear hatch that opens to the outdoors, occupants can enjoy panoramic views from the lounge seating.

The space features convertible seating and dining options to accommodate however many wish to gather in the light-filled rear area. Airstream's trademark polished aluminum walls amplify the brightness.

Blending vintage character with modern versatility, the Flying Cloud 27B's rear lounge creates the perfect spot for taking in natural scenery in an iconic travel trailer setting.

8. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2860RLS

The 2860RLS from Dutchmen Aspen Trail incorporates a versatile rear living area ready for relaxation. Plenty of convertible seating options allow inhabitants to lounge, dine, or sleep within the spacious layout.

Panoramic windows surround the rear space, letting in ample light and picturesque views. The extended awning provides a shaded spot right outside the rear entry, ideal for outdoor living.

With its flexible furnishings, abundant windows, and affordable price, the Aspen Trail 2860RLS creates a rear lounge designed for comfort, functionality, and making memories.

9. Gulf Stream Conquest 299RLI

The 299RLI from Gulf Stream Conquest incorporates a bright, spacious rear living area perfect for relaxation. With abundant windows and an open layout, the lounge feels airy and inviting.

Flexible furniture like a convertible booth dinette and fold-down sofa provide ample, comfortable seating options. The handcrafted cabinetry and vinyl floors add style while being easy to maintain.

Whether dining, lounging, or entertaining, the Gulf Stream Conquest 299RLI creates a rear living room ready to become the heart of the home on wheels. The scenic windows and relaxed vibe make it the ultimate space to unwind.

10. Jayco Eagle Trailers 330RSTS

The Jayco Eagle 330RSTS incorporates a generous rear living area with touches of luxury. Plush theater seating faces a modern entertainment center, creating a home theater setup. Nearby, the tri-fold sofa bed provides additional lounging and sleeping space.

The farmhouse-inspired styling adds a cozy, welcoming vibe to the rear lounge. Optional features like a fireplace and freshwater spigot elevate the space.

With its indulgent details and flexible furnishings, this rear living room becomes the ultimate spot for relaxing in style.

11. Keystone Outback 328RL

The Keystone Outback 328RL incorporates a rear living room that fully maximizes the expanded space. Three slide-outs dramatically open up the rear lounge area.

Plush theater seating inside creates a home entertainment hub facing the TV. The78" ceilings heighten the already airy, open vibe. Details like roller shades, LED lighting, and an optional fireplace make this rear living room warm and welcoming.

With its abundant space, indulgent features, and tailor-made layout, the Keystone Outback 328RL crafts a one-of-a-kind rear living experience.

12. Springdale 311RE

The Springdale 311RE incorporates a rear living room optimized for entertainment and relaxation. Two slide-outs dramatically expand the rear area, creating an inviting open concept space.

Plush theater seating faces the entertainment center, crafting the ultimate movie-watching spot. The electric fireplace provides cozy ambiance for lounging. Large windows let in ample natural light while offering scenic views.

Loaded with amenities like WiFi, blackout shades, and modern decor, the Springdale 311RE rear lounge becomes a welcoming place to kick back and unwind after an exciting day adventuring.

13. Lance 2375

The Lance 2375 Travel Trailer incorporates a rear lounge area prioritizing comfort and relaxation. The space features ultra-plush rocking chairs or an optional convertible sofa, offering lounge-worthy seating.

Panoramic windows surround the rear living room, ushering in ample natural light and scenic outdoor views. At over 80 inches high, the area feels bright and expansive.

With its indulgent furniture, residential styling, and breathable open layout, the Lance 2375 crafts a rear living space ready to become your personal sanctuary on the road.

14. Forest River Flagstaff Classic 832IKRL

The 2024 model 832IKRL incorporates a rear living area designed to emphasize natural scenic views. Massive windows at the back let in abundant light while framing the outdoors.

The lounge features plentiful theater seating facing the entertainment center, creating the ultimate space for relaxing. Smart home features like powered roller shades allow control over lighting and privacy.

Created for enjoying nature's beauty, the Flagstaff Classic 832IKRL rear living area becomes the perfect spot for taking in magnificent vistas and sunsets from the comfort indoors.

15. Grand Design Imagine 2970RL

The Imagine 2970RL from Grand Design incorporates a rear living space optimized for relaxation. A tri-fold sofa and entertainment center create the ultimate lounge setup.

