How To Remote Start A Ford Fusion

If you have purchased a Ford Fusion with a remote start, you are lucky to have this feature in your car. However, you will need to know how to use it to reap the benefits! We have laid out how to use the remote start in your Ford Fusion below.

To start your Ford Fusion, using the remote start, follow these steps:

  1. First, press the lock button twice until the car beeps and the headlights flash.
  2. Now press the remote start button twice [2X with circle] on the key fob.
  3. The turn signals will flash twice, and the engine will start.
  4. The Ford Fusion will run for 15 minutes before turning off.
  5. To stop the engine from running, press the remote start button once.

Having a remote start on your Ford Fusion is handy during the colder seasons. That's why in this article, we will take a closer look at how to use the remote start. In addition, we will also answer other frequently asked questions about the Ford Fusions remote start, so read on!

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How To Remote Start A Ford Fusion

Remote Start is a technology that allows drivers to start their vehicles without being nearby. Instead, the driver presses the remote button on their key fob, which activates an antenna in the car that sends a signal to a receiver in the vehicle. This allows the car to be started and warmed up before the driver enters and starts their engine.

Using the remote start on a Ford Fusion is pretty straightforward. However, to do so, the car must first be locked. Therefore, you will need to press the lock button twice to initiate the remote start process.

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Next, on the key fob remote, you will see a button that shows a 2X with a circle going around it. After pressing the lock button twice, press the remote start button twice.

The turn signals on the car will flash, indicating that the remote start was successful. The car will then start and run for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes is up, the car will automatically turn itself off.

This is a nice feature if you get busy and forget your car is running. Automatically turning off will avoid the waste of fuel.

Remember that you can't get in your car and instantly put it into gear. You will need to press your foot on the brake pedal still and press the push to start button.

Do all Ford Fusions have remote start?

All-new Ford Fusions are equipped with remote start. In addition, all Ford models will also have remote start as a standard option. If your Ford Fusion is newer than 2015, the Ford Fusions with SYNC Connect System will also have the remote start feature.

However, if your vehicle is 2015 or older, it is less likely that your Ford Fusion has a remote start. Usually, only the higher-end model packages came with the remote start, such as the Limited and Titanium.

Nonetheless, you can still have remote start installed in your vehicle. If you are unsure if you have a remote start on your Ford Fusion, then look at the key. If you have a remote start, you will see a 2X circle around it on the key.

What is the 2X button on Ford remote?

The 2X button on the Ford Fusion key is a symbol that represents a remote start. If you press this button twice, it will activate your vehicle remote start. Remember to press the lock button twice before the vehicle initiates the remote start process.

If your vehicle has SYNC Connect, then make sure you press and hold down the 2X button until the engine starts. Some vehicles may start right away, while others may take up to a minute.

How do I reset my Ford remote start?

To reset the Ford remote start, you need to do a SYNC Master Reset. This process will need to be done for all your Ford SYNC-equipped vehicles.

To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the settings on your SYNC screen.
  2. Go to general settings.
  3. Scroll down until you find Master Reset.
  4. Press Master Reset and confirm that you want to default to factory settings.

Before doing this, make sure that your Ford key fob battery isn't changed. If so, this will need to be done before the Master Reset is done.

This process will restore your Ford vehicle's settings and functions to factory defaults, so use caution when doing this. Unfortunately, this also means that you will lose any changes such as security codes or custom settings inside your car. For example, if you have added extra key fobs to your car, you may lose these when doing the SYNC Master Reset.

If you have questions regarding the Ford Fusion remote start, check with a certified mechanic to get assistance and guidance. It is also important to remember that this process might vary depending on the year and model of the vehicle. Hence, it's always best to double-check and follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

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How much does it cost to install a remote start on a Ford Fusion?

The price to install a remote start in a Ford Fusion will vary depending on the year and type of remote start you want. However, for a one-way remote start install, you can expect to pay $400-$500. If you need to do a two-way remote start, an additional fee will be added.

This is considered an installation fee because there are no additional fees for installing the remote starter. This includes the labor and parts from your local mechanic. Keep in mind that this price can vary depending on where you get it installed, your location, labor rates, and other factors.

Why is my remote start not working?

If your remote start isn't working, the problem could be caused by a few different reasons. Let's take a look at them below:

Dead Key Fob Battery

One of the most common reasons your key fob isn't working is a dead key fob battery. For example, if your Ford Fusion key fob battery is dead, the remote start will not work.

This means that you will need to have a new battery put in your vehicle's key fob before you can restart the vehicle remotely. If the problem continues, make sure you double-check all of your remotes and replace them as needed.

Dead Car Battery

Another common reason your Ford Fusion remote start won't work is a weak battery. If you have drained your car's battery and won't hold a charge, the remote start will not work correctly.

If you need to restart your vehicle manually, you will also need a jumpstart. Once the car restarts, you will use your remote start function.

Loose Battery Cables

The last reason why your remote start won't work is that the battery cables are loose. If you have a loose connection somewhere in your car, this will cause issues with your remote start.

This means that you will need to check the battery's terminals and tighten any loose connections for best performance. You can also have another mechanic double-check the connections to make sure they are clean and tight.

Corroded Battery Terminals

The remote start won't work if you have corrosion on your car's battery terminals.

This means that you will need to clean off the battery's terminals before using your remote start. You can use a combination of baking soda and water or vinegar and water to get this done effectively.

Check Engine Light is On

If your check engine light is on then, you might not be able to start your vehicle remotely. The reason is that your vehicle's computer system will not communicate with your remote starter.

Vehicle not in Park

If your Ford Fusion is not in Park, you won't be able to start it remotely. This is because the system must first be put in Park to initiate the process for the system to work.

Low Oil or Coolant Levels

If your oil or coolant levels are low, this will cause a problem with starting the engine either manually or remotely. So make sure you have filled these up before using your remote starter.

Unlatched Hood

If your vehicle's hood is not latched, the remote start won't work. The hood sensor will need to be tripped by latching the hood before using your remote start feature.

Final Thoughts

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The remote start in a Ford Fusion is pretty awesome in the winter. Follow the simple steps in this article to use your remote start. However, if you can't get it to work, check the key fob battery to see if it needs to be replaced.

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