Panoramic windows usher in ample natural light, while the 81” ceilings heighten the airy, expansive feel. Upgraded residential furnishings and modern amenities like a pop-up charger add home-like touches.

Crafted for comfort, the Grand Design Imagine 2970RL shapes the rear living quarters into a luxurious yet homey sanctuary ready to make road adventures truly memorable.

16. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 210QB

Despite its compact size, the 210QB from Jayco incorporates a thoughtfully-designed rear living area. The nearly 7-foot ceilings create an open, breathable feel.

Abundant windows allow natural light to filter into the rear lounge space. The extended awning providesshade right outside the back entry door.

Creative layout and space utilization make the Jayco Jay Flight 210QB's rear living quarters an inviting, budget-friendly spot to relax after a day of adventure.

17. Keystone Bullet Premier 30RIPR

The 30RIPR from Keystone Bullet incorporates a rear lounge area catering to entertainment and comfort. Plush theater seating faces the TV entertainment center, creating a home theater vibe.

Nearby, the spacious island kitchen provides ample room for cooking and gathering. Large windows let in scenic views while the 11-foot ceilings heighten the sense of openness.

Blending practicality and indulgence, the Keystone Bullet Premier 30RIPR shapes the rear quarters into the ultimate space to relax in style.

18. Airstream International 25FB

The International 25FB from Airstream incorporates a rear lounge area exuding cozy, beach-inspired style. The convertible dinette/sofa configuration provides flexible seating options for relaxing.

Aligning this rear living space with ample windows creates an airy, sun-filled ambiance. Occupants can take in relaxing views of nature from the comfort of this lounge area.

With its calming decor, abundant natural light, and indoor-outdoor feel, the Airstream International 25FB shapes a serene rear sanctuary.

Why Choose A Rear Living Room Floor Plan?

Rear living room floor plans have surged in popularity among travel trailer owners due to the many benefits they offer.

In a rear living layout, the master bedroom is positioned up front, providing privacy away from the rest of the interior. This is followed by an open concept kitchen, dining space, and expansive rear living area.

The ample rear windows create a bright, airy atmosphere perfect for relaxation. The abundance of natural light creates a cheerful, welcoming environment. Occupants can take in scenic views while lounging or dining.

Additionally, rear living rooms allow for more spacious, extended kitchen spaces. Countertops and storage are maximized, making meal prep easier. The open flow between the kitchen and living room facilitates conversation during cooking and cleanup.

The rear living area has room for deluxe furnishings like residential-style sofas, recliners, and dinettes. Entertainment centers and fireplaces can be incorporated seamlessly. There's ample space for multiple slide-outs to dramatically enlarge the rear quarters.

Overall, the rear living layout enables separation from the master suite while prioritizing community living. Travelers can enjoy sunset views, host gatherings, play games, and relax together in comfort. For these reasons, the rear living room floor plan provides advantages over other layouts.

Focusing on Compact Rear Living Travel Trailers Under 26 Feet?

For road trippers looking for a cozy, maneuverable RV, there are some excellent rear-living travel trailer options under 26 feet.

  1. KZ Sportsmen Classic 180th Toy Hauler: 21 feet 8 inches.
  2. Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25SRK: 25 feet 10 inches.
  3. Coachmen Apex Nano 213RDS: 25 feet 1 inch.

These small but mighty trailers provide ample living space while still being easy to tow and park.

Where to Buy Living Travel Trailers For Sale?

Once you've chosen your ideal rear living travel trailer floor plan, the next step is finding a suitable option for sale.

Check with local and nationwide RV dealers to explore their selections. Major retailers such as Camping World offer a wide selection of options. You can also find new and used models for sale on RV Trader, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, don't forget to visit the manufacturer's websites directly, as they often list available models at various dealerships nationwide.

Hit the Open Road With Your Perfect Rear Living Travel Trailer!

If a rear-living travel trailer sounds like the ideal home away from home for your next adventure, you will surely find one that fits your lifestyle. Consider the number of people needing space, your budget, and must-have amenities as you shop different models.

Narrow options by looking at length for a comfortable size for towing and parking. Be sure to inspect build quality. And don't forget to check out the latest floorplan innovations for the most modern interior features.

By taking the time to research, you'll end up with a rear living travel trailer that provides the open, inviting environment you want for cross-country trekking. Now it's time to map your route and hit the road in comfort and style!

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